Saturday, August 13, 2011



We are heading south once again..across the border into the USA..travelling 74 miles to Mount Vernon, Washington.

Fullscreen capture 09082011 74057 AM

the reason for this excursion?…one word…MEOW…..

as in from Meowmomma from ‘Cathouse Adventures’. 


‘Meowmomma and the Hubster’ they call themselves are on a year long adventure travelling the United States to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary…

Meow momma  and I have never met…except through our blogs and the social media frenzy known as ‘face-book’…so this will be fun!!…

We have conversed through a few emails and managed to arrange to get together…this will be as close as they get to British Columbia so we are always up for a road trip...

We have booked a night at Riverbend Rv Park in Mount Vernon, Washington…there is no website so we are going in not knowing?..but we are always up for an adventure…

An early departure on Saturday morning is the plan… Little Dawg is hooked up..the food is loaded and the ‘golden boy’ is raring to go…should be a fun overnighter..

come along for the ride…there is tons of room for all of you!!!

sure hope the ‘cats and dawgs’ get along??

(  I read your comment, Russ…this one is for you..and yes, I have a t-shirt with this on it)..


..but just so you know…this Mama is happy, this weekend at least…

{speaking of happy…our golden boy and his peeps had some fun at daycare on Friday..}..just had to share these photos..our smiling boy!!


we were hoping he will be tired after his play date..…we can hope for good behaviour!!..

onward to Mount Vernon!!



  1. Tucker looks great in glasses. Have fun on your trip.

  2. Have yourselves a doggone good time.

  3. Wonderful! I have a few moments with internet this morning in Cranbrook. Hi to you and say hi to Meowmomma for me as well! We cat lovers need to stick together!

  4. Hope you all have a real good time. Say hi to meowmomma from me! Just love the pix of Tucker at day care.

  5. Hey Sue, nice T-shirt. Should have known you would have one like that!!:))

    I took a picture for you when we were leaving the Scandinavian Festival yesterday. I'll see if Donna will post it, otherwise, I'll have to e-mail it or something.

    Have a good trip. Always nice to meet someone you already "know".

  6. Now, that sounds like a guaranteed good time! Have fun!

  7. Have a safe trip and say Hi to Meowmama& the Hubster for us, looks all tucker is rarein to go.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  8. Have a great time with Meowmama and the hubster--I would like to meet her some day. We're not too far away today, in Lynden, WA, but we're here for a wedding and won't have much free time. Rats!

  9. Nice to be getting out for another week-end in Little Dawg. Good for you guys in getting out there. Great doggy goggle shot:))

  10. tick tock tick tock...


    it's cute how all the doggies seem to be smiling ~ what do you say to a dog? oh! I remember from t.v.!!!

    bacon strips!!!

    c u soon!

  11. Have fun meeting meowmama & hubster... I know we enjoyed meeting you very much!
    Have fu n & Travel safe

  12. Meetiong up with blogger friends can be so much fun. Enjoy!

  13. have fun and say hello for all of us.

  14. Have a great trip! That Tucker sure loves to smile!

  15. love love love your tucker...Rick and I bred, showed, trained and raised golden retrievers for over 20 + years...a wonderful breed....enjoy your trip!! Be safe...we often go in 'not knowing'...and more times than enough it turns out to be great!!


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