Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Okay I will admit it…..


what will I admit?…well..let me start at the beginning…

When I want something done I want it done now..not tomorrow or yesterday but now!..I have been told I am like a ‘rabid dawg’ when it comes to things that I don’t think are correct…

The issue we have been having is  with the fact that for over a  year our mortgage company has had a surplus of $$$ in our property tax account..knowing full well that when the taxes were due on July 1st, 2011.. they would have to refund us the balance..

When we returned from Oregon  in the middle of July I called them and asked if the refund was done?…exact words…cheque is in the mail…postmarked July 15th…

Good…so it should be here within the week….coming from Toronto, Ontario..pony express mail service…

By the end of the week..nothing..called again the following week..a few times and left messages..finally got a return call..and was told..they don’t know where the cheque is?..

if it arrives please don’t cash it ..we will send you a new one??..

not by mail you won’t!!!..courier please…over night express please…

my exasperation level is getting ready to explode by this point…it has now been more than three weeks since the first cheque was allegedly mailed?


Fast forward to last Wednesday..finally was told that the cheque would be picked up on Friday and we would have it by Monday…

Monday came and went..no cheque no phone call no nothing..

now I was really ‘mad’…wasted a whole day for a whole ‘lotta nothin’!!!’..called again and left a nasty message…

{Never mind the fact that they withdraw our mortgage payment out of our account automatically every month…  but have said they can’t deposit money in???}

Got a call this morning and was given a tracking number..and guess what??..FINALLY…at

IMG_7018..a knock on the door…and I was handed the ever elusive envelope…


with our cheque inside…..



so this ‘rabid dawg’ is now happy….finally all the phone calls have paid off…

you got an issue you need dealing with?..let me at ‘em…I will fill up their voicemail and the email inbox if that’s what it takes…


  1. Come find the perfect RV for us!

  2. So glad you got your check. We wanted to get a bill from the people who repaired the roof on the house due to the hail storm. Now don't you think that they would want to get paid. Jim tried for over two weeks to get them to e-mail, mail, we'd come pick it up, etc. Nothing. Jim finally called the insurance company, told them the problem and they said - Let us handle it. Had the bill the next day. Just nuts. I'll remember you next time.

  3. You're my kind of girl! Those kinds of things are soooo frustrating, aren't they?

  4. Good for you,some of these big companies make me sick, customer service doesn't exist any more.

  5. Love your new header picture of Tucker launching into the water! When I saw that picture on your blog I told Donna it was one of the best shots of Tucker that I'd seen yet. It really shows what he's all about! "Let go of that leash....step back outta my way....throw that thing as far out into the water as you can...let me at 'em!!!"

  6. Thanks for the offer! but Im pretty good at lettin people have it, myself!

  7. Do you think you could get Russ some test strips LOL???

  8. Yes! Nice going!

    And this is exactly one of the reasons why, many many years ago when we took out our mortgage, we decided we WOULD NOT let the lender (in this case a bank) have anything to do with taxes. Too many chimps running loose in the cage. We'll pay the taxes ourselves, thanks.
    Nice to see you got your results.
    And who sends cheques any more? Why wouldn't they just do an electronic transfer into your bank account? That would be faster, and certainly cheaper than a courier.
    A cheque is like a note from someone's Mom, that can just as easily get lost.
    Just doesn't make a lot of sense these days.

  9. Kelly's the 'Bulldog' in our family when it comes to that sort of thing. I just do a lot of grumbling, complaining, name calling & foot stomping in the back ground. I like your action shot header photo.

  10. Don't you just love (hate is better word) that companies are so quick to take our money, but delay and delay giving it back. Glad to hear your persistence paid off, but such a shame you had to bird "dawg" it to get results.

  11. I hate dealing with those kinds of things, but once I get started I want them fixed immediately so that I can forget about it. Good Job!

  12. It is awful that you have to go through all of that to get something that is yours to begin with. It really doesn't make sense that they will take money out of your account electronically but not put it in. Anyway, glad you got it all taken care of and you have your money!!

  13. Cool header shot! I think we've all had similar troubles with big business (or small business). Frustrating!

  14. Too bad you couldn't charge them interest and a late payment penalty fee...they'd have done it to you.

    Enjoy your new found wealth, buy yourself something nice, you deserve it after all that aggrivation. ;c)

  15. In this case, Sue, I think it paid off that you were tenacious and wouldn't let this go. Not a rabid dawg, but a bulldawg, for sure! Glad you finally got the results you wanted!

  16. Oh, it sounds like we are going to have so much in common. Me too, I cannot put things off. I want it done now.

    I sure hope your mortgage company isn't RBC. I worked for them for 30 yrs. But hey, I'm retired now.

  17. love love your header shot...:) great capture...and great capture on the refund...there is no customer service in this world anymore...I also can get like a rabid dog...you handled it exactly as I would have except I probably would have stomped into my bank and visited the manager....lol

    take care stay safe
    (Rick Tucker and Lilly too)

  18. They say confession is good for the soul, clearly persistence is good for the wallet!

  19. You must be just like my husband Charley. He will keep at it until he gets what he is due also. And he will keep asking to speak to someone higher up in whatever organization until he gets it!! I am glad that I have him around to do this for us. I would not be very good at it!!

    Take care!!

  20. Totally different story when they want THEIR money. Kevin always said the squeaky wheel gets the oil, too bad it took them so long to do it.

    Kevin and Ruth

  21. It just adds insult to injury when the same bank "forgets" to pay your taxes and you have to deal with the hassle again. Once we could shake loose of the escrow, we jumped at the chance to handle that mess ourselves.


  22. P.S. You don't have word verification - sweet!

  23. You go girl!!
    Squeaky wheel gets the grease!

  24. Yep, they are jolly on their toes to send you the bill and collect but slow on the job to do the refunds.. Good Job!!


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