Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Small Town America..


Our home for our vacation is the town of Port Orford, Oregon…it is the oldest town on the Oregon Coast…population of 1190..It is the most westerly of the 48 states..a working fishing port with an active art community..small town America on the Highway 101…

Today is the July 4th celebration…we participated in the pancake breakfast…for a fee of $10 for two …then it was off  to the Quilting exhibit..where we voted on our favourite…the top left is one that Juanita and Cindy entered..#9..the rest are quilts that were there just to admire!!..no touching…there are some talented quilters in Port Orford….


we stopped by the sandcastle competition at the ‘Dog beach’…some creative sculptures were lined up on the beach…



this is turning out to being a busy day…next stop…pick up chairs at the trailer and get our spot to watch the parade..


the parade started at 11:00..precisely..they are very punctual!!…2011_07_043

it was a typical small town parade..no fancy floats..police cars, fire trucks,


everyone all decked out in their ‘red white and blue’!!..



the kids all had a great time..collecting candy as it was thrown from the participants…

Tucker didn’t like this ‘Beaver’…he barked and barked…notice the ‘Beaver’ giving poor Tucker the ‘evil eye’!!



this was Doug’s favourite entry…wonder why???..nice jeep!!



..the ‘Dingy races’ were next on our agenda…taking place down at Battle Rock..

‘The gigantic rock promontory of Battle Rock dominates the waterfront shoreline. As the site of an historic battle between the first landing party of white settlers and local native Americans, Battle Rock was a key location in Port Orford's history. This battle is re-enacted each 4th of July in Port Orford's Jubilee Celebration. Now part of Battle Rock State Park, there are trails to the beach, as well as a trail to the top of the Rock for a windy, gorgeous view of the Pacific Ocean.’






just call them ‘crazy’…the surf was coming in…and they had to row out to the bu0y…four times…IMG_6387IMG_6385

and here we have the winner…don’t know what the prize was but I think just knowing that they won would be prize enough…this seems to be a very popular event!..looks like everyone from Port Orford was in attendance..


speaking of ‘crazy’..our dinner spot was the Crazy Norwegian!..fish and chips, crab  melt sandwich and a shared piece of coconut cream pie…delicious!!!

no July 4th celebration is complete with out the fireworks show at Battle Rock…


thanks for a great July 4th celebration, Port Orford!!..for ‘small town America’ you do it up right!!


  1. I love small town parade's and sound's like a busy day. Beautiful area your in.

  2. Looks like you had a great day! Parades are always fun. Really like the picture with the boats and the cliff in the background.

  3. That sounds like a very fun-filled 4th of July celebration. I'm glad you Canadians enjoyed it! Your pictures are great, Sue!

  4. Wow! You two had a busy day with lots of fun stuff to see and do...There is nothing like the pride of a small American town on July 4th...We are fortunate enough to live in one here...But, I would love to visit Oregon again!

  5. Tucker is a fine judge of character. That beaver looked downright evil!

  6. A 4th of July Quilt Show?! My kind of celebration!! Congratulations on a wonderful entry, Juanita!! Love it!
    Have fun!

  7. After reading everything you guys did, I need a nap. But what a wonderful day you guys had. And I have to agree with Tucker - that Beaver was downright scary looking.

  8. Looks like a full packed day with a lot of fun. From the pics, it looked like a great parade and very colorful too. I bet Tucker really didn't like the beaver.
    Glad you had a great day and enjoyed some fireworks.

  9. Looks like a great time--nice fireworks photos.

  10. Wow! Great Fun!!! Just keeps the anticipation building!

    Keep having fun!

  11. Great picture in your header of Tucker on the beach! Sounds like you guys had a really busy fun filled day. Vacations can sure be a lot of work, huh?

    Tucker is right not to like the beaver. Here in Eugene, we favor the Oregon Ducks over the hated Oregon State Beavers! I'll have to get him his own official Oregon Duck dog collar!!


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