Saturday, August 6, 2011

Bites and Prickles


Our plan today was to go for a walk along the river towards Tavistock easy stroll of 1.4 kilometers..


This trail is right beside the campground and at the Point is a spot for Tucker to go for a swim…in fact it is where learned to swim in March 2009…


just a few shots of the flowers along the path..




We ran into a family group heading out of the trail and they warned us that there was swarms of mosquitos!..we thought?….can’t be that bad..what a bunch of whimps..


we should have read the sign or at least obeyed what it said..but not us?..we had sprayed ourselves with  “off”…in we went.should have listened to those people..we were eaten alive by all the mosquitos and the trail was flooded..hence the sign…so no swimming at Tavistock Point for our  ‘golden boy’..a ton of new mosquito bites…lucky us!!


now don’t feel too bad for the ‘chosen child’..he got to go swimming at his usual spot…


but me?..I was too itchy to stand and watch him swim..I had to get some cream and some drugs…


once the medicine was in…off we went into town…a beautiful sunny day…




now how ‘fitting’ is this sign?? stop at  the pharmacy..and we headed back for some lunch..but not before a ‘prickle bush geo-cache’ at the  Jacob Haldi bridge….Doug was the one who ventured into the prickle bushes to find this one…’The Wicked Stepmother’…


do you see him?..he is camouflaged…but he found it…in amongst the prickle bushes…IMG_6990

we just love the new I-phone app…what a difference it makes…

The balance of our day was spent reading and napping..a perfect Saturday…steak dinner, a campfire and Disaronna  once again…

We are enjoying this..can you tell???


  1. The word is the mosquitoes most everywhere in North American have been out in huge numbers this year. I wouldn't have thought it entirely necessary for an "update" on that front, but well reported just the same.
    So... thanks.
    We don't miss them at all.

  2. Oh yes, we can tell you all are having a grand time! We are so happy for you all!! :-)
    Sorry about the mosquitoes! They can be a real bother at times! We can't even sit outside on some evenings because of them. :-(
    "Little Dawg" has been a true blessing!!

  3. the mosquitoes are everywhere due to all the rain we've had here in the the pics...looks like you had a great day other than the itching...

  4. I hate mosquitoes! Luckily, we don't get them where we live. But if we venture off into wilder areas such as ponds, forests, and the river, the mosquitoes are there waiting for us. I'm so glad to hear that you are having a good time (despite the mosquito bites)!

  5. Had never heard of Tavistock Point but sure have heard & know about Tavistock Ontario, Canada. That's my home town:)) Nothing like mosquitoes to spoil a perfectly good time. Mosquitoes are one of the few living things I will kill on questions asked!! Don't let those prickly bushes get the best of ya.............

  6. All sounds good except for those "squitos".. Just hate them!

  7. Could be a bad year for those winged pests! Just read about how grasshoppers are thriving in Texas during this hot dry year. If it's not one kind of pest, it's another.

    Be happy, eat steak, enjoy camping, pet Tucker and laugh out loud around the fire. Folks will wonder how you can be that happy!!!

  8. Your post is not much of an endorsement for OFF :) Looks like fun otherwise.

  9. Loved the Dawgs - very appropriate. So glad you got Little Dawg...just what you needed for a fun summer.

  10. Darn those skeeters anyway!

    I was reading the post and wondering what a pickle bush it several times before I saw that you said prickle bush!!

    You guys are going to be geocaching experts.

  11. Sorry to hear the pesky mosquitos got you ... must have been bad if you had to break out the meds.

  12. That "airborne" pic of Tucker was just wonderful. We are suffering with mosquitoes and grasshoppers. Just a horrible summer for bugs this year. Sure puts a damper on any outside fun.


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