Thursday, July 14, 2011

It’s true…it’s true


yes it is true…vacation 2011 is done..and we are heading north towards home…

this leg of our journey is 389 miles long…

Fullscreen capture 14072011 84821 PM

we drove north on the Highway 1o1 towards the town of Reedsport…Doug did offer to stop at the one lighthouse that we have yet to capture with the camera but I declined…so I took this photo from google..just because…


next time we are down the Oregon Coast we will be sure to stop…so for now the ‘stolen photo’ will have to do


we stopped at Reedsport so you know who..could get out and have a run…I am sure he was thinking?..where’s the ocean?and my little beagle buddy??


we took Highway 38 south towards the runs along the Umpqua River..a nice drive lined with trees and the river along the left hand side…



crossing the river into the town of Scottsburg..this 50 mile drive is a very easy one..much better than Highway 42 from Roseberg which we took by accident on the way down…


one tunnel…( I am going to miss that crack in the windshield when it gets fixed)..


finally on the I-5..heading towards Vancouver, Washington…


but first we had to give our new friends..Russ and Donna a big cyber wave …sorry we couldn’t stop but someone else is was waiting for us…


love the cloud formations..and all the hay fields…


we are so   ‘fortunate’…


sorry..I know..couldn’t resist ..remember ‘zipnby’?


leaving the state of ‘no tax’..and…


..who are we meeting?..and where…this is the Columbia River..


the restaurant for lunch….


and our lunch date…


Carol and Dave Krajcar…

it was so nice to finally put a voice to the is like meeting an old friend..we had a lovely lunch…it was a bit chilly on the patio and with the planes flying overhead we moved to inside the restaurant and continued discussing all the things we had in common…


we left  thinking we will see these fine folks again..we hope they will come and visit us in British Columbia and we can ‘spring for lunch’ !!!..

everyone we have met through blogging?’s like meeting an old friend! We  learned this past year that if there’  is an opportunity to meet a fellow blogger/follower we will try and make it happen…so if you are in our ‘neck of the woods’ and would like to meet up you know we will sure make an effort!!!IMG_6825

Tucker was a very patient ‘boy’ waiting in the jeep he got his picture taken too…


we continued on our way …in the rain..something we haven’t really seen in the past two weeks…that was until today..


we are now all ‘tucked in’ at the Super 8 Motel in Lacey, Washington…three hour drive tomorrow and we will be back in Canada…but not before a  shopping trip tomorrow to Doug’s favourite store…stay tuned…


  1. What a great trip you have shared. Almost 400 miles is a good day's drive, for sure. You are making some serious tracks getting back home. Travel safe, and I hope to meet you someday as well.

  2. And a big "howdy" to you guys as well!! So glad you got to meet up with Dave and Carol. I really like my blogging friends.

    Poor Tucker! He's going to miss Abbey and the beach. Don't you wish you could talk "dog" so you could explain it all to him? He's such a sweetie.

    Have a safe trip home and have fun shopping tomorrow.

  3. Is that the Umpqua River Lighthouse? If so, that's a fun one to visit because you can get there without taking a hike. In fact, you can drive right by it. If that's not the Umpqua Lighthouse...never mind!

    I like the way you write your blog, Sue. You are informative as well as entertaining. And Doug, even though you are sometimes silent in the blog, you are great to talk to in person!

    By the way, Oregon may not have sales tax, but Washington doesn't have any income tax. Which is a better deal? Depends on how much you buy versus how much you earn, I guess. We like having no income tax.

    Great meeting both of you today-- hope to see you again. We didn't even have a chance to talk about hockey!

  4. I always wondered....if we lived on a houseboat in the Columbia River....would we not pay sales tax, nor income tax??? The best of both worlds....might be worth living on a houseboat....kind of like an RV?

    Glad you had lunch with Carol and Dave. They are really nice folks...and they know a lot of good places to eat! We met them at the Rolling Hills Casino and they introduced us to the buffet one of our favorites!
    Thanks guys.

    Have a safe trip home, and hope that cracked windshield doesn't get any worse.

  5. Shoot! Going home already? How far are yall from Vancouver? We are hoping to visit a foreign country :P Shoot the answer to my blog so I don't miss the answer!

  6. We are like you guys and love the chance to meet other bloggers, and their pups.We have been fortunate that we live a few miles from I-70 which is the major east-west link here in the USA. so several have stopped for a visit at the WEEB Ranch we leave the light on for y'all. Hope to be meeting up with you guys soon. be safe out there. Sam & Do nna..

  7. A short holiday but how refreshing to get away from home & break with the 'same old' routines. Getting away for awhile allows one to gain a proper perspective on things again & I feel that is so very, very important to one's well being.

  8. Hi Sue and Doug, it's been awhile since I have visited my friends in Blogville. I just loved seeing your photos of some of the places you visited. Didn't you just love Oregon? I know I did. I posted about a place on the coast today. you probaly saw it. It was on 101.


  9. What a wonderful get away vacation, we enjoyed reading and your pics. I bet it was so nice to meet fellow bloggers Carol and Dave. After reading their blog and they yours, it was like seeing good friends.
    Glad you had such a grand time as did Tucker.

  10. well, that was an exciting way to break up the downer of the trip home after vacation!!!

    safe travels the rest of the way!

  11. We cross that Columbia River bridge every time we fly out to see our granddaughters who live in Oregon. Seeing that picture makes us want to get on a plane and see them right away.

  12. What a great holiday - I'll bet you are wishing it was longer.

    Welcome back to Canada, well almost, one more day.

  13. I agree with Carol...I like no income tax! I lived in Oregon for one year and it killed us, LOL! However, the scenery in Oregon and Washington is to die for! I'm so happy to be back! Loved the pics...thanks for sharing! Cheers! ~Merri


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