Sunday, July 24, 2011

a new ‘pup’…


We have been home from our Oregon Coast holiday for more than a week now..this lovely two week vacation has just ‘cemented’ the fact that being in an RV and travelling is what we really want to do..


this little rental trailer was warm, cozy and comfortable..the only things missing?..were  the fact that it wasn’t ours..and the lack of a sharp knife and a larger frying pan..and a bigger coffee maker…

IMG_6221 onward to our life for now..we have tried the ‘tent camping’….once …sure, I know we should have tried again..


It was a good trip and a great introduction back into the ‘camping world’….BUT…

not quite perfect..we both know what would be  a perfect scenario but that is not to be as yet..some times the plans are too far on the back burner…and so beyond the reality of our life at the moment..



So for now…we are both wondering?..what can we tow with  our beloved JEEP?….

How about  a ‘tent trailer?’….IMG_6868


we found this little ‘diamond in the rough’ on Craig’s List..

a 1994 Scamper tent trailer..with a queen size bed, a double bed ,fridge, stove,  and a sink…

you can call us ‘crazy..indecisive’… ‘impulsive’ or just plain ‘nuts’…or just say congratulations and have fun!!

our  ‘new to us’ little ‘popup trailer’ needs a bit of ‘elbow grease’…but soon it will be ‘spic and span’…

so ‘Freeway’ has a new ‘pup’ to tow..…it is not our dream RV ....but it will be  our little ‘home on two wheels’ for now…


Time to get  ‘scrubbing’…better break out the ‘rubber gloves’


and the ‘golden slippers’…’Cinderella’ has some ‘work’ to do to get her ‘coach’ ready..ATT00014


  1. I think that's great. Have never had a tent trailer but have always liked them because of the their ease to tow, not complicated & the fact you are up off the ground. How great it is that you have something to pour some excitement into now. Scrubbing & cleaning, stocking it with things & personalizing it with all your own stuff. You will already be chomping at the bit to head out on your next camping adventure, Yep, I think that is all just some really great excitement for you guys. Good for you:))

  2. Sue, that's so great. Compromise is essential in life to be able to do the things we want to do when we want to do them so that we can work towards reaching a bigger goal.

  3. We made a 4000 mile trip in our first op-up loved it. I am sure there are many memories waiting to be mad and plenty of room for Tucker. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  4. CONGRATULATIONS Sue!!! To repeat what has been previously said, I think this is great! Ellie and I still occasionally jump in the car and go tenting or even backpacking. Although I have to admit, those backpacks seem to grow heavier every year. The major point here is that you are out doing what you enjoy, how you get there is irrelevant. Enjoy your new camper! Soon you will have it all set up to meet your needs including a larger coffee pot.


  5. Awesome! Congratulations!! :) You will have a great time with it. We had a pop-up that we sold last year, and camping in it was a lot of fun. :)

  6. Congratulations on your fun little purchase!

  7. Our first rv was a pop-up and we had more fun in that darn thing. We loved the open air sides for sleeping. Having a large rv doesn't make camping any more fun, you just have room for more stuff!

    We had a little porta potty in ours (at my insistence) so I didn't have to go next door in the middle of the night :)

    I am sure you'll love your new trailer and will have some great times!

  8. We have done it all over our 42 years of enjoying the camping lifestyle.. 2 pop-ups, 3 travel trailers, 3 motorhomes,and even a track camper. We loved it all and I say if you're having fun and enjoying nature then whatever works for you is great! We loved pop-ups because it feels like your really outdoors and one with nature. Have fun!!! At least your off of the ground! My bones are to old for that now...
    Have fun & Travel safe

  9. Congratulations and have fun! Knowing your elbow grease, it will be sparkling in no time. :)

  10. congratulations, that will be so much fun to fix up, and you will have such a good time camping with it.

  11. Congrats! This sure beats having a tent on the ground. Looking forward to hearing about your first camping adventure.

  12. Congratulations on your pup, know she will get lots of TLC!! Enjoy!

  13. OK, I fell for it, I thought Tucker had a new sibling. Congratulations on your new to you RV - you will have so much fun ahead. Anything is better than sleeping on the ground in a tent. So glad you have found something that will allow you enjoy the RV adventures now.

  14. LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!!! It doesn't matter how big or small it is, it is a camper!! I am really excited for you two...a perfect little vacation home you can pull behind you as you wander...Remember.."all who wander are not lost!" Congrats..and now..GET CAMPING!!!

  15. I think it's a great idea! I love your jeep and now you are able to do more camping in "your own place".

  16. FANTASTIC!!!!!!!
    So glad to see you have camping wheels once again.
    We hope you enjoy many safe, happy and trouble-free miles (er, kilometers).

  17. You did well, Sue and Doug! That was quick work. After your new pop-up trailer is spic and span you will like it even more. Congratulations, and happy camping!

  18. Wow, that looks like something that you can have lots of fun in....starting soon!

    When you get it all cleaned up, don't let Doug in or he will just mess it all up again. Make him take his boots off, at least!

    We're excited for you guys! Now we'll for sure have to get up there and have you show us where to go! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!

  19. WooHoo!!! Good for you guys!! Now you can go when you wanna go and do what you wanna do in the comfort you make of your new little expanded pup tent! It looks cute and I know you'll make it cozy and snug as a bug in a rug!!!

    Have Fun!!!

  20. It's no longer if you go camping, it's when! Your new (to you) little rig will do the trick. Looking forward to the many blogs as you seek out new camping adventures.

  21. So happy for you guys. You'll have that little home ship shape in no time. GO...and have fun!

  22. Fabulous!!!!!! Congratulations and have fun!! You two will have many fun and enjoyable moments in your "pup."
    Mike and I have been looking at a small TT (Casita) to just get out and enjoy with until we know more about what we want. You might just have inspired us!! :-)

  23. Wow, it's a beauty! It's not important what you get out and camp with, it's important that you get out there and enjoy life. :c)

    You're going to have a ball with your new pop up, I'm sure. Is Tucker going to get jealous having a new pup around?

  24. Congrats, you will have lots of fun with it. It will also fit in almost any spot. It certainly has one of my main requirements-no sleeping on he ground:)

  25. I am so happy you have a new "pup"! Someday you will get that great dane that you want but until then I am sure there will be many tails a waggin!

    Happy and safe travels to you!

    PS Liked the post on where big dawg came from...did you mascots make it into the pup?


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