Friday, September 23, 2011

Is blogville big enough?


There are many popular baby names…the predicted most popular boy names for 2011?


and the girl names?


Now it seems here in ‘blogville’ there is a  name that keeps popping  up…

There is a  cute little cocker spaniel from the East Coast of Canada…belonging to Rick and Elaine


and then yesterday I was introduced to a new ‘golden in blogville’…


He is a ‘houndsome boy’…belonging to Don and Gayle….pop on over and see what this golden boy is up too!!

and then we have our ‘chosen fur-child’..


what do all three of these beautiful four-legged fur children have in common?…well the name ‘Tucker’ of course…is there enough room in blogville for three ‘Tucker’s’???

I would say that blogville is big enough for all the antics that these four-legged ‘kids’ can get themselves into!!

Welcome to the world of Tucker’s!!..the fur will be a flying if these three ever get to meet!!!


  1. Cute post...and of course you know our favorite Tucker. I believe there is also a cat Tucker but can't remember who at the moment. Perhaps Good Luck Duck???

  2. So far only one Riggens, who know maybe someone will like the name Rigg's and copy it we don't care. He keeps asking when you guys will be heading south into the states for a visit, maybe next summer, he says he know tucker will love the lake at the doggie park and out 1 acre back yard, not to mention treats of all kinds for being good. Mom & Dad would also love meeting you guys. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  3. I'm still trying to find a name for our new kitten.....maybe there will be another Tucker?

  4. Who is that behind those Foster Grants?????? Tuckers, Tuckers, everywhere....:)

  5. If they all get together and you should call "Tucker, come here"! you are likely to be trampled... ;c)

  6. I, for one, will never be "Tuckered" out...

  7. Once again... not a darn word about OLIVER!!!!! Mention all kinds of other peoples dogs, but not even your own CAT!!!!! tsk tsk tsk... but, just for the record... in my self limiting blogville, I shall only remain true to one Tucker! And he knows who he is!!!


  8. Shall we just go ahead and change the name of blogville to Tuckerville? Sorry, Oliver.

  9. I am petless for the first time in many years. It is by choice. but one of these days I may add a fur kid to the roster again.

  10. There is always room for Tucker1,Tucker2,Tucker3,and Tucker4!! Our sweet Golden (Cody) is such a love but he is an "oldie goldie." Bless his heart, his hearing is almost gone but he still loves us and tries to do the right things. :-)
    The new boy sure is handsome!! :-)

  11. Oh my goodness....I added a fourth Tucker!! I wonder if that is an omen??? Sorry about that!!

  12. I love Tucker's big toothy grin! He's the only Tucker I know.


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