Saturday, October 8, 2011

all about the food…


Canadian Thanksgiving Weekend…a four day weekend for moi!…whoo hoo!!..

Friday was spent doing the usual chores …you all know those  ones…housework, laundry, groceries..errands..

and prepping food for the weekend feeding frenzy…

First on the prep list is lasagna…homemade, of course…sauce is made…cheese is grated..noodles cooked… time to assemble…

and through the magic of photography…we have the finished product…


now why lasagna?…company is coming for dinner…I honestly cannot remember the last time we had someone over for dinner….time to break out the fine china..the ‘chargers’..and the nice red water glasses..


and the fancy napkins too…all folded so pretty…candles are lit…


nice table who is the company?…


Toni and Doug Laird are our dinner guests…..


ceasar salad to start..


the main course…perfectly layered..and yumolicious!!..if I do say so myself….


and then it was time for something sweet…Tuxedo Cake from M and M’s…equally delicious…

We had a lovely evening visiting with Doug and Toni….catching up on all the adventures that have gone on since we saw these fine folks in August at Monck Park..

Toni came bearing a lovely gift of homemade biscotti and two knitted dish clothes..


time for a cup of tea…and a biscotti!!…cause tomorrow is Turkey dinner…better hope that little  frozen bird in the fridge is thawed by morning…stay tuned…the food frenzy will continue…


  1. You beat me! But you took the pressure off. I am to bed and will blog in the morning.

    Happy Turkey Day!

  2. Your table and dinner look wonderful! Have a great Thanksgiving.

  3. Wow, what a great looking feast!! You really know how to treat your guests.

    Now, if you were at my house, I would probably fix Costco's "Thanksgiving Dinner in a Box" that I just saw in their latest flyer.

    Donna would never do that, though, so it's a good thing she's in charge of the kitchen and can cook so well.

  4. I should have waited to read this after dinner ... now I'll have to get Mui to make lasagna for dinner :-)) Happy Thanksgiving; enjoy your four-day weekend.

  5. For someone that hasn't had anyone to dinner in a long time, you sure put on a feast! That lasagna looks so good....I just might have to make some too!

  6. Happy Thanksgiving to our Canadian blogging friends.

  7. FANCY and delicious! Enjoy your frenzy. :)

  8. Happy Thanksgiving. And what fun to see Toni and Doug having dinner with you. I, too, have one of her washcloths. Your lasagna looks really yummy but that dessert. Wow.

  9. Hope no one saw me licking the computer screen, that looks so good.

    Happy Turkey Day!!!!

  10. Great looking warm-up dinner for Thanksgiving!!

    Happy Thanksgiving!!

  11. Happy Thanksgiving, Sue and Doug. I'm glad to hear you are celebrating all weekend! Saturday's meal looked scrumptious. Are you sure you'll have room for turkey? :)

  12. Food looked yumolicious and I am looking forward to more wonderful photos... Happy Thanksgiving!

  13. Nothing better than gathering around the table with like minded folks - sharing food and chat. Nice!

  14. I'm impressed Little Susie Homemaker! Lovely tablesetting you've done there ~ and I'm sure the food was equally impressive!!!

    I'll be waiting for the bird photo!

    Happy Turkey Day!

  15. I gained three pounds just by looking at your pictures! :cO

  16. Your table setting looked very inviting. Glad you had Toni & Doug over for dinner. Always nice to share time with friends.
    Hey after this weekend I bet it will be walking time. Hope the turkey is as good as the lasagna looked.

  17. happy Thanksgiving to you also...we just finished a massive turkey set a nice table :)


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