Monday, July 11, 2011

Fish on’


I spent the day with Tucker…what did we do?…what a good ‘mom’ would do with a dog who loves to run and chase the ball…


we went to the beach.. a few times….what did Doug do??


He got invited to go fishing…out in the ocean…with our neighbours..Gene and Claudia have a commercial fishing boat..the ‘C Dawn’…so it was a fishing experience like no other for Doug…


the seas were calm ..the weather not too bad..some fog and  some sun…{that would be Mike..Gene and Claudia’s son}


he only took our small digital the photos are not as good as he would have liked..but, I personally think they aren’t too bad!!..

lots of seals on the rocks…very noisy and very smelly!!..note the big male..



it was a long day of fishing..but so worth the experience..

there is no dock on the water here like you would see in a normal marina..…


the boats line up against the  large dock and wait their turn to be removed from the water..


and  the fish are loaded into the ‘live tank’…



the successful day of fishing is done…

our evening ended with dinner with Gordon and Juanita….beer batter fish..cornbread and coleslaw..our  contribution was watermelon and chocolate mint oreos…

a nice day…only two more  full days and we are heading north towards home…


  1. what fun... my kind of excursion...

  2. That was one ugly fish. Did he taste better than he looked?

  3. This would definitely be Jim's kind of day. Fishing and more fishing.

  4. Looks like Doug had a great day. The pictures look great to us. I think maybe you and Tucker had a good day too.

    Kevin and Ruth

  5. What in the world is that thing in the picture next to the glove? Yuck!

  6. That is one ugly looking fish whatever it is! I'm not even sure I'd want to eat that fish it's so ugly!! Worse than a catfish!!

  7. What an interesting story about the boats having to be lifted in and out of the water. Doug, your pictures are great! So are yours, Sue!

  8. Doug captured some very interesting pictures from his perspective out on the boat. Very nice.

    How long did it take you to catch that there ugly fish!

    Nice job all around. Sue is such a good "mom" and Tucker is such a good boy!

    Only two more days? Just doesn't seem like enough, does it! If you come back through Eugene, you should give us a shout! At least stop by for a little rest.

  9. How exciting for Doug, and I bet Tucker enjoyed his day with you also. Great pictures of the fishing excursion. Stay safe.

  10. Your contribution was watermelon and Oreos? I would have given them that ugly fish (tee-hee). Enjoyed the photos but couldn't identify that reddish blobby looking thing (the photo right before the seals).

  11. The fishing part wouldn't interest me too much but I would sure enjoy the boat ride.

  12. O!M!G!

    Hubster will be SO jealous!!!!! I better not let him know! His idea of a perfect storm, er, day!!!! Way to go Doug! And way to hold down the fort, Mom!

  13. That seafood sure sounds good!! Our seafood out here in South Dakata is SCARCE!!!


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