Monday, August 1, 2011

some losing and some winning…..


Today was BC Derby Day at Hastings Race Track…

The sun was shining..our sister-in-law, Karen was driving from Keremeos this morning to watch the horse races…

who was running?…Classic Alley Kat (Bobbie) and Victory with Class (Jazz)

{“Bobbie” wound up being ‘scratched from her  race’ the only race we had interest in was Jazz’s..Race #7 at 3:36 p.m…}..the Dogwood Derby…


the ‘family’ is represented…

wendy.. ( a family friend)..Karen, Doug and myself in the paddock before the race)

Carlie was there too..but she was busy playing the slots with her friend, Kim…so she missed the photo op…


Victory with Class..#8…in race #7…there she is..will pink be her lucky colour???





she came in third..running well but just not quite the winner..losing by only a length and  a half..



…onwards to the balance of our day…uneventful..just another quiet holiday Monday..that was until I noticed a milestone ‘stat’ on my blog…

Bigdawg and Freeway was born on July 27th, 2009..I know I have said this before but I wrote 19 entries before I even got a comment..I kept persevering in the hopes that eventually there would be a traffic flow to my ‘little blog’…fast forward to more than 2 years later…

412 posts…over 43600 hits..…112 followers…and now the latest stat…

what is the difference between these  comments….


Ditto what everyone else has said!

By Judy and Emma on Are we getting closer? at 10:38 AM


LOVED Camp Nunez....and your sweet new "baby" looks all dressed give him someplace to go!!!

By Dennis and Donna on Are we getting closer? at 11:24 AM



So glad "Little Dawg" got some new shoes....sure did need some! :-) You guys are really getting that camper in great shape!! It is looking very very nice!! Lots of fun ahead!!

By Happytrails  on Are we getting closer? at 7:00 PM

yes…3000 comments …I can remember just starting out and not even thinking about the effect that blogging has had on the last two years…we have made many new friends through this little blog…

there have been many a day where the I have thought..…’oh, I really need to stop this’…enough already…but I continue..

the blog may be dark for days at a time when I ‘really have nothin’…and then the light will come back on….and the creative side is back….

so on this day, August 1st 2011…I want to say thank you to all of you who read/comment on Bigdawg and Freeway…’my peeps’…thank you for being out there…

Now as for the 3000th comment.. it came from Happy Trails/ Mike and Gerri…


you were one of  our first followers…you are the lucky winner of….a Canadian Prize Pack…..we will be in touch…

Thank you for reading along with us…..onward to the next milestone..#4000 comments…wonder how long that will take???


  1. Well here's one more for the tally!

    I talk to my followers all of the time "in my head." Blogging makes me look at my days and see my life.

  2. Well said, Sue! Well said, Merikay!

  3. Got to admire your spunk and your persistence. We could all use more! We're happy about your new rig!

  4. I'm so glad I found your blog and became one of your "peeps" LOL! And even 'gladder' that we got to meet you and Doug. Blog on, my friend.

    Merikay - great comment!

  5. Congrats on the 3000 comments & good for you in hanging in there even on the slow days. I know it isn't easy sometimes.

  6. Gimme time, I'm still worming my way backwards through your blog :p.

  7. Congrats on reaching your milestone comment. There are many a days when I think about stopping. Then I read one of my posts from a previous trip, and I'm hooked again. I need my "personal archive" to stay alive for those days (hopefully far in the future) when travel becomes an armchair activity.

  8. In the words of Maxwell Smart, "Missed it by thaaaat much"...Congrats on a great and creative read every time we tune in..Keep it let's go camping, I'm ready, got my happy pants all packed up and the wine chilled!

  9. Yep, blogging can be addictive. It helps me appreciate the little things in life. :)

  10. Comments to me are the most exciting thing about blogging... I leave one at every blog I open because I know how it makes me feel to know someone appreciates the time it takes to do a post. And I really love making friends through blogging... and you are my friend!!!
    Have fun

  11. Congrats, that is some great record keeping.

  12. Congrats on the comment milestone! Looks like you're off to a great start towards 4,000!!

  13. Wow! Congratulations on reaching a milestone and we are honored to be the #3000th!! You and Doug have meant alot to Mike and I as well. I believe the "Canadian Prize Pack" is the friendship we treasure with you guys.....Sue,Doug and Tucker!! We are all winners!!
    Thanks guys!! Now onward to 4000!!!

  14. I can not imagine.......



  15. I love you blog! I love your inspirational posts and your sense of humour, your wit and your charm. Keep on blogging!!! I think #4000 will be here before you know it :) I appreciate your faithful comments on my blog and look forward to being home to be able to keep more up to date on my blog readings. I am enjoying reading all your posts tonight as I try to play catch up once again :)


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