Friday, July 22, 2011

Three dog night?


Another week is done..has summer arrived?..sure doesn’t seem like it..

The weather  this week has been mediocre..not exactly beach weather…

Doug returned to work on Monday..and I was left to my own week was filled with the usual household chores, dog walking I even did some geocaching on my own....

oh and then there was the doctor and lab appointments..not exactly blog worthy so I won’t bore you all with that kind of stuff…we all know what is entailed in going to the doctor for those annual check ups..poking prodding..tests and more tests… is Friday…and it is ‘date night’…where did we go?..well for starters..are you ready for this?..

we went to…


a romantic stroll through the aisles…paper towel…mango juice…raisin bran…laundry soap…glass cleaner plus a few other necessary items…are placed into the cart…$200 later…

then we went out for dinner…costing less than $7….

what did we have?


two perfectly prepared ‘tube steaks’..and one side of fries with gravy!..our cozy little table for two….a perfect end to a great week…


We wanted to go to the brand new Walmart that just opened today but so did everyone else who lives in our parking to be we are going to have to try again a different day…

Onwards to home..two ‘dogs’ more to go..the four legged one and a stroll around the lake…


and there was even time to find two geocaches…



the ‘little green canister’ was tucked into the tree…ODE TO THE SOCCER MOMS..

time for one more… a short stroll out of the park..and we had one more under our belt…

wATCH YOUR FINGERS…this one was a plastic crocodile tucked underneath a rock…

Our geocaching skills seem to be improving slightly..ever since I downloaded the Geocaching App for my I-phone..the $9.99 cost has been so worth it!!!..

So as the sunsets on yet another week.. Happy Weekend everyone!!


so ends my ‘three dog night’…


  1. Looks like a good day for you guys, The Tuckster is happy with his walk I'm sure. Rigg's said to say Hi and he can't wait for cooler weather. Mom wants to run him some since he weighed in at 102 at the vets last week, she wants him to knock off a few pounds so he is all muscle again.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  2. Hey that looks like our dinner in Oslo :-)))))) If you want summer weather, come on down. We've got it in spades. Yesterday topped off with a "feels like 122F temp" that had even me thinking of beaches and swimming.

  3. Oh 3 Dog Night... use yo be my favorite band!!! Looks like a great day for geocaching. You are getting really good at it! I love tube steaks... YUM!!! Have fun
    Travel safe

  4. OHHHHHH...I loved Three Dog Night..."Mama Told Me Not To Come"..and "Joy To The World"...You got me singin' this AM!! We have done some geocaching on our trips with Den's GPS..He should put that App on his Droid...(Now there is a sentence that sounds like Alien-speak)..Apps and Droids...

  5. For a moment there you had me going....I thought you two had gone to a concert!!
    Your date night sounds alot like mine...but you know what???? It was with the one you love and that makes it special. Glad you all had a good night.
    Hope you have a GREAT weekend!!

  6. What with spending $200 at Costco, tube steaks for dinner is no surprise. :)

  7. Dog days of summer? "What summer" is right! Maybe our summer will last through October this year? We can hope so, anyway. Looks like we are in for a few warm days now, but still nothing like the horrendous heat that others' are experiencing. Good job on the geocaches!

  8. Interesting - you had a 3 dog night and I had a 3 dog day!!

  9. Date night at Costco...pretty doggone special!

  10. A trip to Costco without having a polish dog with sauerkraut is not hardly worth it!! Walmart with no parking is a real bummer! Those are usually our two out of three shopping locations.

    Enjoy what's left of the weekend.

  11. I definitely had a different thought when I read the title of your post. All I could think about was cold winter nights - two, three or four dogs depending on how cold it was. Talk about wishful thinking in this heat. We love tube steaks. Great way to spend your date night.


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