Sunday, October 16, 2011

The ‘Golden Boy’


ah..yes the life of the ‘golden boy’..his is a good one..

Our Tucker has many nicknames..

  • The Tuckmeister
  • Dummerhoont (dumb dog in ‘german’)
  • Sunshine Boy
  • Stinky

Now who knows how one dog can get so many nicknames..but it just kind of happens…

His latest is ‘the golden boy’..Doug doesn’t like this reminds him of the skids and skids of ‘Golden Boy raisins’ at work..

A sunny Sunday morning was ours to do as we wanted…today was  a walk on the dyke in Pitt we have visited here many times… but today was a beautiful fall day..perfect for a walk….


or maybe a swim instead??


no ‘golden boy’  in this photo to ruin the reflection…

IMG_7269 he comes…back from his run up ahead to check out the next swimming hole..


he ran the dyke twice or maybe three times..running ahead and then returning making sure we were still there..


..always hoping that someone will throw a stick…


a blue heron…sitting on a stump…


and an eagle on the treetop..



blue farmland…


and yet another place for a swim..Tucker spent more time running along the water’s edge than he did on the dyke..


time for a rest…for a second anyway…our ‘Fido’ ‘houndsome’!!



life on the farm?..always work to be done..even on a beautiful Sunday afternoon…


one last swimming hole..


..another weekend is done..a Sunday full of reflections….where does the time go??


  1. Looks like you had a great day...and a beautiful one. Love all the pictures of Tucker - such a handsome boy.

    We took ours for a walk at the lake today but it is already drawn down so far that Rusty could not get to the water. Too much mud and it was WAAAY out there! Oh well, there's always the river.

  2. Ah yes, nicknames are fun, aren't there? I've used Golden Boys more than a few times, but I'm more likely to go with Fuzzy Bottoms, Itchy and Twitchy (the later is Zachary), and Honey Buns. :)

  3. I just think, "Hm, wet dog".

  4. Looks like y'all and the "golden boy" had a fine adventure. Love the photos.

  5. What a beautiful boy you have. Gayle calls our Tucker, "pumpkin" I have no idea where that came from. I love the water pics. He really does love the water.....We never get tired of Tucker Pics...:)

  6. Tucker and Annie would have a great time running from water hole to water hole,she can smell water a mile away.

  7. We loved watching Gypsy fetch the "dummy" from the water...Funny thing though...she hated getting a bath..Tucker is a beautifuliscious Golden furry God....

  8. Great pictures - looks like a beautiful autumn day!!

    Yes, I agree with you - I don't know where the time goes. It's good in one way, because I know our road adventures will come sooner than I realize, but it scares me sometimes too, how fast the time goes by.

  9. What a beautiful boy, I love how he sits waiting for you.I am glad you are getting some good weather, before the dreaded November time change.

  10. We used to have a "Benji" dog that would always run ahead of you, and then come back to see if you were still there on the trail... she did this all the time, I figured she did the trail 5 times to our 1. You gotta love dogs...

  11. We have so many nicknames for our dog, it's a wonder she actually responds to her name! Love your pictures today!

  12. Maybe one day we can cross the bridge (oh yeah it costs) and the dogs could swim together.

  13. Golden boy is a wonderful name for him and he is definitely handsome!

    Makes me miss "our" Sweet Pea!

  14. Your dog is a beauty! You have to love a dog that can be trusted off leash!

    What a beautiful country we live in! The pictures are excellent.


  15. Great fall pictures and it sure looked like Tucker had a great day out.

  16. Hope you hav ea few more nice days for the Tuckmeister to get some more swims in. He's a beautiful friend, you are lucky to have him.

  17. theres nothing like a golden...we used to have 5 adults and up to 13 babies at any given I miss them all....your boy is beautiful...

    funny thing with the nicknames isn't it...our tucker gets...
    tucker beducker, handsome boy...and a host of other names..

    lilly gets lilly padilly, dilly doo and another host of names...
    and they answer to them

  18. You said it! Where does the time go? It is so hard to imagine that with each minute that passes, we get closer to, well, you know, the ultimate big adventure! I love your Sunday walk.

  19. What a fun adventure. Our pups have more nicknames than I can list!

    Swing on by for a visit some time!

  20. Tucker is one great looking guy! All three of our dogs love the water. For the two labs, that was standard from the very start. Sandy, our mostly Golden girl, had to be coaxed into the water. Now she is the first in, the last out, and the best swimmer. They sure enjoy the water and it's great exercise.


  21. Have no idea where time goes, but if you find out let me know ... I sure would like to get some of it back ... so much to do, so little time :-))

  22. Way to take advantage of a beautiful fall day! Tucker is most thankful for that!

  23. Your "Golden Boy" is so "houndsome". Sure looks like Tucker is having such a great time. Love your pictures, especially the panaroma with the mountians in the background. Looks like it is starting to get chillier though.

    Kevin and Ruth

  24. Great pictures of the landscape and Tucker!! Our two fur babies have a few nicknames too!!

  25. Riggins would love the run / swim with your golden boy, he whines like a baby when we get close to the doggie park that has the small lake. Riggs' most used nickname is Stealer...but we had a yellow lab husky mix Duke, and
    his nickname was Doodlebugs, dont know why as he was a big 105 lb dog but he was so gentle and loving..will forever be in my heart as my doodlebug.
    Love the pics of Tucker sitting like he is at attention, just waiting. The intensity of his face is precious
    Donna W of Sam & Donna


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