Friday, July 1, 2011

July 1st!..Happy Canada Day


Summer vacation 2011 has begun and it began very early..we left home at midnight…yes midnight..just call us crazy once again…

Where are we heading?..where else but the beautiful Oregon Coast and the town of Port Orford…957 kilometers..give or take…

Fullscreen capture 28062011 54730 PM

The border crossing was uneventful only a couple of cars in front of us…just the usual questions..

  1. where you going?
  2. where are you staying ?
  3. who are you going to see?
  4. how did you meet them?
  5. does everything in the jeep belong to you?…..and the funniest  question of all..
  6. Is she going with you?..meaning me?..

I thought I was?..maybe he is going to leave me at the side of I-5??

We crossed over the border from Washington State into Oregon at 5:20 a.m...barely five hours after leaving home..…no rush hour as yet…thank goodness…


we breezed in the correct lanes and we were headed for Salem…just south of Salem..Doug was getting tired so I drove for a short time while he got to sit in the passenger seat…..he closed his eyes for a bit….and then there was a traffic jam…what caused it?….well, a Rv’ers worse beautiful tag axle diesel motorhome fully engulfed in flames on the side of the I-5…


traffic was lined up for over an hour…fire hoses across the highway…we felt just horrible for these people….


We stopped at the rest stop just north of Eugene… and we called Russ and Donna from ‘Travels with Therapy’   there was going to be a ‘breakfast blogging meeting’ happening at the Original Pancake House…



So nice to meet this ‘fine couple’…armed with two nice gifts bags filled with goodies… sure wasn’t necessary..just meeting them was ‘gift enough’…we left saying to each other  that ‘we so glad that we took the time’ is short and it is very important to  take the time to meet   a ‘blogging buddy!’…thanks for taking the time out of your busy day, Russ and Donna…we will meet again!!!


I am blogging via the front seat of the jeep..we are travelling west on Highway 42 heading towards the town of Bandon..and the ocean!!!…I can hardly wait to see it… more later once we get settled in our ‘home’ for the next two weeks….

we arrived just after 1:00pm..greeted  by Tim,Cindy the owners of the Port Orford Rv village..and Gordon  and Juanita..such a lovely is going to be a great two weeks!!!..this is the rental trailer that we are staying in…


Tucker and his new toy…it is still in one piece!!.at least for now….


after our short ‘naps’..we are headed over to Gordon  and Juanita’s for dinner… a delicious dinner of barbequed hotdogs, orzo pasta salad and brownies with Tillamook Vanilla Bean Ice Cream..a lovely evening spent catching up…Abbey provided the entertainment…


We are very weary travellers, good night all!..more adventures to come soon…


  1. Just thinking about that motorhome burning makes me a bit queasy.

    Glad you enjoyed the RV breakfast!

  2. Midnight? Are you serious?

    That's bad news about that motorhome--so glad that you and Doug were safe, though. Delays are never fun.

    I'm so glad you were able to meet Russ and Donna. They are a great couple! Let the vacation begin!

  3. We had a great time this morning. Glad you made it to the coast with no further traffic tie-ups. Hope you guys have a wonderful holiday and enjoy that wonderful and ever present Oregon rainshine...ooops, I mean sunshine!!

  4. I LOVE Tillamook ice cream. We get their cheese down here but not the ice cream.

    Do you know what caused the fire?

  5. Don't think that ducky will have a long lifespan if Tucker is like Rigg's. he will baby it for a couple weeks and then tear the head of and shredd the inside, make sure and get the squeaker out, Glad to see your in some kind of Rv . Happy Canada Day.Be safe out there..Sam & Donna.

  6. Am guessing you left at midnight to avoid skads of morning traffic. I would do the same if I could remain conscious long enough at that hour. Sad for the folks who lost their RV. Nice that you got to meet fellow RV'ers Donna & Russ.

  7. Nice to start out on a holiday. Glad the border crossing went well and that you got to meet with fellower bloggers. Always nice to do that.

    Too bad about that motorhome. Looked like a real nice one. Your rental looks good though. Enjoy it for the next two weeks.

    Kevin and Ruth

  8. I was gonna say don't let Tucker see the duck but too late! Emmi can't survive without her duck--I keep a spare around all the time!

    You guys have fun these two weeks, enjoy your "camping" adventure!

  9. Before I had my RV I would often find campgrounds to rent a cabin or trailer. So much better than a hotel with a parking lot. Have fun and enjoy your vacation.

  10. When you talked about your upcoming trip, I somehow missed that you wouldn't be driving your RV. My first thought is, omigosh, how far apart are the rest areas? On I-5 near Salem I once got caught in a 4 hour pileup and the line at the rest area was almost out to the highway! So scary to see so many posts about RV fires.

    Glad you are settling into the gorgeous coast in a comfy place. Also tickled to see the great photo of Donna and Russ. I know I'll meet them someday as well, for goodness sake we live in the same state!

  11. Two weeks vacation (in an RV no less), meeting up with good RV/blogging friends....awww now that is priceless!! Sounds like you guys are going to have a grand vacation!
    Enjoy every minute and we'll look forward to hearing all about it!! Can't wait to see the pics as well.

    So sad to see that beautiful motorhome burning! Hope nobody was injured. Do you know what happened??

    Take care!

  12. I'm glad Doug didn't leave you at the border! :)

    Say hi to Gordon and Juanita for me...

  13. So sad for the owners of the RV. Hope everybody got out okay. But midnight!!?? Glad the border crossing went well. Strange question about leaving you behind. And breakfast with blogger friends. Wonderful. Enjoy your vacation. You've earned it.

  14. Glad you guys made it safely to Port Orford! Such fun to meet you. Glad Tucker is enjoying his new Oregon Duck!! Now, drag your chairs out to the beach and relax for a bit. You've earned a rest......then.....up and at 'em.....enjoy, and take lots of photos.

  15. What a road trip! So glad to hear you made it to PO safely. Looks like Tim and Cindy have a perfect setup for y'all there. And, we're so jealous of your evening with da Godfadda, the Missus and da new pup.

    Wish we were there!!!! We're definitely there in spirit.

    Have fun!

  16. What ever made you decide to leave at midnight? Anyway, glad to see you made it safely to your destination.

    Too bad about the MH fire - pretty scary stuff.

  17. I know you're having an awesome time while we are stuck here in UT in 100 degree's cooler at home! The rental looks awesome!

    So glad you got to hook up with our bloggy buds for breakfast!

    Burning motorhome...get out quick...what about our kitty who hides under the couch? such worries!


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