Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sometimes it just pays…


Whenever we cross the border into the land of red,white and blue we always get travel insurance..even if it just for the day…

The security of knowing we are covered if something happens is worth the nominal fee…

Today in the mail we received an invoice from the South Coos Bay Hospital in Oregon..remember the one stitch incident?

well..what do you think one visit to the Emergency Room in the USA costs?…

hang onto your ‘hats’ …


here is the itemized list …good thing you couldn’t hear what I said to myself when I saw this…

grand total..


…so you know what I did??..I called the insurance company immediately to make sure we did not have to  pay this huge bill..

The kind voice on the other end of phone..eased my fears..just fill in the ‘out of province medical forms’ and mail them in'..

Thank goodness…we are most grateful that we paid the $86 for those two weeks! let this be  a lesson..make sure you know what your insurance company covers before you venture into a different country!!!


  1. Medical bill wise, it is pretty scary here in the red white and blue:(

  2. That sounds like an exceptionally high bill. I'm so glad you bought the insurance!!

  3. Welcome to our world. I am so grateful for my health insurance.

  4. Completely agree! Medical insurance is a MUST before crossing into the USA.

  5. Good point. I'll keep it in mind if we go to Canada!

  6. I took my sister-in-law in for 6 stitches in Palm Springs..(she was cutting a bagel and the knife slipped). She of course had medical coverage but the deductible was over the $58 it cost to stitch her up. Why did your ONE stitch cost so much?? YIKES!! Someone is getting paid PLENTY!!
    Take care!

  7. For that price you could have taken a flight home, got stitched up at a hospital in Vancouver, caught a flight back and still have change for a nice dinner at the Crazy Norwegian.

  8. Oh my, that's a lot but I am not at all surprised. I'm sure glad you got that insurance.

    Russ just got his insulin syringes in the mail today...our cost - $400. and that doesn't include what we pay for insurance every month. That's just for the empty needles!! Go figure.

  9. In the fall of 2007 I ended up in Emerge at a Colorado Hospital with a painful kidney stone. Cost for that couple hours was $700. Turns out that was the exact amount we paid for our traveling health insurance that year. The insurance company paid up no problem but of course our rates went up for the following 2 years!!

  10. Amazing!!! Looks like the $86.00 you spent was good “insurance”. As has already been eluded to, this is what we deal with in the US and it isn’t pretty.


  11. Isn't medical care in the USA just the best--NOT!!! It's one of my personal rants--I send almost daily emails to our senators and representatives about the financial mess of our medical care.

  12. Well my guess would have been $1600, because we just got one similar for that amount and no stitches were involved. Just pulling a fish hook out of Al's hand.

    It was $86 well spent!

  13. Kind of makes you want to stay home.

  14. WOW, if you had to pay that it would have hurt more than the cut itself. Good thing you didn't have to pay it.

    Kevin and Ruth

  15. Smart on your part getting coverage...
    Have fun & Travel safe

  16. That insurance is a great idea...McGuyver's trip to the ER when he cut his head and had 20 staples was $5000....We were only there 3 hours, but he had a CT scan in case there was a brain bleed AND an EKG..medicare covered most of it, and his co-insurance picked up the rest...WHEW!!!

  17. wow, you are making me want to relocate to canada! sadly have seen too many of those bills. that's awesome you didn't have to pay it!

  18. So happy to hear that you didn't have to pay that big bill...Insurance for across the border is always a must..I broke my foot in Florida a couple of years should have seen that bill..thank heavens for insurance...

    Stay safe!


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