Saturday, September 17, 2011

“Willkommen in Kanada”


This past week my Dad’s youngest sister  and her husband came from Germany  for a visit…

Screen Captures

My parents spent a most enjoyable week showing them the sights around Vancouver…from Stanley Park ….


to Whistler and all the places in between…

My parents came to Canada from Germany  in the late 1950’s and the past few years we have been lucky  enough to meet some of the relatives as they venture over to visit Canada…

This photo was taken in May 2009 when my cousin, Astrid and her husband Manfred came to Canada..Astrid is the daughter of my Dad’s oldest sister…


Tonight was the final night before the plane takes off for Germany with my Aunt and Uncle on board…so the ‘last supper’ was a barbeque at my sister’s house… Dad on the right and my Uncle  Detmar on the left…



my Aunt Waultraud and my Mom..

Dinner was barbequed hamburgers with a salad and Black Forest Cake for dessert…


the first bite of  the ‘Canadian hamburger’….

then there was the discussion of the motorcycles…what did we ever do before cell phones filled with pictures??



even with the language barrier the conversations managed to be understood…


it was an evening filled with wine, beer and cameras!!…nothing like the universal language of ‘smile’!!!


lord only knows what they are laughing about?..maybe the screen door that they both walked through??


waiting for the group shot to be set up…not quite ready just yet… a few of us are missing in action??..IMG_7217

setting up the tri-pods…IMG_7222

now I am waiting to be sent in an email the ‘group shot’..we couldn’t figure out how to use the timer with our camera…so I have to wait for someone who doesn’t understand the need for a blog post!!??..this big empty space will be filled soon….

it finally arrived!!…





So long…. farewell..’alvederzane’….good bye….


  1. So close. It's "Auf Wiedersehen", but I think you'd be understood. Looks like you had "viel Spass". (much fun)

  2. Good to see you had a great weekend with relatives, your header of tucker is great.Be safe out there, Guten Naught,Sam & Donna.

  3. Looked like a great reunion for your mom & dad....
    Tucker's new photo is GREAT!!! Loved it ♥
    Have fun

  4. Do you speak German? What a header! :)

  5. What a fun time with the family.

    Tucker looks good in his glasses..

  6. Poor Tucker!! And what a fun time with family.

  7. I guess the Tuck was the party entertainment!?

    Looks like great family fun! I can count to ten in German! That's about all I remember from my high school semester of it... it's been awhile!


  8. What fun to see your relatives from Deutschland. Are any of the others thinking about moving to Canada?

  9. The picture of Tucker has got to be the Blogger Picture of the Month, maybe year! Loved it!

  10. Tucker gave me a good 'ol snot nosed laugh out loud!! Our son-in-law's (Tim Heiser) Mom is from Bonne, Germany, but moved to Chicago for college..Tim's "Oma" was at their wedding..No language barrier when there is plenty of wine, food and laughter...Can't wait for the group photo!!

  11. What did you do to Tucker???? Rolling on floor laughing!!! Looks like you are having a ton of fun. We passed a sauerkraut festival in Scappoose your folks might have liked!! My grandpa came from Germany in the early 1900s and Russ is German heritage as well.

  12. I love Tucker's glasses. Glad you had a nice visit in spite of the language barrier.

  13. Looks like you had a great family reunion and nothing like BBQ'd hamburgers either!

    Black Forest Cake ..... ymmmm!!

  14. Nice pictures of family,,,,you will enjoy them forever...

  15. Sitting in the gatehouse at 1:07 pm and have had no lunch - Black Forest Cake - yum.

    Great picture of you Sue and love the new improved Tucker.

  16. Looks like a lot of fun. We have had similar experiences, as all of Anneke's family lives in the Netherlands.

  17. Nice to have a family reunion and to be topped off with BBQ Hamburgers. Sue those pics are priceless of the family members. Glad you had the time with family from Germany. Funny, even if there is a language barrier, there is no barrier when it come to family love!

  18. What a great visit you guys seem to have had! Even with the different languages. You know, B.C. has so much to love. I know your German relatives had a good time. I've missed you two! Take care and I love your new header photo!


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