Friday, August 5, 2011

a day in the life….


our home for the weekend is Brae Island Regional Park….a large campground in the town of Fort Langley…the birthplace of British Columbia..



we are on Kingfisher Road..#7…the cost for the weekend…$32.76 a night..water and electric..and free wifi…

we don’t need a sewer hook up..



the campground is very well maintained..with lots of flower pots…a swimming pool


..a general store that sells everything from marshmallows to  sewer connections…there is even a restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner…


there is clean washrooms..showers are a ‘loonie’ for five minutes..and there is a laun-dro-mat also…haven’t ventured over that way as yet to see how much they charge for wash/dry…

After breakfast Tucker and I ventured into Fort Langley….doing some window shopping…can’t go into too many stores when your are accompanied by a ‘four-legged companion…




Tucker wasn’t in the mood to have his picture taken..he had bigger ‘fish to fry’..he wanted to go swimming!..



one last stop…..dessert for tonight..



yes..some cupcakes.. we deserve something to celebrate!!


but there was a geo-cache to find…

“No Zombies allowed”…


tucked in number 18 of 35..that was the clue..Tucker sniffed it out…We are now up to 47!!..whoohoo!!! you can go swimming...



so that wraps up our day..we are now waiting for Doug to arrive..onward to happy hour…dinner and a campfire….



our fireside treat..enough cupcakes for tomorrow night too..

saying goodnight from Fort Langley…sleep well everyone…



  1. Did you guys make that propane fire pit?

  2. I need to borrow Tucker when Marti goes out for "Retail Theraphy". He'd save me a lot of money by keeping Marti out of stores. :c)

    Glad to see you enjoying the great outdoors with the Pup. Lovely area you're camping in.

  3. What a nice day you had, Sue, and it will be even better now that Doug is there. That looks like a great campground. How's it going with camping in the tent trailer?

  4. I think it's totally unfair to keep Tucker out of the store! Maybe if he had hi own charge account ...

  5. Fun day - it's nice to have Tucker as company when Doug isn't there. Tucker is such a beautiful dog. Love the photo of him and the fire pit. I'll bet Doug was happy to see the goodies waiting for him! :)

  6. Well now... that all looks wonderful!!! Hope you enjoyed it! And are off to great adventures today...

    Last night at dinner here in Port Townsend, there was a couple outside both walking around looking down at their cell phones. At first I thought they were looking for a signal, since it seems to come and go here. Then, after watching them for awhile, I decided they were searching for a geo cache and indeed they were. He finally found it and she took his photo. Then off they went down the sidewalk!

  7. What an awesome day! You and Tucker certainly enjoyed every moment and Tucker got his reward at the end....a good swim!!
    The trailer looks really nice and inviting....I bet you slept like a baby!
    Nice campground and such a quaint area! :-)

  8. Seems Tucker saved you some money in town, but how did you get those cupcakes with him along? :)

  9. Excellent fire!!! Looks like a great spot you have there. Hope you gave your "happy pants" handy...and....did I see a bottle of Amaretto sitting by those cupcakes?? I'M IN!!
    Have fun doing what you love...with lots more to come :-)

  10. Some day we will Geocache. Sounds like fun. What is even more fun is watching great dogs such as yours have a swim.

  11. Nice :) Cupcakes, and Disaronno ;)

  12. Wow what a nice spot to camp hope you guys have fun.

  13. Great looking cupcakes! Your campground looks terrific too. Nice that Tucker can get cooled off with a swim now and then.

  14. What a great looking campground - and cupcakes to boot!

  15. It is a nice RV camping facility. The close proximity to Fort Langley is a bonus too.

  16. The cupcakes look yummy ... hope you enjoyed them around the fire last night!

  17. What a nice week-end you're having....lucky you.

    I love the picture of Tucker by the fire. He reminds me of my girl "Sweet Pea." I never knew how special Goldens were.

  18. Camping...cupcakes...campfire...what a perfect way to end up. Looks like Tucker finally got to enjoy himself after being so patient all morning!
    Congratulations on having such a great campground to enjoy!

  19. Great campground and it looks like you and Tucker had a really good day. The cupcakes look yummy!


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