Monday, September 5, 2011



Today our camping season came to a end for this year..


these ‘Weekend Warriors’ or ‘weekenders’ or ‘campers’..whatever we want to call ourselves have packed it up for the last time this season…


yes..we know the sky is still blue and the daytime temperatures are actually ‘summer like’…but the nights are cool…


and there is no guarantees with the weather…packing up the “little dawg” in the rain is not something we want to do..


are we sad about this fact..of course…but such is life with a ‘popup trailer’..


of course we wish we could be like the ‘snowbirds’ and head south for the to the land of fun in the sun while the rest of working folks bundle up and get ready for the rain, wind and the snow..


and then there is the life of the ‘full-timer’….head to where ever you like…sun, sand, ocean, desert, mountains…the campgrounds will be peaceful..all the kids are back at school..summer vacations are done…


as the sun sets on the 2011 camping season..we are looking forward to next year…soon we will be making reservations for 2012…

So if you are a

  • weekend warrior
  • a weekend camper
  • an any-timer
  • a snow-bird
  • a work-camper
  • a full-timer

you know which one you are…and we know which one we are at the moment…


we are working our way down the list…and according to my  ‘widget’ we have less than 999 days till I could retire…


we wish you safe travels as you head out on new adventures..we will be sitting back and reading all about it….


  1. Oh, but the memories you have to get you through those dreary winter work days. Always keep those in mind and know that next summer you can add to them.

  2. You had some good times with Little Dawg this year. More to come next year! And before you know it you won't have to pack things away for the winter.

  3. You had some great times this year, and took the pictures to prove it!! Now, you can get all organized and ready for next season. In the life to the fullest!

    Glad Tucker is still enjoying what's left of his Oregon Duck. The LSU Tigers certainly enjoyed them on Saturday...beating them up in their opening football game of the season.

  4. And what a great camping season it was, with more to look forward to next year. Your Little Dawg will be lonely without you! "To everything there is a season..."

  5. Your season may be ending, but your memories will go on. Maybe the long winter off will make spring that much more to look forward to.

  6. Don't pack it in, until you see what Sapt is like, you may get a couple more nice weekends, We generally stay warm enough to swim at the lake until the very end of Sept so we will get a couple more weekends in. Hoping for maybe a week in Fla this winter. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  7. Hi Sue, thanks for dropping by. I love your blog, spent some time reading your posts. I loved seeing Canada, you live in a beautiful country. We saw more bears there than Alaska. Take Care.


  8. Early September seems early to pack it in ... what if you get a really-nice Indian summer? Will you be able to pull Little Dawg out on short notice to enjoy another weekend out and about?

  9. I'm wondering if the addition of either an electrical or propane heater to ward off the evening chills would extend your camping season another month. I think Autumn is one of the greatest times for camping. Cooler days for hiking, no bugs and the Autumn leaves in all their magical splendour.

  10. Maybe a heater would extend your camping season...fall is such a great time to camp...its one of my favorite times..not that we had much summer here...Sept might be a nice month...just don't put little dawg too far in storage in case you decide to take a run some nice sept weekend...:)

  11. I agree with Al, you might be surprised at how much fun September and October can be at the coast. It is the best time of year almost every year. I do love your 'little dawg', it is so cute. It keeps you close to your environment just short of sleeping on the ground. I sometimes miss that in the MoHo.

  12. oh I do agree it seems early to be packing it in!!..lots of obligations this month so poor Little Dawg will have to be parked....we would normally still be going at least into October..maybe next year?..there will be plenty more adventures..don't feel too bad for us!!

  13. I'm just catching up after being absent for months so I'm sad to read that this will be your last camping adventure for the season. But I certainly understand about obligations and sometimes those do need to take priority. Drat! There will still be adventures without camping and I'm looking forward to following along.

  14. Glad you found Little Dawg to have fun in no matter what you call yourself... we've all been there! Come on down to Florida and we'll have some fun!!!

  15. Feels like summer is just beginning! Too bad we didn't get this weather in July. Glad you had a few good camping trips anyway!

  16. going through the same thing as you guys right now! can't believe summer is over. hopefully we'll all be camping again before we know it!

  17. ....and we will sooo be in touch with you if and when we get to hit the road...Don't worry, time flies when your're havin' fun...Just keep havin' fun and you two will be full timers in no time!

  18. Well, looking on the bright side, you have less than three years to retirement and perhaps fulfilling your RV dreams to the sunnier winter climes as a snowbird.

    Something tells me you'll achieve your goals.

  19. Hopefully your off season will past quickly. We have reached the northern limit of our summer season and start south tomorrow to avoid all those winter conditions.

    Your time in the winter sun will come in due course:)

  20. We know how you feel we have 969 days give or take left. We are going to try to go as long as we can this year.

  21. Hey I had one of those "widgets" I started about 1200 days. Lots of my customers at the bank would ask every time they came in.

  22. Sue and Doug, It may be the end of a season...but oh the memories you have made and will continue to make. You have a great attitude and mind set.
    Take care and keep the memories.

  23. Oh Sue, I hate to think Lil Dawg is going into hibernation. Life just runs you over some times. Hopefully, there might just come an opening in your busy schedule that allows you to sneak off for one (or two) more weekends.

    999 days, hope it goes really fast for you.

  24. Just think, if you were retired and a snowbird, you'd be that much older. Not that older is bad. Just another way of looking at it.

  25. I'm still laughing about your comment on my latest post. Thanks for the laugh.

  26. tick tock tick tock....

    I remember when it was 1000 plus...

    nice photo's!!!!


  27. I'm a weekend wanna be...LOL! Still a good camping season even if it was short lived. Hopefully next year will be here before we know it. I know, shame on me for wanting the clock to speed up. Cheers! ~M

  28. Wait, what? It's September?? Have a great autumn - I'm feeling homesick for the ostentatious display of fading photosynthesis. Trees here turn a little brown.


  29. I love your pics of your Tucker, they are such neat and loyal fur kids...............thanks for sharing...........


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