Monday, July 25, 2011

In the dog house???


There seems to be a ‘pattern’ when it comes to the names that seem to ‘keep coming up’ matter what…

Doug’s brother has always called him..’Auggie Dog’ know the little dog from Huckleberry Hound…195034_YUNz1LBZQrmoxluEaPZcZN8j7..then there is his love of T-shirts…his favourite brand…note the pronunciation…


‘Big Dawg’ is now born…but where did  the name ‘Freeway’ come from????


remember the television show..’Hart to Hart’ starring Robert Wagner and Stephanie Powers..and the adorable  dog “Freeway”…

So then I purchased two stuffed mascots…


aren’t they just the cutest..a bull dog with a leather vest..he has ‘Big Dawg’ embroidered on the back of the jacket and then there is the little golden retriever puppy with his scarf….perfection..Doug, of course thought I was crazy..maybe I was …but I still think they look so cute together…

one day they will be sitting on the dashboard…watching the view out the windshield..for now they are packed away in a box…away from the ‘golden boy’ who likes to ‘tear apart’ stuffed animals..

Now we have ‘Little Dawg’ hence the title of this post..we are stuck in the ‘dog kennel’ crate’…

but we are happy…no barking, no whining..just waggin’ our tails waiting to hit the road…



  1. I like "dog pound" for your current crib... lol

    and btw.. we've seen many large dogs on dashes, so don't assume those cuties will be safe there!!! just sayin'...

  2. We have 'The Bisbee Kids' on our rig's dash but our little Motormouse can't get up there to bother them. I did have a larger purple monster guy in the corner one year but he kept taking chunks out of the photos I was taking through the windshield. I like your little Bear guys & I think little furry creatures in the windshield tell something about the imagination & warmth of the folks driving the rigs.

  3. Oooops, that should have been Dog guys & not Bear guys.

  4. Another cute post. Your writing is so creative. The stuffed animals are just so adorable. Surely Tucker wouldn't want to turn them into his chew toys.

  5. Looks like your life had "gone to the dawgs"...and all those hounds look like happy hounds!! We are soooo happy for you two and your new Little Dawg...let's go camping!

  6. We have a couple of dachshunds (not stuffed) sitting on our dash. Michaela painted them to match our girls. I like dog house. That's cute.

  7. Good looking Dawg's, bet Tucker likes them sense they won't take over his toys, food & treats.

  8. You are too funny. Can't wait to see you on the road with those two mascots keeping watch. Every day is one day closer to your dream. WOOF!

  9. You are not going to the dawgs, you're there! I should have known that Freeway was a dog-related name, too! Enjoy your dawg menagerie!

  10. Love your doggie travel companions! They are just too cute!
    Can't wait to hear about your first trip out in "little dawg."

  11. Woof! Your lives are clearly for the dawgs!. I think the theme works really well for you guys. It's always fun to read about the dawg's lives.

  12. Hi Guys...the absolute favorite thing I have from my dad is a front license plate with "If you can't be the Big Dog...stay on the porch"! That was on every motor home he had. I put it up in every trailer I your stories!

  13. Whatever name you give you newest travel buddie I know you're going to have a ton og fun in it!!! I love pop-ups and know you'll enjoy it! Loved the stuff animals ~ so perfect!!!
    Have fun & Travel safe

    ps... the moose you gave us still is riding in our front window and has seen so much of the US & Canada! We love it!


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