Thursday, September 22, 2011

An expert mover…


If you are one of our regular readers you may remember a post with regards to the condo next door?

The condo has been empty since we cleaned it at the beginning of April..there was a plan for new tenants but that plan never happened….that was until the past couple of weeks...


We are getting a new neighbour….who you ask?..well, our dear daughter is moving in..these past few weeks have not been quiet for us…She has slowly been moving her ‘stuff’ from Maple Ridge back to Coquitlam it is amazing how many items you can fit in the back of a Ford Focus…..and this weekend is the move of the ‘big stuff’….

We are hoping that Saturday will be a painless process and by Saturday night she will be all settled and relaxing in her new ‘home’..


In the process of helping with the reading has been on the ‘back burner’…along with all the other ‘job’s that are normally done…so I am now playing catch-up…

there will be photos once she is all done…but until then just picture a ton of ‘stuff’..scattered through out…if there is one thing we have instilled in when you get unpacked and done as quickly as possible…


never mind living out of boxes for weeks on end….so stay tuned…for the before and after…



  1. We were moved several times over the years. The companies my husband worked for paid for it so on the pack up end I had little to do. I always passed on the company offer to pay for unpackers, preferring to unpack myself so I could decide where to put things.

    For years there were a few boxes that had been moved from Wisconsin to Texas, to Texas to California first house, to this house without ever being opened.

    They contained my husbands stuff. most of them have just gone to the dump.

  2. Well, that sounds like a nice move! Handy, I would say, and nice to have your daughter so close. I agree with unpacking quickly and getting settled as quickly as possible in order to make the transition go more smoothly.

  3. Wow, your daughter is going in to that apartment, how cool!

    Hope she likes her neighbors (oops, sorry, neighbours). ;c)

  4. Hi Sue. I have a blog for you to check out:

    Tucker meet Tucker!

  5. Good to see she will be close to you guys. Have fun wih the big stuff. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  6. I hate moving! We moved 10 times over my 35 years in Banking, and it was never much fun, even with movers doing all the work for us...

    Enjoy your Daughter living next door!

  7. Nothing like moving into a place your mother has already cleaned for you! :)

  8. Nice that your hard work on the condo is going to be appreciated by someone you know and love.

  9. I hate moving. Stuff that is. I love when the fifth wheel moves. But having your daughter close by - that must be a great time. At least when she's settled.

  10. McGuyver and I have moved only 3 times in 42 year..However...we have moved our 3 kids at least 4 times each since they were 21...If Den and I ever move again, it will be to down size and a sale will happen..if I could get HIM to part with his "stuff"....How nice to have your daughter as your neighbor...right?

  11. Moving is one of my least favourite tasks - done it way too many times with the kids.

    It'll be nice to have your daughter living right next door.

  12. Gosh! Your post makes me want to move. Isn't that crazy? You make the condo in Coquitlam sound so wonderful and homey. Maybe when your daughter is done, John and I could move in!?!? We should be ready for a stationary home by then!

  13. How cool is that? Nice to have your daughter so close. Good luck with the move.

  14. That's not what I thought the plans were!?! But I DO know how plans can change...

    Hoping today is going along without any hitches and the new neighbor doesn't bug you too much for cups of sugar, etc. !!


  15. Wow! And she won't have to clean it! That's pretty cool!


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