Sunday, August 14, 2011

the ‘greatest’ gift !!


Life is full of ‘gifts’..some come in small packages..some are sparkly..some are tasty..some come in great big boxes!!..

Some are gifts of time, hugs, and love…but the greatest gift you can give anyone is the ‘gift of friendship’

We ventured across the border into the state of Washington on Saturday morning..


The border supposedly only had a five minute wait?..huh?..they lied…it was more like 45 minutes… only because we were in the ‘slow lane’…the one with the border guard who seemed to be ‘searching every vehicle’….geesh don’t they know we have ‘peeps’ waiting..never mind the idle chitchat about fishing?..give us our passports and tell us to have a ‘nice day’!!!


One quick stop at McDonalds for  breakfast and a ‘pineapple mango smoothie’..only available in the USA???


Our camping  space this weekend is at Riverbend Rv Park in Mount Vernon..a nice park beside the Skagit River and the Super Walmart!!..$27 a night for full hook-up..what a deal…

There we are all set up…the  “little dawg”…looking mighty ‘little’ amongst all the ‘Bigdawgs’..


Here is the ‘Cathouse’ but where is Meowmoma?..


playing with the kitties?..Jasper ….IMG_7045

and Mombi…


This weekend we had the pleasure of meeting Judy and Everett…originally from just outside Arkansas City in Kansas..

Judy was one of my first followers….also a fellow blogger and this was like meeting an old friend…just as it has been with meeting all the other bloggers before her…

Judy and her husband, Everett, which she calls the ‘hubster’..welcomed us with open arms…so special to meet new friends and feel like you already know them..


we spent the day chatting and touring around the Whidbey Island area..enjoying the sights along the way…


our one stop was Mount Erie Viewpoint..spectacular views that we saw in October last year but nice to see it again through the eyes of our ‘travelling friends’…


we had a lovely day sharing the jeep as we drove to Coupeville and back again in search of a lunch/dinner restaurant..


…the original plan was to go to Kim’s Cafe on the pier in Coupeville..but there was a festival and not a parking space to be had…(I was then relieved of my duties as tour guide ) we turned around and headed back to Oak Harbour and found another place that satisfied the hunger pangs…

Our evening was spent drinking wine with Judy and Everett..continuing the conversations…

Judy got her token gift…


the evening went so quickly…before we knew it was time to head back to see if Tucker had made his escape from “Little Dawg”..nope…fast asleep on our bed..such a good boy…


so as we say  so long to these new blogging ‘sister’…we wish them safe travels as they head towards new adventures…and home to their beloved grandkids..Sam, Lily and Noah…


see you down the road…Judy and Everett…..thanks for  sharing this weekend with us…

As soon as we arrived home I found a special place for my handcrafted gift…adorned with a few token pieces of Judy’s beach glass..IMG_7053



  1. That sounds like a very fine time that you had with Meow momma and Hubster! Whidbey Island is always a fun place to visit.

    I wonder why the Canadian McDonald's don't carry the Pineapple Mango Smoothies? You have me hooked on them now, and McDonald's keeps giving me 2 for 1 coupons, so I get to keep having them.

  2. you did a wonderful bloggy job, my friend!! but I had no doubt you would...


    and night night!

  3. How nice to meet a new set of friends and have such a nice weekend, we are looking forward to someday meeting you guys,Always enjoy hearing about Tucker. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  4. One of the best things is meeting the wonderful people we blog with... it is one of the highlitghs of my trips. I know meeting you guys & Tucker was and my moose you gave me is still riding high on the dashboard of Tassie seeing America. So glad you had a great weekend and Lil Dawg' looks like he/she is giving you lots of great times! I love pop~ups!!! Have a super day my friend...

  5. What a great weekend. We love being able to meet up with fellow bloggers and readers. There is always so much in common, so there is always something to talk about. The views from Mount Erie are gorgeous.

    Kevin and Ruth

  6. Wonderful week-end. So much fun to meet the lead characters in the blogs we read. Seem to be lots of people up in that area this summer.

  7. Sounds like you had a fun weekend.
    So nice to meet people and become instant friends.

  8. Looks like you had a great time with your blogging friends. We have found that this is always fun as well.

    Safe travels!!

  9. Another great trip with Little Dawg..Hey , he looked just fine amongst the monster RV's..very confident in his shiny fresh exterior...Nice to meet blog friends!

  10. A nice time you had, and your little pup made it possible. You made a great choice when you bought it.

    I had no doubts Tucker would behave, Goldens are such great pals.

  11. Did you and Judy plan your sightseeing outfits in advance :-) It's always great when an instant friendship is established; here's to the newfound connection passing the test of time.


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