Tuesday, August 30, 2011

hi ho..hi ho…


Today was the end…the end of what?..

  • the end of going to bed when I was tired
  • the end of sleeping in
  • the end of doing what I want
  • the end of spending all day with my ‘ boys’


  • the end of doing the household chores at my own pace
  • the end of feeling like I am organized
  • the end of reading blogs whenever I feel like it

Why you ask?..well today I went back to that ‘place’…you know the one…..

  • the place that makes me go to bed early
  • the place that makes me get up before the sun
  • the place that makes it necessary to be showered and dressed before 6 am
  • the place that makes me be on the bus before 7am
  • the place that pays me a nice paycheque
  • the place that will make our dream come true with a nice pension cheque when I am ready to retire

now this morning there was a bit of stress with regards to ‘this place’ …

  • what time do I get up?
  • what time do I leave?
  • where is my bus fare?
  • where’s my lunch?
  • where’s my uniform?
  • what is my locker combination?
  • what is the password to my work email?

Have I missed this ‘place’?….or the people in it??….that would be a resounding NO!

But I went with a smile on my face…..

hi ~ho~ hi~ ho ~off to work I go…..


I may have been the Happy Dwarf….


on the outside but on the inside…I was the Grumpy one..


..how many days till the weekend???


  1. Sometimes we have to look at that place as a necessary means to an end. Being free is good but remember what a great influence you are to those in that "place".
    Take care and hope the weekend comes quickly for you!

  2. Well, Sue, at least you weren't Sneezy or Dopey, or even Bashful. Maybe you were Sleepy, though. ;) Just remember your dream and the last item on your list which will help you attain your dream--just what the Doc ordered.

  3. I sure don't miss my old work place but I sure do miss the pay check!! Hang in there, retirement's coming.

    Nah, you wouldn't be Grumpy...would you???

  4. I remember those days, I've been
    retired five years and I still wake up at five, the good thing is I don't have to go anywhere. Your day will come.

  5. I make sure even though I am retired that I am up at 04:30am to share morning coffee with my bride. maybe some day soon we will all be retired. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  6. The early morning wake up I don't mind. We do that even on vacation ... often to enjoy the sunrise and the golden light of photography ... and to beat the crowds, of course. But going to work when I have so many other fun things I could be doing ... well that's a bit of a challenge. I look at it as a necessary means to an end and make the best of the situation. And of course, I always stay grateful that I do have a job while I still need one.

  7. Don't feel alone I'm up at 6am to do the same dirty word.

  8. At least you go back with some humor:) I actually used to enjoy work, but have no desire to return to that kind of schedule.

    The weekend will be here soon!

  9. When the pension checks starts rolling in one day, you will be thankful you went to work. Until then, keep your humor...it will get you through the weeks ahead. And, enjoy the weekends to the fullest.

  10. the means justify the end my dear...your turn will come before you know it....you are one day closer to retirement...:) have a super day

  11. Such a cute post this morning... I remember those days so well. But remember your working towards a fun filled life and that is a good thing... How much longer do you actually have to work??? You should put a count down meter on your blog!!! LOL LOL

  12. Oh never mind ~ I see the meter a tickin'

  13. You know that song will now be stuck in my head all day! :)

    Keep singing until the weekend comes...

  14. I really feel for you having to go to THAT PLACE! Pretty soon your Countdown will be here and then "oh what a feeling!"
    Today is Wednesday, so you're closer to the weekend!:)
    BTW that halibut swimming around did look tasty! :) Thanks for reading our blog!
    Tucker must be with his pals at puppy day care, having fun with his peeps!
    Kathy (Birdingrvers)
    PS OMGoodness, you pay so much for gas and you live so close to Alberta that has oil fields!!

  15. And by the end of the day, you will be D O P E Y!

  16. Funny how much fun work isn't. But it sure makes you enjoy your vaction, holideays and weekends.

    Keep on plugging, the reward is not too far down the road.

    Are your "boys" suffering from "MMS" (Missing Mom Syndrome)?

  17. Augh yes, I remember those days very well...

  18. We've all been there. You'll be retired before you know it. Honestly, looking back, the last few working years went SOOO fast. Enjoy your job while you're there, it's a means to a great end. :)

  19. I have a tee shirt that says...

    "Does this tee shirt make me look Grumpy" with a picture of Grumpy on it...

    You need one!!


  20. So sorry that you had to return to work!!! Hope that you do not have too long to wait before you are able to retire and full time with the rest of us lucky people. And hope the weekend comes quickly for you!!

  21. It's difficult going to a job that you don't like. I hope, for your sake, that you don't have too long until retirement.


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