Sunday, July 10, 2011

five for five!!


our day began with the usual stroll on the beach..the view is different every day…


the tide was on the way out..we have yet to see all the tidal pools that we saw last week…the surf was large by comparison to what we have seen..crashing into the rocks just off the beach…


the token Tucker shot…


the pelicans were aplenty…



we drove a few miles on Highway 101 and stopped at  the lookout..Battle Rock Wayside in the distance..


one more stop at the Port Orford Dock..and it’s barely 8:00 a.m.


Tucker and Abbey on ‘guard’!!


coffee, breakfast and showers out of they way…it was time for some GEOCACHING…

1. Where’s the street?


our first find was an easy one…there was a small plastic hook on the back of the sign..but no geocache container?…Gordon looked around the pole and found a small hole and inside was the paper log..this find was in need of some maintenance..

2. Art in the Park

this was an easy one…I saw the plastic container under the deck…the clue was ‘watch your head’…Doug crawled underneath and pulled out the large plastic jar…


3. Oregon Myrtlewood

this one was in front of the gift shop in downtown Port Orford…the clue?..’woodn’t you like to know?’..

I found this one inside the big piece of dritftwood…just a small canister tucked into one of the hidey-holes!


4.Paradise Point

This was one that Gordon and Juanita had tried to find in a rain storm and had no luck..but today after tromping through the bushes..we had success again…this was my find!!..


5. Under nature’s canopy

our last one of the day was on the Port Orford Heads trail…the clue was…’at the base of the V-tree…

dang..there were alot of trees that looked like a V..Gordon found this one..after we had all traipsed through the bushes…I spotted the overhead trees looking like a canopy and Gordon went over and had success in less than 30 seconds…



a five for five GEOCACHING ADVENTURE.. and you know what else was good about today?..there was little or no  wind.. know what that means?… a good hair day..and a no hat day!!!


  1. Very impressive. And with no hat. Even more impressive. LOL

  2. That's pretty good geocaching. Looks like you all had some fun.

    I bet Tucker will not want to go home...he looks like he is having the vacation of a lifetime. He and Abbey look so cute together.

  3. So that is what "on guard" looks like. All this time I thought our guest dog Halley was just goofing off:)

  4. Good job on the geocaching finds. We haven't done it for a while after having some non-successful days. Everything's more fun at the coast!

  5. never have done that cacheing stuff... so what do you "get" when you find one anywho? just the joy of the find?

  6. Only ever found one Geocache & that was by pure accident at the Marshal South homestead on Ghost Mountain in California's Blair Canyon. Found all the contents of the Cache very interesting. Signed the log & left a couple Bayfied Bunch cards:)) It is indeed an interesting sport using a GPS to find the Geocaches. I just have to figure out how to use our GPS!! Looks like you had a successfully fun day.

  7. Pat and I have our own personal Cache out here in the Black Hills. It is near an old Gold mine not to far from our place. Its a little climb up a small mtn. I hope you all get out here someday to see if you can find it. Get ready for a hike, but the view is outstanding!!

  8. Nice pix! We are heading to the coast next month and your blog is making us "antsy"!

  9. I'd sure like to begin my day with a stroll down a beach like that!

  10. Great to see a picture of little Abbey again - and Tucker too, of course. Congrats on all your geocache success.

  11. Now if only finding buried treasure was that easy!

    Glad Tucker got a dunking, he deserves it, he's such a good dog.


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