Sunday, July 17, 2011

Rainy days and Sundays


The weather seems to be a topic amongst bloggers these days…most of us are wondering where ‘summer is?’..

We had two weeks of great weather on the Oregon Coast..and now..we have rain..torrential, last night along with thunder and lightning…hard to believe that it is mid-July…

Saturday was Hastings Race Track Day…dark and rainy….the track is ‘sloppy’…


Classic Alley Kat was running in race #4…It was a $50,000 stakes race called the Strawberry Morn…


there’s our favourite…


in her fancy red blanket…


will #3 be lucky today?


the race was a lap and a half..this was the first pass..she was in the lead…

and then at the last turn…not the winner this time…


beaten by two and a half Wando Woman…the favourite to win…(this photo was from the Vancouver Sun newspaper)


the race is done…onward to a geocaching adventure…

The Spirit of Coquitlam..a micro cache..


#40 for us…an easy find using my I-phone..maybe we are actually getting the hang of it now?, we are not getting over confident…

While we were on vacation I thought I lost my little green book that I mark all our geocaches in?..Doug found it today under the seat of the jeep!!..another great find Smile

We had a quiet uneventful Sunday..housework done, laundry done and one lunch made..someone has to go back to work tomorrow!!


  1. Sue, I guess we can be glad we're not in that heat wave they are having in the midwest. Right now, the Pacific Northwest is the best place to be, bar none!!!!!

  2. Aw, don't rub in into Doug that he has to go back to work tomorrow. :) How did you happen to get so much time off?

    It rained all day here today, too.

  3. A welcoming light rain now falls as I read your post. Welcoming because we have been in a state of heat & drought here. Saw on the news a few nights ago that your Vancouver area has been having a poor summer with rain & cool temps. One of Kelly's daughters & husband just moved to Vancouver from warm sunny Angora about 2 months ago & I think the west coast weather is already getting them down.

  4. We definitely have summer here in MT. What I don't like are the thunderstorms with hail every evening. I really don't think this has been a great summer for most people. Sorry you have to post that four letter word - Work.

  5. That is a muddy track, I guess that must mess with the odds a lot?

  6. We are in for a week of upper 90's..Today Den and I sat inside like slugs...I read a book and he played Solitaire on the computer..We really know how to party,eh??

  7. The muddy track reminded me of the book I just finished reading..Seabiscuit..can't believe I never read it was GOOD!!! so much better than the movie. Looking forward to reading your past and future posts.

  8. Tell ya where the summer is. It's right here on the East Coast of Canada.(and the U.S.) Boy we had another HOT day today.


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