Sunday, October 23, 2011

making work…


Yet another weekend draws to a close…this time last year we were in Anacortes with our friends Gordon and Juanita..


now a year I am…

  • cooking
  • cleaning
  • groceries
  • laundry
  • baking


there were no picture taking opportunities…so  I am recycling some photos from that trip…


I sorted through some papers..I swear sometimes I think the paper just multiplies without us even looking….


I am always looking for ‘make work projects’..another thing I did this weekend was transfer our Summer Vacation 2008 from the trip journal website to the archives on Bigdawg and Freeway.IMG_4011

I checked on the ‘trip journal website’ and my stats for ALL 79 entries that are posted on there are….



It is an easy process to transfer the posts..just a bit time consuming adding all the pictures and making sure that I post the entry on the correct date each and every time..


you may ask why I am even bothering to do this task?..well..we all came from somewhere and I am all about being it ‘obsessive compulsive’….



Sure I could just post the link to our other journal but I like the idea of all the entries being all together…


So now I have 15 done…only how many more to do?..tell me again why I started doing this?..


oh yes…’s all about the history of ‘Bigdawg and Freeway’..

so if you are interested in reading about a 3 year old summer on the  2008 link..


there is always next weekend…or maybe this winter??..I am always ‘up for making more work’?



  1. I just may go back and read all your old entries, especially when you go someplace where we've been, like Steamboat Rock State Park. Besides, when you transfer the blogs, you can relive those days!

  2. I'm feeling a little stuck right now too so I feel your pain sista!! Hope you can take a little break sometime during the winter and get some sunshine.

  3. Donna baked me a yummy pumpkin pie, then she ate the first piece. Now I ask you, does that sound fair to you?

  4. It's like cleaning a closet, you will feel great when it's done and you can step back, enjoy your efforts.

  5. I was attempting to organize and document all our photos (REAL ones) in the basement. I finally gave up, but I did manage to get them all in plastic bins to protect them. This will give me something to do when I am sitting here at home wishin' I was fishin':-)'s highly over rated!

  6. Organizing personal history stuff is good. You get to relive some of the past:)

  7. We have a related "make work" project. We are printing out our history and storing it in binders. Our first year or so, everything was in emails. The we went to MyTripJournal, and now we're blogging. It's taking a lot of paper and sheet protectors! If we ever get "old" we can try to pick up those binders and look at them to relive our travels.

  8. I still have all those "pictures" from before digital that need to be organized. Will I ever get it done - who knows. I thought maybe I'd do it this last summer but did it get done - nope. Didn't even look at them. Maybe next year. So you are doing much better than I am.

  9. I am an organizer myself!! I really like the idea of everything being in one place.
    What I would really like to do is put each year on the blog in a booklet form for keeping and perhaps passing on to our son one day. Do you (or anyone) know how this could be done??
    Have a great week, Sue!!

  10. I think you nested this past weekend. You know, chores around the house. Or maybe it was preparation for nesting?? Fall can do that huh?

  11. Love your pictures. Tucker looks so much younger there.

    I know what you mean about a make work project and that it's not hard to do just time consuming. I am exactly the same way. Unfortunately I don't have good enough internet at the moment to finsh transferring ours. Yep, I like being chronological as well, guess I am obsessive compulsive too, but I like it that way!

    Kevin and Ruth

  12. Yeah! Anacortes! Love it!

    Yes, OCD... I have it too....

    Love the pictures, btw!

    ~hugs~ and I will send an email eventually!

  13. I'm all about being chronological, too ... even if I post something out of sequence so that it displays on blog rolls or RSS feeds, I will go back and put it where it really belongs. I'll have to check out your 2008 entries when I return from my trip.

  14. Here's to organization! I love it but it's just because it makes life easier...particularly when my hubby needs something...he never puts anything where we can easily find it..guess that's why he has ME! K

  15. Thanks Sue for joining our Blog. We always enjoy reading yours. We are still in that weekly work mode and our retirement time is close to Doug and yours. In the mean time Thank God for vacations and weekends.

  16. That is a big job, Sue, redoing all those old stories. I started doing that for our blog and am still in the process. Might take a couple of years at least! By the way, are you two going to head south this year?? Any chance for some warm time off?


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