Wednesday, July 13, 2011

We’re going to miss this…


This is the last morning walk on the beach…


all ‘six’ of us ventured down to Battle Rock Beach early this morning..the tide was out farther than we have seen in a while..



Juanita and little “miss abbey”


does this ‘rock make my butt look big?’


Gordon , Juanita and Abbey..


it was a picture perfect morning..the tidal pools created some great reflections..


Tucker and Abbey playing the game of ‘keep’s my ball’…get away!!


one last look….


this is one part of the past two weeks that we are going to miss…a place like no other…simply the best place on earth so far…




Juanita enjoying her last Vanilla steamed milk in her very own ‘Tim Horton’s mug’…delicious…[calories are removed before it is served!!]

The balance of our morning was spent doing laundry and getting organized for the long trek homeward tomorrow..once our chores were complete…..

We ventured out for one last go round of geocaching…we tried again at…

1. Lots of books…we had no  luck and then a young girl came along and asked us if we were looking for a geocache?..she informed us that someone had taken the one we were looking it was no more…

ps..Doug just came back from the store and he stopped by this geocache one more time..and guess what?..he found it!! we can add this one to our list…

onwards to the next one..

2. Restless Wave..down at the dog beach…the clue was ‘ a real skirt lifter’..Doug found this one underneath the covering of the flag pole..a small pill bottle with just some paper to sign our geocaching name to…



this one’s for you, Doug..I know how much you love pictures of flowers!!


another view from the Port Orford Heads..we drove up the Coast Guard Museum in the hopes of getting Tucker a handmade dog tag..


..but it was closed….not open until Thursday…too bad…we will have to leave some $$ with Juanita and get her to pick one up one  for our  ‘golden boy’…

IMG_6799 Our dinner choice this evening is the famous ‘Crazy Norwegian’s…


delicious fish and chips, crab melt sandwiches and marion berry  pie ala-mode…. Gordon and Juanita came along for an evening of   fine food and great cannot ask for more than that…we will miss these travelling friends..but we know we will see them again…that is if we can find them??

Once we returned from dinner it was time to  pack up the jeep so we would be ready to go in the morning…Sad smile

We made the rounds of the RV park saying our ‘so longs..see you down the road’ to our neighbours…

Judi and Dennis from Pine Grove, California..they were here in Port Orford when we stayed here in was nice to see these fine folks again…


so as the Port Orford and Oregon Coast portion of our vacation comes to an end..we are sad to leave..and yes, ‘we are going to miss this…’

[by the way..this is post #400..I never realized I had that much to say?]


  1. Oh how I know you will miss it!! Tomorrow I am getting to the ocean I have been waiting to see all year! Odd that you're leaving and I'm coming...

    Later in Washington, I hope, my friend... safe travels!!!

  2. It looks like the weather has been cooperating now that you are leaving. What a great trip you've had, minus the trip to the hospital, that is. Good job, Doug, on finding the "missing" geocache. We never know if they've been muggled or if we just can't find them. See you tomorrow!!

  3. You did such a great job of capturing and sharing the memories of your time in Port Orford! Thanks so much for the beautiful photos. Have a safe trip back home, and it was great to meet you on your way down. Say "hi" to Carol & Dave for us.

  4. What a great holiday I know you all enjoyed it and we know what it is like to say goodbye to friends and head home, Then back to work, at least in Donna's case. Give Tucker a good scratch for us. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  5. What a wonderful vacation! Times like these are the moments to hold us over until the time when it's not "vacation" anymore!! :)

  6. Good friends, good times and more to look forward to. Doesn't get much better than that. Loved visiting the area with you. Safe travels.

  7. Have a safe trip home and thanks for taking us along on your vacation to Port Orford.

  8. Great pictures . . . it looks like the dogs (and the people) are really enjoying the beach!

    Congrats on the geocaching finds! We're still trying to get better at finding them . . . we always get to within a foot or so (GPS telling us we're right on top of it), and struggle to find the actual container!

  9. Like you, we really like the Port Orford area. Nice read on and about your travels there. Wishing a you a nice drive back home.

  10. Oooh, I would miss all the great friends, beautiful scenery, good food and fun times too!!
    You all travel safely on your way home and remember....memories last forever!!

  11. That beach looks fabulous! I love it. Love the photo of the doggies playing and running too. Have fun!

  12. I'll miss it, and I wasn't even there! Have loved your pics of the beach. They are so dramatic & beautiful!

  13. What a great 2 week trip you had!...Those photos of the rocky beach are just wonderful...I have a feeling you will revisit this place someday..

  14. A very tough place to leave, have a safe trip.

  15. We're with you, we're going to miss your great vacation posts and pictures.

    So glad you had a nice time and shared the fun with us!

  16. Congrats on post 400 - not only do you have a lot to say, you have posted a lot of beautiful photos. Love the dogs playing on the beach and Tucker by himself - what a background. You will definitely miss that area - it was gorgeous.

  17. Hi Sue and Doug,
    Now I wished we had "popped in" to visit Gordon & Juanita while you were here!We could have met you! Love your blog!
    Too bad you didn't stop at the Umpqua Lighthouse, it's a gorgeous jewel on the Oregon coast with it's red light, wonderful museum and a park for Tucker to run around! Next time you GOTTA stop! (We volunteered there this June.)
    I'm glad you had a fun packed 2 week holiday!
    We're always buzzing through BC, you never know when you might get company! :)
    Happy trails!
    Kathy aka


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