Tuesday, July 12, 2011

just call me a clutz…


When we venture south of the border into the USA we are diligent about getting extra medical insurance..this year was no different..

We spent the $86.40 for coverage just in case while we are on vacation…

When we came to Port Orford two years ago I tripped on a root on the Port Orford Heads Trail..scraped it up….just a flesh wound..


it hurt like a ‘son of gun’…but the only medical treatment I got was some hydrogen peroxide…

Fast forward to yesterday…yet another ‘clutzy’ moment..this time it was at the beach..hit my knee on a rock…and it was bleeding profusely..down my leg..into my sock and runner..it bled for more than 24 hours…wouldn’t stop no matter what we did to it…

so this morning we made the 25 mile trip into Bandon to check out the US medical system…why not visit a hospital??..see how the other half works…

a tetanus shot, lidocane, one stitch..some gauze and a bandage..and we were heading back to Port Orford within an hour…


I will spare you all the ‘gory photos’..one piece of blue thread and all it right with my world once again…the cost of this visit?..FREE!!…the main reason why we get insurance!!..lesson learned!!!

Our afternoon was spent doing a whole lotta nothing..and some geocaching…we ventured out on our own…thinking we can do this…without the help of our geocaching mentors…

I had loaded three more into our GPS…never mind the fact that we have no maps just the compass??.

1.Lots of books…this one is at the local library…the hint was ‘everybody needs a rock’..

we figured how hard can it be?..well, we struck out..there is rocks galore in front of the library…we will try this one again tomorrow…

2. Backside of Buffington…a trip to the local park..

the clue was ‘Guard it from Muggles’..we wandered through all the trees looking under all the ivy…then I looked over at the guard rail..and voila…should have read the clue before we started looking…geesh…


one out of two….

Next stop was Garrison Lake..and a swim for our ‘golden boy…fresh water so close to the ocean??


he has been such a good boy this holiday..no bother what so ever…he makes us proud…never mind the fact that he ate something ‘dead’ this morning on the beach?..eww

my token flower shots..


our last geocache of the afternoon..

3. Jailbird Cache…this poor little cache is being held prisoner at the old city jail built in 1936. It is waiting for you to set it free at least  long enough to sign the log…the clue ‘Life line provided’..

we had to ask a guy walking down one of the side streets where the ‘old jail’ was…IMG_6750


if only the walls could talk?..you wonder who was incarcerated here?..

I found the cache no problem..a pill bottle on a string in the window on the right..


our score for today…2/3…for a total of 38 found!…

..so as the sunsets on yet another day on the Oregon Coast…we have just finished a barbequed steak dinner with Gordon and Juanita..it was a lovely evening filled with lots of laughs…just call Doug and Juanita the ‘bobble heads’!!!..

one more full day…can’t believe how fast the time has gone…


  1. Oh, admit it, you just like all the attention! One of these times you're really gonna hurt yourself bad and then what are we gonna do?

    I wish we could get insurance like that! Without co-pays and all the hassels that come along with a visit to the ER!!!

    Please try to do no more harm to yourself before you have to venture on home now!!! Your time really has flown by and you don't want to have to waste anymore of it.....

  2. Nice to read that the injury did not keep you from your outdoor activities. A BIG hurray for Canadian travel insurance policies....and their benefits.

  3. Ouch!
    The geocaching sounds like lots of fun...glad you didn't get stuck in jail! At least there's a possibility of getting some "vittles" from the house on the hill! K

  4. Next time you go geocaching, a box if Bandaids would come in handy as the prize....especiall if they are Sesame Street Bandaids (my favorites because they work the best!)

  5. Know what you mean by the importance of medical coverage while traveling south of the border. Got hit with an unexpected 'kidney stone' traveling through Colorado a few years back & ended up in emerge. Good thing we had insurance!! Doing battle with rocks is not such a good thing. Maybe increase your peanut butter intake to thicken up your blood a bit:))

  6. Better make sure your not starting as a diabetic, long term bleeding is a symptom to watch for, Tucker is having a ball. He would sure like a visit here to Mo and the doggie park with the lake in it. It's Rigg's favorite, they could practice their Navy Seal buddy rescue together. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  7. I can't get over how much Tucker loves the water. It is so fun to see those pictures of him. I'm glad your cut wasn't any more serious. We usually can't win the battle with the rocks. They always win.

  8. OUCH!!! Sounds like me ~ we are the clutz queens!!! Remember my eye last year when I fell into the wheel well of the coach. I want to give a try at geocaching. Ralph & I both think it would be a great way to work in some well needed exercise and also just sounds like fun. We tried it once in Fort Smith but with no luck at all. We didn't use anything so I guess a GPS is needed.
    Have fun & Travel safe (that includes when your walking too)

  9. Glad to hear our medical system worked for once and that you had the wherewithal to make it "free"!

  10. At least it was the other leg this time. Have to keep things even, you know. :)

  11. Could have been an expensive stitch without the medical insurance - it's a must when traveling in the U.S.

    Tucker's had a great holiday for sure.

  12. Sorry to hear about your injury. Good to know that your insurance paid for itself this time around! Good job on the geocaches!

  13. Sorry to read about your accident, but glad you were able to get all fixed up pretty quick. We have had to put our geocaching on hold till we get the RV flooring done. It is a lot harder job than we thought. Stay safe.

  14. Free for $86.40,,,,,,,????

    But still a bargan.... hope it heals up like it should....

  15. glad to hear you're okay and that the insurance came in handy!!
    love the parts about geocaching..we have a GPS and have been meaning to get into this activity. looks like a lot of fun!

  16. You're stylin' with that patch on your knee. Just make sure you don't "earn" another one on the other knee.

    Loved the pix of Tucker, made me miss my poor departed Golden, Cutter, who used to look just like that swimming back with the tennis ball in his mouth.

  17. Tucker is sure having fun. Sorry about the knee, but free in a hospital here is amazing! I think the medical care is pretty good here, but the cost is not to be believed:(

  18. Sorry you got a boo-boo but glad you are all fixed up now. Love the pictures of Tucker swimming in the lake.

  19. Hope your knee is feeling better now. At least it didn't stop you from enjoying the geocaching. Tucker looks like he sue enjoys those swims.

    Kevin and Ruth


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