Friday, July 8, 2011

the ‘root’ of the problem…


When we visited Port Orford two years ago we went to Port Orford Heads Park..great trails and fabulous views…when were there I tripped and fell…scraped my knees badly…what did I trip over??


this trusty little root…’one face plant’ for me…ruined our little hike that day two years today I over came my fear of this trail and we tried again…


We did the perimeter trail..down to the Port Orford Heads…



the views were amazing..and the wind?.well it was a ‘hang onto your hat’ event!!!


the seals were basking in the sunshine..not too concerned about the gale force winds..


Tucker didn’t like the wind..too bad about your hair  little buddy…the views are amazing!!



we continued along the trail towards the spot of the old ‘watchtower’…

Historically, sailors and local fishermen triangulated their position at sea using the lifeboat station's watchtower and Cape Blanco lighthouse. Thus, the Coast Guard’s pure white tower could not be camouflaged. The walkway to the tower through the woods, however, was dark. To assist the Coasties trying to find their way in low-light conditions, white arrows were painted on the concrete. The arrows are faintly visible to this day.



there is a photo op at every turn…


the boathouse burned down in the late 1970s, was located in Nellies Cove, 280 feet below the main station on the Heads. Access to the boathouse was provided by a steep 532-step wood and concrete staircase. To fuel the lifeboats, crewmen carried five-gallon cans down to the cove, one can in each hand, until the tanks were full. Remnants of the boathouse can be seen from the cove trail.


years ago this was the spot of the old coast guard boathouse…






as another day ends on the Oregon Coast..the wind is still blowing…but we are safe and warm inside our little rental trailer..Tucker is fast asleep on the couch…a tired dog is a happy dog..and this  means we are happy dog owners!!!


  1. I am enjoying your tours of the areas around Port Orford. Good job conquering your fear of the tripping roots! Now, about that wind... :)

  2. WOW, great photos. You're right - a photo op at every turn. Sure glad we don't have to haul gas in 5 gallon cans up and down stairs like that. What a job that must have been.

  3. Had you been playing a horn while walking along that trail a year ago you could have ended up in a 'rootatoot.' Hiking is always great exercise & when you can add beautiful ocean scenery along the way it is a real bonus for sure. Hope we can make it to the Oregon coastline some day.

  4. Lovin the photos... It is reminding me of our trip last year... wish we were there with you guys!!!
    Have fun & Travel safe

  5. Love all the scenery. Stay safe.

  6. Sure glad you overcame your fear because those pictures are so worth it for us. Tucker looks so cute with his ears blowing in the wind.

  7. Those tree roots on the trails can be really dangerous. I've tripped over a few of them while looking elsewhere. Nice pictures of the ocean again.

  8. Glad you skipped the root of all evil this trip. :)

  9. Great pictures!! Maybe we can get to this area one day.


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