Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Peace of mind…


Since buying a  ‘new to us’   tent trailer..we had a bit of a  list of things that were deemed necessities…

  • Getting the jeep wired for an electric brake and plug
  • insurance for the year


  • parking space in our condo’s underground parking garage


  • four new keys made because there wasn’t any??2011_07_26
  • charging the batteryP7269052
  • tires…this isn’t looking too good..this is the spare?....wonder what the other two are like??looks to me like ‘Little Dawg’ is going to get some ‘shoes..


  • brake check
  • wheel bearing check

the cost of this list is priceless in  comparison to our ‘peace of mind’…

and then there is the ‘cosmetic stuff’..

  • painting the propane tanks
  • painting the hitch, bumper and step
  • wax the exterior
  • eventually the pink and green pin striping and decals will be removed

my inside work was completed last weekend…so now it is time to help Doug with the outside stuff..

should be a fun if only the weather co-operates..

we are off to ‘Camp Nunez’ on Saturday for a little overnight adventure…stay tuned..maybe the sun will SHINE??


  1. Jim's out trying to find shoes for our new to us fiver. I'm with you on the peace of mind factor. It's worth every penny. Hope the weather cooperates for your week-end.

  2. Lil Dawg is such a nice looking pup~up but you need to make sure it is safe #1... I will be looking forward to your post on the Lil' Dawgs first adventure out!!
    Have fun

  3. What are those metal U shaped things on the roof? Luggage holders?

  4. We are doing the same with the new to us Tioga. It's kind of fun to tinker with. Have fun on your first outing.

  5. Tinkering with RVs seems to be part of the lifestyle! :) You've accomplished a lot already. Good luck with the rest of the spiffing up. Peace of mind is a good thing!

  6. To bad you don't live by us, Farmer Charlies, has a whole bunch of those smaller size trailer tires in rough service plys. Maybe their is a farm supply place near you guys. Won't be long and you'll be setting outside of your new pop-up, course down here you would need to put an a/c on the roof hatch. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  7. Please don't take this wrong, but I didn't realize those little tent trailers had electric brakes! I was thought that given their light weight, that most were stopped simply by the vehicle brakes that was towing it.

  8. Matt..We thought exactly the same thing as you..this one came with the electric brakes and from what we were told for insurance purposes it was a necessity..hence the reason..what's more $$..the jeep neeed the plug redone anyway so we just got an electric brake controller installed at the same time..we are know that this will alleviate the stress on the brakes on the jeep.

  9. Yea!! Let's go camping..I will bring the wine!

  10. I always wanted a pop up camper, but we never got one. What more do you really need? It's better than a tent, and easy to "pop" up.

    Have fun with it!

  11. It's work, but somehow it feels like fun fixing up a "new home". Enjoy all the fun!

  12. Yea, it looks like "little pup" needs some new shoes! I can't wait to hear all about your first outing! We'll cross our fingers for GREAT weather!

  13. Wow, you guys are amazing! Where do you find all the energy to do all the things you do...sure get a lot accomplished in a short time! Should be a fun "shake down" trip, and I know you will enjoy yourselves.

    We looked at a couple of those "pop-ups" ourselves. They are very compact and easy to tow.

    Good idea about the brakes, and the tires, too. Avoiding problems with things like that is so much better than trying to deal with the problems later on. We saw two different instances of "shredded" tires on vehicles while we were on our last trip. Didn't look like any of those folks were enjoying themselves.

  14. Let the camping begin!. I bet that 'Little Dawg' will prove itself worthy. Have fun.

  15. Just thought of something, but what's your guys plans to air the unit out after a trip where it rained up through departure time?

    These tent units have to be left open to dry after being rained on so that the canvas doesn't mold, does your parking garage allow this, or do you have family or friends where you can leave it for a few days to air out?

  16. Once your list is completed, it's feel like you have a brand new tent trailer. It's looking good!

  17. thanks everyone for the nice comments.. for drying out the trailer after it rains? never rains here? know we can pop the trailer up and sort of leave it open so we won't encroach on anyone's parking space and since it is inside the drying out process shouldn't take too long..we are just praying for sunny skies!..stay tuned!!

  18. Can't wait to hear how the maiden voyage goes, you'll certainly have a blast. And think, you won't be sleeping on the ground anymore! :c)

  19. Have a great trial run in Lil' Dawg.

  20. Alot of work, but certainly worth it in the end! Enjoy..

  21. Congrats on the new to you pop-up! I had one and loved it! Your fix up list is much like mine, it was in very good shape but needed tires, brakes checked etc etc...

    Have fun and thanks for stopping by the blog and being so nice. You guys are great!



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