Saturday, August 27, 2011

Mindless conversation..


Idle chit-chat..small talk..schmoozing..engrossed in my own hopes and dreams..

what ever you want to call it..

I go through life doing all of the above…talking, listening, wondering, dreaming..

I will be the first one to admit that I have been known to psycho-analyze what people say..

  • what did they really mean by that?
  • does it mean they are angry?
  • don’t they like me?
  • did I say something wrong?
  • what about my listening skills?
  • are they really as good as I think they are?

When someone asks “how are you?”..Do they actually stop and listen to what the answer is?..


there are lots of sayings that we use in our day to day conversations..but do we really listen to what the answer is..or is it just a ‘filler’?


this one Doug uses all the time…WHAT ARE YOOUUU DOING?..makes me laugh every time..


have a great day!..I have been known to use this…

love ya!

and a few chosen people will get this one too…


what have I learned?..listen more less..ask questions and wait for the answers!!

Talking and blogging are one in the same, in my opinion...the comments are the conversations that I have with the readers..

  • Do you go back and read your comments?
  • Do you reply when a response is deemed necessary?

so  for now I will talk less and listen more…..

This afternoon we were privileged to be invited to an 80th birthday party…

Who turned 80?..Melba Campbell..she is the mother of my friend, Brenda…

Brenda and I have been friends since 1980..lots of talking and listening has gone on over the past 31 years…..


A lovely afternoon party that we were happy to attend..a room filled with a whole lot of talking…and a ton of memories…

The older I get the more I appreciate time well spent with a dear friend and her family.

Cheers, Melba!..may you have many more birthdays!!


  1. Good post that really made me think. I do read all my comments! I love the playfulness that comes out of going back and forth with people. I don't always respond to each and every comment, but I sure try!

    Happy birthday to your beautiful friend Melba!

  2. Happy birthday to your very special friend Melba. Memories are priceless just as good friends are too.
    Glad you had the opportunity to share that special time with Melba and family.

  3. I, too, love reading all the comments. I don't respond to all of them but after reading your post and thinking about it, that's rather how I am in conversations. I don't always respond or use filler. I don't mind silence. When I post on someone's blog, I want them to know that I am there, reading, feeling, laughing and crying with them. Not that I'm a great wordsmith or anything. Just love getting to know people.

  4. What an interesting post today... I do go and read all the comments too. I also use many of the phrases you mentioned but most of the time wait for an answer... Sadly I don't always answer my comments because I don't know where to do it that it will get read. LOL I comment on every blog I read because I like them to know someone cares about all the work they did to do a post. I wish more people would take time to just say "Hi" I am here reading what you have to say.
    So here I am and I hope you have a great day and Travel safe my friend!

  5. I certainly do read all the comments on my blog and everyone elses also. There's a lot to learn about people in those comments.

    There are times, though, when I just don't have anything to say about a post. I probably use those fillers more often than I care to admit. :)

  6. Interesting post today, Sue. Made me think a bit. I do read all my comments and if there is a question try to answer. I comment as often as I can managed on other blogs that I read, but can't possibly manage the time to comment on all of them all the time. I hadn't thought about responding to all comments because I know that sometimes a comment is just that, not necessarily a conversation. hmmm. I am guilty of the fillers as well, when I do want to acknowledge that I am reading and let the owner know that but can't really come up with something truly relevant to say. Well, hopefully this comment isn't just filler, because your post certainly wasn't. AND. no need to respond, Sue. LOLOL If you have a lot of readers, that could take the place of a full time job!

  7. I now have something I need to think about. Interesting

  8. I read all comments left on my blog as they are auto-emailed to me. If I'm asked a question I'll reply to a comment but otherwise I seldom will. It's simply a matter of time - I can choose to leave comments on other blogs I read or respond to comments left on my blog. I can't do both so choose to simply leave comments.

  9. I do read all comments but have to say that the fillers can also come into play...Think I will make it my quest to not do that.....Once in a while I reply to a comment..but not sure if the commenter checks back to see that I actually did...Great blog.

  10. If the commenter doesn't leave an email address, I don't bother to reply. If there's no email address, and I really do want to reply to their comment, I will usually leave a comment on their blog rather than replying on my blog.

  11. Marti and I both read all our comments. I reply to questions or to clarify a point, depending on if it is a personal question, I'll use the commentor's email, or sometimes in my own comment box. When I get too far behind and the question will interest many readers, I talk about it in the blog.

    I've made many new friends via the blog (yourself included) and hope to meet many of them in person when we get on the road FT.

  12. Interesting post, I guess we are all guilty of not being as attentive to the answers to questions we ask occasionally.

    I do read all comments, as they are e-mailed to me before posting.

    I do admit to sometimes putting less than thoughtful comments on other blogs. I do this because I cannot think of anything better, but want them to know I read and enjoyed the post.

  13. I read all of our comments on our blog..I'm so excited to get some :) I do try to answer questions...and I've always tried to live by a one rule I learned of long ago..

    Never be an arrogant listener...

    :) Elaine

  14. All comments are automatically emailed to me & I read every one. If there is a question I will often answer it in my blog. I very seldom respond personally to comments because it is just too much. I have written several posts about 'comments' over the past year or two & was actually thinking of doing another one. In fact I remember writing one about meaningless banter between people. Maybe I'll see if I can dig that one up again. As I recall, it stirred up some dust again here in Blog Land:))

  15. I read all my comments ... not that there are that many. I don't always respond ... often because there is no email provided by the commenter in their blog profile. I don't always leave a comment when I read other blogs ... mostly it's when I don't have anything to say. I find this is often the case after a long hard day at work when my brain has turned to mush.

  16. I feel honoured when people take the time to comment. I make a point of commenting, good or bad.

    And you know how I feel about "How are you". In the bank we learned that that's not really a good thing to ask, may take way too long to answer. Aussies have a good one "Good day mate" and my least favourite one "How's it hangin!"

  17. I read and enjoy all comments left on my blog but I don't usually respond to all of them...if I did that, I wouldn't have time to read and comment on other blogs! I am guilty of being overly "wordy" in both my posts and my comments...I think because in person, I don't talk much at all. I enjoy "laughing" back and forth over some silly something in an occasional blog or blog comment...or even a bit of light teasing. Cyber-conversations, wonder what our parents (or grandparents) would have thought!

  18. Since we recently talked about this, you really already know how I feel about it. I read all the comments that I receive. I was getting emails from some of the bloggers that I would comment on that I enjoyed so I started having comments left on my blog emailed to me so that I could respond to my commentors like that too. To let them know I appreciate them taking the time to both read my blog and comment on it.

    I limit the number of blogs I read because I don't want my comments to seem like filler or whatever it should be called. I cannot devote that much time to so many blogs and be true to them, so by having a small number to follow I feel like I can be more personal with the writers of the blogs I do follow. I'm not judging anyone who reads many blogs.... it's just that my brain cannot focus on life and a large number of blogs...


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