Monday, August 15, 2011

equal billing??


well.. I have been told that I have not been fair? whom you ask?.

Well it seems that a loyal reader has noticed that I do not give equal billing to our little ‘fur boy’..Oliver the kitty?..also known as PO Man!!


Why is that? real reason I guess..he is a cat..and we all know that cats really could care less about their pretty blue eyed boy..likes to lay on the dining room table??..


just feed them, fill the water bowl..empty the litter box..a nail trim once a while to go along with a toe  hair trim..this boy has hairy paws!!..oh and then there is the token belly rub in the morning!!..and a wrestling match with his ‘younger brother’…


now as for today…where did I find him??


in his usual spot..sleeping the day away…curled up dreaming of  what ever cats dream about…be it paper or twist ties or zap straps..those are his toys of choice..or bugs!!??


not a care in the world..that is of course until the vacuum comes out..

now the other ‘boy'?..the famous or is it infamous one ?…he spent the day in the other vacant chair in the condo..the time this photo was taken was 1230 in the afternoon..he has slept the morning away..not been out since last night at 1130…the dog with the best bladder ever…


so with the ‘boys’ busy?..what did I do today?..just the usual chores…housework, laundry, bed making…we bought a new ‘quilt’ for the it is not a handmade beautiful one that all you quilters spend hours and hours working on…but I like it……IMG_7054


Love  the colours..they match the decor…funny how that worked day maybe I will learn to quilt but for now this Walmart special will have to do…$26 what a deal….

so that is my ‘equal billing’ day…a day in the not so exciting life of Bigdawg and Freeway…how was your day???


  1. I was raised with 2 Siamese, Suzy and Wong..Then Dennis bought me one for Valentine's Day the first year we were married...Joe. When Joe died, we got Ralph...someone poisoned him and we got Dirty Harry..all were Siamese..I like their " give a rat's ass" attitude. Now we have no pets..and for now, that's fine..
    Love the new quilt and your decor..very inviting, that bed!

  2. Oliver is beautiful - love those eyes. I'm always amazed at how well some dogs and cats do actually get along and actually like each other.

  3. My day was pretty boring. Guess I'm ready to move on from Indiana...

  4. Tucker looks like Annie sleeping the day away.

  5. Glad you decided to give Oliver a fair share of the limelight:)

  6. Love the pictures of your furballs wrestling!! SO cute!! Great deal on the quilt too...looks like a Peter/Paul pattern...and perfect colours for your room!! You can't even buy the batting (insides of the quilt) for that price!! SCORE!!

  7. Such great pictures of the furboys. We spent money yesterday - very depressing but necessary. That's about it for us.

  8. I like your new quilt--I like Walmart specials!

    Between Oliver and Tucker, I don't think you have any boring days.

  9. I'm spending a few days with my daughter. She has a Golden named Sandy. They are such wonderful dogs!

  10. Oliver is gorgeous. I love to see when dogs and cats get along so well that they can play and sleep together, that is just too cute!

    Kevin and Ruth

  11. the momma says thank you very much ~ but you just couldn't leave the dawg out completely now, could you! lol

    my day... well, you know about it... love the quilt!! it looks awesome in there! good job auggie!!!

  12. Well, if ya want a real hand made quilt, yer just gonna have to come down and join NW Campers for their annual Hoodstock Jamboree in Hood River, OR.

    They have a quilt show there and a number of them are for sale. :).

  13. Amazing pals, they are! They almost seem to have similar DNA, the way they sleep all the time.

    Ahh, a dog's, or a cat's life!

  14. Nice life those pets of yours have. They do seem to like each other too. Bonus!

  15. Very cute kitty. I loveGoldens too. They are amazing dogs.

  16. Oliver looks like quite the cat, they sure have their own personality... good to see them getting along like they do! Makes life a lot easier in the home...

  17. I have been reading your recent blogs and I know that we are going to be great friends. We have our cat with us too. See you Friday.

  18. Enjoyed getting to know Oliver! It;s great Tucker & Oliver get along so well. Our Cody sleeps a lot just being lazy around the house...kinda like Tucker.
    I bet they keep you busy or at least entertained...

  19. Love the pictures of the 2 of them together. And that quilt! Looks like it was made for your room.


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