Thursday, July 7, 2011



We saw this license plate first thing this morning…seemed to be a fitting title for today’s adventure…


we are zippin’ along the Highway 101..destination???

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Crescent City, California and the ‘Jedidiah Smith Redwoods’…

but not before the numerous stops at all the view points along the way…


our first stop was at Cape Sebastion…



our ‘gps..LOLA’…went a little crazy…she shows us driving on the ocean and travelling at a speed of over 125 miles per hour??..we are assuming that we lost the satellite signal…




the views are amazing…we didn’t stop at every view point but we made a large effort in trying to capture most of them…




next stop was only a few miles south…Doug and Tucker waited in the jeep while I ventured down the trail..



next photo op…Whalehead Beach..Tucker got to run on the beach for a bit…



a token shot of the flowers growing up high on one of the rocks..



we have almost reached Brookings, Oregon..what should have taken barely an hour..took us twice that…all these places we stopped are on the right hand side of the highway and some of them are  not  conducive to stopping with an Rv..very small parking lots and most have a non-existent..turn around area…

We stopped for gas on the outskirts of Brookings and spotted this momma deer with her two fawns! cute!!!


we crossed the border into California..only question asked was..’do you have any produce'?’..


we had gotten so much advice in regards to directions to the Redwoods…take #197  no…take #199..go over the bridge..turn at the casino….don’t go over the bridge…our smart decision was to go the Visitor’s Center in Crescent City…we got a map and some good directions…but before we went to the Redwoods (Stout Grove) we stopped at Battery Point  Lighthouse…




after our walk to the lighthouse we stopped for a quick lunch and then it was finally time for our trip through the 1000 year old trees…


all the pictures in the world will not depict how massive these redwoods are…



this drive is a ‘must’ if you come to the Crescent City area…


as our daytrip comes to an end we headed north or so we thought..


we turned right instead of left….’fire that map reader’!!!

Our last stop today was at Harris Beach State Park..


now if you have made it all the way to the end of this very long blogpost..congrats to you!!…as the sun sets on another day in the life of Bigdawg and Freeway..the wind is still blowing..and we are tired but happy that we had a successful day!!!


  1. What Lola wants, Lola gets? ;) Beautiful pictures, Sue. I'm glad you took the time to stop at all those pull-outs. I have not been to the Battery Point lighthouse. I'll add it to my "to do" list. Glad you enjoyed the redwoods. Aren't they something?

  2. on our agenda!!!

    such great photo's once again!

  3. You had great weather for your drive, it is so beautiful down 101, we stayed at Harris Beach twice last year.

  4. Such a gorgeous drive. So glad you enjoyed it.

    Of all the things California should check at the border, they pick produce!!!! It always amazed me.

    Have fun!

  5. We did that drive, but hardly ever stopped. Maybe next time!

    Reading blogs has taught me a lot about enjoying the sights and taking my time.

    I will do better the next time we take a trip.

  6. Maybe Lola was right after all & you guys just drove through a stretch of the Twilight Zone. I have always wanted to have me a look at those giant California Redwoods. I envy your scenic travels......

  7. Wow! Good thing you slowed down from that 125 mph - you never would have got all of those beautiful pictures. Hard to imagine seeing all of that in one day!! :) The Redwood trees are definitely on my list of things to see. :)

  8. Wow, I love all of the gorgeous photos and the dazzling scenery, fantastic!!!


  9. What great photos today... well everyday!!! We loved our trip up the west coast last year and looking forward to visiting it again. Your photos have stirred the desire! The Giant Redwoods are fabulous and breathtaking for sure!
    Have fun & Travel safe

  10. So very true - there just are no pictures that can capture the enormity of those trees. We love that drive along the coast and after seeing your pictures, I really want to go back.

  11. What beautiful photos of a fabulous drive!! Thanks for letting us ride along...
    Our GPS is named Carlton..and he and I don't get along so he talks to Dennis...They both lose their way from time to time..That's because they won't listen to ME!!

  12. Our old GPS was known as the "nagigator". Our new one has a kinder voice, and doesn't sound so mean. Love the pictures of the rugged rocks and flowers...nice combo. Beautiful drive....

  13. Beautiful pics of the coast! Makes me want to drive the 101 again next year. Are you guys tenting it down there or staying in a cabin or motel?

  14. You must be in heaven with all of the photo ops at every turn in the road.
    Just beautiful....beautiful!!
    Those trees are just awesome! A must see!! You guys have fun!!

  15. Crescent City and Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park are two of our favorite places to go. Donna and I went there on our honeymoon, and it's been a special place for us ever since.

    Great photos of some of the neatest places on the Oregon Coast. You really know how to shoot 'em!

  16. Your pictures are outstanding today. I haven't seen the redwoods for years. Did you drive through one of them. I remember there was one you could drive right through. Safe travels.

  17. What a great ride and pictures, thanks for taking us along.

  18. WOW... what a ride... it just got put onto our bucket list! Great work putting the blog together!

  19. So glad you are enjoying your vacation so much. Your pictures on the post are beautiful. I really love the coast and can't wait to get out that way and explore it. The sights look amazing.

    Kevin and Ruth


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