Monday, August 29, 2011

pain and torture…


Another weekend is earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes or flash floods so for that we are most thankful.

Life in British Columbia is at best almost perfect..except for one small issue…it is called TRAFFIC..and TRAFFIC LIGHTS…

On any given day to get to the local Costco a mere 5.2 kilometers..8 minutes and  12 traffic lights can make a normal person go a little crazy!!

Fullscreen capture 29082011 62206 AM

now you know darn well it doesn’t take 8 minutes..some days especially on the weekends it can be more than 30 minutes..

So what do we do?..we escape the confines of our very busy neighbourhood and head east..

Fullscreen capture 29082011 62325 AM

48 kilometers along the freeway..feeling the wind and actually moving at a normal speed..well, except for the construction and the traffic flow…geesh…

Where are we heading? the land of cheaper gas…

instead of paying $1.37 a liter or $5.18 a gallon we drove the 48 kilometers and paid $4.50 a gallon.. visit to Abbotsford would be complete without a stop at Fraserway Rv..time for some tire kicking…we haven’t done that in a while…and since we were here..WHY NOT?

The new shiny buses  are a dream to look at ….


now..before anyone gets their ‘knickers in a knot’..we are just lookin’..doesn’t cost anything to have a look….

This dream of ours is a long  way off and we have some huge hurdles we need to get over before this plan comes together..

But we are still dreaming..some days life seems more like a nightmare but we will jump the hurdles and get to the point where we can escape the  torture of living in the land of TRAFFIC…


  1. It never hurts to look. In fact, it can be loads of fun!!!

    Now, traffic? That's another story!

  2. It usually hurts our bank account to 'look' we always wind up trading what we have lol....
    enjoy the looking will be watching for updates :)

  3. It doesn't hurt to look ever... I always come awy lol
    Keep the dream in mind when traveling through the traffic!!!
    Have fun

  4. A "looking" trip is a success when you come away happy with the rig you already own. We paid $3.57 for gas at Fred Meyer yesterday. Maybe you need to escape more than the traffic? ;)

  5. I don't know......"Just Looking" has cost me a great deal over the years. Each time we bought another motorhome we were "Just looking". I think that means that you're interested and subject to being sold.

    As for dreams...when you stop dreaming you stop period.


  6. Looking is a good step, then when you do get there you will have eliminated a whole lot and fell in love more than once.

  7. Looking can actually be fun and it helps you know what you are looking for and what you don't want.
    In the have "little dawg" to keep you company and go out and play with. :-)

  8. Looking is fun . . . what I hate is when my hubby insists on continuing to look, even after we buy . . . gotta make sure he got a good deal!

  9. By all means, look at as many different RV's as you can. That will prepare you for being better able to know what's important to you and what's not in any RV. Nothing like seeing lots of them in person! It's fun and educational at the same time. How can you beat that!!!

  10. Looking is part of the buying process for sure. We still like looking at new RV's and comparing them to what we have even though we are DEFINITELY not in the market for anything.

  11. I was "looking" when I bought mine. I wasn't ready yet to buy, but knew I could if I found the perfect one. I haven't had any desire to look since I bought The Palms. I love mine, and I'd HATE to find one I liked better.

  12. HOw long would you have stood on that checkout line? Costco is nice but the lines drive me batty, well more batty because I'm already there.

    It's okay to kick a couple of tires, it's great fun. Of course sometimes those tires kick back and the attached RV follows you home...did for me. :co

  13. Dreams and plans keep us going ... keep dreaming.

  14. As I have often said, "A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes"...that would be me AND Walt Disney...Kick those tires of these times you will have those tires in your drive!!

  15. We love to look and there by dream. sometimes the looking is, in fact, enough:)

  16. Why is the gas so much cheaper on Abbotsford?

    By all means...LOOK! It's fun. NEVER give up on your dream.

  17. not too long ago, Merikay gave up... and look at her now!!

    have fun looking and going out of your way to save some change!!! that wasn't a Bounder, was it?


  18. Don't we know it. But heck, we don't do Costco. But we do do gas in Abbotsford.

  19. I hear ya! We've been back to BC for less then a week and I am ready to leave again. I am not sure where half the population gets their licence and why construction can't be done at night. I went from 168th in Surrey to 176th and back again and it took me an hour on Fraser Highway...can you say "what a joke!"

    Dreaming is half the fun and life would be way to boring without dreams so dream on!

    and FYI wait till you hit traffic in a big rig :)


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