Saturday, September 24, 2011


I do have to admit that our daughter is the best organized mover we have ever met!…


less than two hours after picking up the cargo rental van..her ‘Fonzie suite in Maple Ridge was empty and the new home was filled….


from the closets…to the bedroom…



We worked for a few hours and within that time frame..everything was put were hung, the bed was made, furniture dusted….

Carlie made us proud today..working so hard to make this process as easy and painless as possible…




and she was busy planning her first ‘party’…just the ‘young ones’ were invited……a few drinks…and some appetizers..…

Welcome back to the neighbourhood, Carlie!!!



since our dear daughter was busy with her friends tonight…we had our first date night in a long time….

an early dinner at the Olive Garden and then a trip out to the Tradex in Abbotsford for the RV Show…tire kicking time once again….

there was a couple of our favourites there…

the Georgetown 37…fireplace..big TV…opposing slides..but the CC was not too great…so this one has been knocked down to the bottom of our top three list…

our other favourite is the Bounder  35H…one we saw last year…with the one and half bathrooms…

We enjoy the ‘tire kicking process’..and we can just  dream…and see ourselves living in one of these beauties…

remember the Winnebago Adventurer from a few weeks ago…that one is a contender too…

Dreaming is half the fun…reality will be the other…one step at a time…one day at a time…


We have a long list of ‘must do’s’ before we get to the point of actually being able to make a purchase!!..but we can dream…dreams never die just the dreamer…


  1. I must warn you about the Georgetown MH. Friend bought one and has nothing but trouble with it.

  2. I'm impressed with the move. She is one organized person!

    Watch those walk through's.....they can be dangerous!

  3. That sure was a quick fast and efficient move!

    Nothing like dreaming.... we spent about 2 1/2 years in the dream world... and are glad to say we were happy with our eventual purchase.

    We looked long and hard at the Georgetown, that is for sure!

  4. Wow that did go smoothly... Looks GREAT! Glad you had fun on your date and saw some really great looking rigs!!!
    Have fun

    pic of Tucker makes me smile everytime!!!

  5. Wow! That was some transformation in just a few hours. :)

    Keep dreaming...

  6. I could certainly take lessons from your daughter. It always took me days to get that settled. And pictures on the walls - didn't happen until Jim got around to putting them up. Great job, Carlie.

  7. Nice place she has. And your right about dreaming, we do.

  8. Can we borrow Carlie? We need a few lessons in organization.

    We had an 03 Adventurer and loved it. We took it all over the U.S. on our highspeed vacations. We'd still have it if we didn't need more room for the grandkids.

    Tire kicking is still a lot of fun for us, too. Dream on! It will happen.

  9. Good job on the move - nice and fast, I like that.

    I always enjoy going to RV shows even though we just bought a new rig last year. It's still fun to see what's new out there.

  10. Carlie must have inherited your "organized" genes, Sue. Glad you enjoyed the RV show. Did you have a chance to see the new Bounder 35K? It has the second toilet, but has the sofa and TV in the middle of the coach and the W/D placed in one of the wardrobes instead of the kitchen. I saw it in the Motorhome magazine. I still like our 35E better.

  11. Great move. If there is a next move for us maybe she could consult:) We have moved something over 18 times and it is always a big pain in the you know what!

  12. Wow, great job on the move. Russ and I have moved only once, early on in our marriage. Can't even imagine what it would be like now!

    Keep the dream alive - it WILL happen.

  13. What a difference a daughter makes!! We only have a son and you should see his apartment!!! Awful!!! Decorating is just not his "thing." We love him anyway!! :-)
    We had a MH with a bath and a half and LOVED it!! Exploring the different options is alot of the fun in finding the perfect "home." Enjoy the process and have fun!!

  14. Sue, having not seen your blog (or any others) for awhile, I just cracked up at your header pic! Hilarious!
    One day soon, you'll walk into the coach of your dreams, look at one another and say, "Honey, this is it!" All of us in Bloggyland will be waiting...

  15. Wait till Carli is 63, and accumulates a gazillion things..Moving would be a nightmare for us..Of course, McGuyver keeps absolutely EVERYTHING!! I LOVE her new diggs....very nice!!
    Keep kickin' those tires...someday they will begin to roll!!

  16. We took in the RV show too. It's always nice to find new things...but we had a tough time finding new things! We did enjoy traipsing through some of the 5th wheels and Class 'A's.

  17. When it comes to organizing, she is a machine! Does she do house calls?

  18. Getting the boxes unpacked immediately is the way to go ... that way you start feeling at home right away. And that's a good thing.

  19. Our daughter is very organized too. Makes us both very jealous!!

    We are thinking about moving from a 5th wheel to a MH maybe sometime next year but we have not started looking yet. Keep those updates coming on what you find out!!

    Safe travels!

  20. I see the getting stuff together ability runs in the family!!!

    Hope the date night was awesome! Keep dreaming ~ the ticker is ticking down!


  21. First, that's one fine looking dog!!!

    Second, salesmen believe that there is no such thing as "just looking". I guess it's true because all three of our campers were bought while we were just looking. Leaving the checkbook at home made no difference. I suspect that when the right unit comes along, you have to jump at it.


  22. Love your daughter's new place. She is definitely a very organized person. We really love Olive Garden too. You also have very good taste in RV's. I just know whatever you decide on will be fantastic.

  23. I can almost agree about the Georgetown motorhome quality issue. We had one for 10 years (2000 that we bought in July of 2001) and the hope would be that the build quality has improved. The Ford chassis gave us no problems, but the insides did seem like it was just slapped together. Being somewhat handy I made some modifications like, removing all the drawers on their el-cheapo slides and building new ones and putting them on full extension drawer slides. That kind of thing. I probably would have continued along those lines, but we left the country.
    Just be very thorough when it comes down to getting closer to buying something. There should be no detail too small.
    Oh, and never believe them when they say, "Oh, we'll fix that"? (Bulls..t!)
    Unless of course you have a detailed list that has to be sorted out before the cheque gets signed.
    I've also often wondered about the plumbing issues of that second bathroom? Are you losing storage? I've never looked at one up close.

  24. What an inviting home! I really love it! And I enjoy a date night out to Olive Garden too! Keep on dreaming! Take care you two.


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