Sunday, September 4, 2011



what are we ‘guilty’ of ??

  • we have left our little ‘fur kitty’ at home to fend for himself…not to worry his food bowl is full and his litter box was clean before we left…


we can only hope he hasn’t locked himself in some where?..we will be home soon ‘Po-man’..

now onto what else we are guilty of..

  • invading our local Fort Langley Campground..


the campground is full of ‘weekenders’ and a few full-timers..

this is our neighbour…’not to worry you can come out of your bus after Monday at 11 am’



here we are ‘nestled in the trees’ in Little Dawg and the big ‘Bohemeth’ beside us..40  foot tag axle with two occupants who don’t come outside..’the weekenders are here’....our list of guilty pleasures continues…

  • trying to squeeze as many things into this weekend as we can


there is a nice big lounge chair to sit in…and read a book..



  • Tucker will swim in the river numerous times…


  • we will take many walks around the campground..
  • have a few naps..
  • and just relax…
  • have a few campfires
  • and barbeques
  • cook bacon outside


so, yes we are guilty as charged..we are weekenders and proud of it…



  • will we be ‘those kind of fulltimers’ who hide in the big rigs..until the weekenders are gone?..I don’t think so…
  • we will embrace all aspects of the RV lifestyle..
  • weekenders..  we are guilty as charged..IMG_7184

we will pack up our campsite and head down the road towards home…and leave the ‘fulltimers’ to hold down the ‘fort’ until the next weekend…but wait..this a long weekend ..we have one more day of being ‘guilty’!!!



  1. Nothing wrong with being guilty of your charge. Unfortunately there are many fulltimers that don't actually "camp" and enjoy the camping aspect. We hope you do have a good mix of both F/T and camping.
    Glad you are having a great time.

  2. I wish I was as guilty as you guys, Tuckster even has that guilty look, see the smile. But Donna had to work so we are home at the ranch cleaning up and getting ready for our company from Canada, Rigg's has a guilty look too every time i catch him eyeing up the Apple pie Donna baked this morning. I have a feeling it wouldn't be safe long if left alone with him in the kitchen. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  3. Just remember - not all week-enders are pains-in-the-campground just like - not all full-timers are campers. That's what makes this such a great world. So guilty or not, we love RVing.

  4. Guilty?? Oh, no....I heard a good saying..."The only person who can make you feel guilty"...Enjoy your time with Little Dawg and your hubby and Tucker...NO MORE GUILT!

  5. Guilty as charged, even of leaving the cat behind to fend for herself! We also leave her food and I think her litter box is clean... hmmmm

    Anyway it is amazing how many people stay locked up inside for days on end.

    It looks like you're having a great time in a nice campground!

    Time to head outside and start a fire!


  6. that last photo of Tucker is absolutely beautiful! Everyone, or almost everyone has been a weekender at one time or another. If someone doesn't like weekenders, they can go boondock, right? We got a little taste of crowded holiday family camping aka weekenders, last week at Silver Falls and it was actually fun. We were weekenders ourselves!

  7. I take it being an weekender is not ok with fulltimers? How sad, if the weather is nice, to remain locked inside your rig. I'm from Seattle...when the weather's nice, I'm out in it.

  8. Don't they say that guilty pleasures are the best? Enjoy them. We see a number of folks who rarely come out of their unit. Not sure what is up with that.

  9. What a great weekend it was for camping and RVing! The park we chose was not too crowded, but the towns and beach were packed, and I loved every minute of it! It's nice to see it all in every season, both busy and slow.

  10. Looks like I have a different opinion on this than everyone else. It wouldn't bother me one bit if people in an RV never came out of their rig. It's totally up to them and none of my business.

    I prefer those types sometimes to the over friendly rv'ers who don't know the meaning of privacy.

  11. We weren't week-enders this weekend, but we have been many times in the past. Gotta make the most of what time you can.

    Tucker looks wet and tired and altogether relaxed and happy. I think it's time for a nap!

  12. Weekenders, fulltimers, parttimers... it doesn't matter: We've all broken the code that RVin' is fun. Celebrating it in your blog is enjoyable to read.

  13. Sounds like you are guilty of having a good time! Cooking bacon outside - it doesn't get much better than that. Yes, there is a difference between "campers" and "RVers" - we've been both and have enjoyed each experience. Years ago I thought RVers were just the dumbest people - they stayed inside with a/c, TV, etc. Heck, now I'm one of them and love it.

  14. not a thing wrong with being a you we had a great weekend...walked the dogs, cooked outside, enjoyed our campfires, chatted with other under the the picture of tucker...hes gorgeous..makes me miss my goldens...but Lilly and Tucker take up the we pack up and head home..its been a great weekend..

  15. Weekend Warriors that is what we call you guys ~ lol lol We love watching you come in and get all your stuff out & set up... We were one of you for many many years and loved it!!! Sometimes we stay inside during the weekend but if the weather is nice we are right out there with you all!!!
    Have fun

  16. Now I need to take issue ... I don't think having a big behemoth and staying inside necessarily has anything to do with staying away from the weekenders. We're weekenders now with our 40' Phaeton ... if the weather is nice, we're outside ... if the weather doesn't cooperate or we have chores, we're inside. I expect it will be the same when we're fulltiming because al fresco is our middle name. I think weekenders make a conscious effort to be outside since their time for doing so is limited. Fulltimers have the luxury of outside time on their side. As long as everyone abides by the rules of the campground and respects each other, personally I could care less if they are weekenders or not. In fact, hubby and I always comment that it is nice to see families, couples, singles, out and about (inside or outside their RVs or tents) ... it sure beats being at work.

  17. Yes, you are guilty as charged, but it looks like a terrific spot to do it in! Enjoy

  18. You chose a great long weekend with sunny days and warm temps. Yep, the little RV park by the Fraser River in Fort Langley is a really nice spot to get away. Enjoy your last day too.

  19. That's my kind of camping weekend! I was there with you for a moment! John and I will be traveling up to Vancouver Island for five days - Parksville via Victoria - for John's brother's memorial service. I'm sure I'll think of you guys while we're there. By the way, thanks for dropping by A Camp Host's Meanderings and leaving your thoughtful comments. Levonne

  20. Glad to see you enjoying your weekend your way. After all, it's your time to have fun. And it looks like you made the most of it, too. :c)

  21. I trust you had a wonderful weekend and passed not a glance at the neglectful neighbors... they haven't a clue what they missed by not meeting you!!!

    I also trust that the floor was covered with puked up hairballs and litter was spread from wall to wall when you returned home!!!!



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