Wednesday, July 6, 2011

a dog day of summer!!!


Since Molly over at Rick and Paulette’s did her own post on her birthday…I thought that I, Tucker would take over the blog post today!!!..why?..cause today was all about ME!!!

I started my day on Mom and Dad’s bed..I hop up there once it gets light enough that I can see where I am going..I hog the covers..displacing the quilt in the hopes that they will get out of bed…it always works..Dad usually gets up first but today Mom snapped this shot of ME!!


Don’t I look comfy!! sleeping up there!!!..if only I could get down!..Dad has to pick me up and get me down!!!..don’t want to get hurt!!! is a long way down!!!

Once Mom and Dad got dressed we got in the ‘jeep’..Dad calls it the ‘doghouse’..cause it is so full my ‘fur’ and all the sand from the beach…!!

Where are we going???…to the beach for my morning run…



isn’t it beautiful!! we are the only ones..just me and my humans..Mom has this black thing around her neck.. she is looking through it all the time.??

IMG_6435I am right here..getting my ball covered in sand!!..and those are my pawprints!!!virgin sand!!!…the tide is out…lots of beach to run on!!..perfection..IMG_6434


I love the beach…peaceful and quiet..what a great dog park this is!!!..thanks for bringing me along this year!!!


lots of weird shapes on the beach…Mom was busy with ‘that ‘black thing again’..


posing on the beach..aren’t I ‘houndsome’?!!!…what  a great morning this has been…I love my ‘humans’!!


back in the ‘doghouse’ bed is all wet and full of sand…are we going back to the trailer now?..I need a nap…



here I am getting my morning nap in…no guarding for me..I need to rest…another adventure is on the way…Mom is having a shower and doing laundry but then I just ‘know’ we are heading out again…

We headed south towards the town of ‘Gold  Beach’…we stopped at Ophir Beach…another place to run and chase a stick…there was lots of blowing sand so we didn’t stay too  long..Mom said it was hurting her legs..she should have worn long pants!!!..and I was just having fun!!!


I just love these days that are all about ME!!!



the bridge heading into the town of gold is called the Patterson Bridge it crosses the Rogue River..… that water I see???..can I go swimming again???


I had to wait in the ‘doghouse’ while Mom and Dad went shopping and for lunch…Dad left the windows open and I had my battery operated I was comfy while they ‘filled their faces’…geesh…waiting for them again..


hurry up and eat already..I am rested and I have to ‘pee’!!!

After their ‘bellies were full’..we headed east towards the town of Agness..we never got all the way there because Dad spotted some trucks on a beach….next to the Rogue River….swimming is my lucky day!!!


can you tell I love to swim!!!..throw the stick again PLEASE??!!!..look how svelte I am…not an ounce of fat on this ‘boy’!! takes a lot of exercise to maintain this ‘fine physique’!!!


is this the end? more adventure…we stopped at Humbug Mountain State Park….now  Mom has to make a ‘pit stop’…then we were off to the  top of China Mountain….woohoo…..a narrow gravel road up a mountain…I love all the twists, turns and bumps!!!..


can you see the Pacific Ocean off in the distance?..I can’t!..what ever..hurry up and get me home…I need another nap….

…thanks for reading my first ever ‘post’..all the way to the end!!..blogging is hard it bedtime yet??

The End!!


  1. Wow Tucker, you had a great day, Rigg's would have loved to have been with you. Have fun on you holiday. Sam & Donna.

  2. Tucker blogging is hard work but guess what??? You did an awesome job and your pictures were fabulous!!!
    ஜ۩۞۩ஜHappy Birthday Tuckerஜ۩۞۩ஜ
    Donna & Ralph

  3. You are a great blogger Tucker!

  4. not my birthday today..not till Halloween!!..I am the 'devil child'!!..
    thanks for the comments though!!..all my hard work it paying off!..

  5. Cute post. Tell Gordon and Juanita hi for us. Stay safe.

  6. Wow Tucker, when you decide to do a blog you really do it up great. It was so much fun reading about your day and all the exercise you got.

  7. Wow Tucker, did you ever have a busy day, no wonder you are tired. Sure is fun running on the beach, I like doing that too, but I get tired pretty quick now that I am 15 years old. You are lucky like me and have humans that love you so much and bring you along on their holiday. Anyway I gotta go out for a pee now too. Talk to you later.


  8. Good job Tucker on your first post. Annie loves to swim also and would have fun with a big boy like you.

  9. You gotta be "Tuckered" out after all of that swimming!! You really lucked out, getting into one great family of humans, Tucker. Every dog should have the wonderful life you can never get enough naps!

  10. Tucker, it sounds like you like the beach even more than your Mom and Dad do. You really must learn to take your naps in the Jeep, then you won't have to come home to nap in between adventures! Last year we went up by Agness on a jet boat and we saw all those good places to park a Jeep.

  11. Good job, TuckDog!!! Be sure to rub it in to your sib cat when you get home....

    Great photography Mom, but don't get any of that blowing sand in that camera!!!

    Have fun!!

  12. Tucker, we are certainly happy that you convinced your "Mom & Dad" to bring you with them to Oregon for a fun filled vacation! You sure do know how to make a day of it, don't you?

    You Mom got some really good pictures of you. She does a pretty good job with that black thingy!

    Enjoy the rest of your vacation, and don't get all tuckered out before the end of it. Lots more fun days ahead yet!!

  13. Tucker that was an awesome post. You are such a handsome fella and it looks like you are having the time of your life.

    Tell mom the sand would not sting her legs if she just had more hair on them like you do!!!

  14. What a great post, Tucker! You sure had an amazing day. You really look handsome at the beach. It must be wonderful to be a dog.


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