Tuesday, October 4, 2011



Everyday for the past week..I open Live Writer and stare at the blank black page..not knowing what to write about? I would close it again and think…..

’Oh, maybe tomorrow’....there are a lot of ‘not going to write about subjects’…


  • the weather?… sun… cloud… rain…not exactly beach time…
  • work?..nope not going to go there..sure I go there everyday…but I sure as heck don’t want to write about it…
  • there is always the exciting jobs at home..housework.. laundry..groceries…bill paying…cooking…lunches…scooping kitty litter….Do you want to read about that?..didn’t  think so….


  • there was the medical procedure for me at the doctor’s….too personal for blogging…


sometimes silence is better…as you can see from the photos..our ‘sunshine boy’ has been having some fun…


at least someone is happy…


not saying I am not happy….

just feeling ‘blah’…one of those weeks where staying home and hiding under the covers would have been a better idea…


I think the two ‘boyz’ have the right idea…


IMG_7233 now if only  there was actually room for me…the ‘fur children’ are taking over…


Onwards to the ‘blogging silence  being over’…long weekend is  coming up…company for dinner on Saturday..now the only issue is what to make??…


  1. A great writer can take something seemingly insignificant and make a great story out of it...or in your case a great blog!

    Wonderful pictures of your fur kids and an enjoyable post. You do have a gift. Hope you have fun this weekend. I'm sure you'll cook up something.

    Good quote.

  2. Yah Yah Yah... the kitty showed up!!!

    I am so way overdue for an email.... and an answer about skype! Which is yes, but the wifi at the Driveway RV Park sucked...

    I intend to catch up this week!


  3. I know what you mean, some days are like that - not much to say other than went to work and came home! lol

    Our day will come!! :)

  4. A lot of times trying to field a blog is really a challenge,but they do depict everyday life, and that is the way it is in most homes.I am sometimes reaching into the past for material. But at least we have a past to dredge into. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..PS never tire of Tucker tintypes.

  5. If not for recent travels, my blog would be dead as a door nail now. Nothing exciting in our daily lives ... not even anything that I'd want to read about myself. Nothing wrong with being silent until inspiration hits (except that we miss your witty posts).

  6. All I know is when I come back I want to come as one of your pets..

    We are off to a few days of camping.

  7. We love your pics of Tucker and furbies.......I think I could write about Tucker and Mooch everyday. There isn't a day that goes by that those boys don't make us laugh...............

  8. Tucker sure does look happy! He such a good looking fellow. Our little Rusty goes back to the Vet. today and we are hoping for some good news.

  9. Except for the drama of the extended warranty people, there's not much happening in this parking lot either. Some months are like that.

  10. It's amazing how some can take nothing and turn it into something...must be a gift! K

  11. Well for someone who didn't have anything to write about, you sure had a great post! Of course I LOVE seeing all those pictures. I love that Golden Retriever!!!

  12. Love the pics of your four legged family. Especially the one of Tucker sprawled out on the bed. Enjoyed hearing from your blog today. It was a good post!

  13. Most of my days are like that - I just can't imagine anybody wanting to read about what I've been doing. And you have such a wonderful talent for writing that I don't have. So, yes, I'm jealous. LOL I'm just so glad you checked in with us and shared pictures of the fur kids.

  14. Nothing wrong with silence once in a while!

  15. Sometimes, even if you are bored out of your gord, it is cathartic to write it down..and you did. I'm sure Hemingway had some ho hum days too. Content isn't always the point...the way it's written is...and you did a great job..Now...don those "happy pants" and pull up a drink this evening.

  16. often silence is 'golden' in my books..but I understand where your coming from...I haven't been blogging lately because I don't have much to offer other than the same ole same ole...daily house work stuff...I also can feel your Ho hum...I'm there also....take care

  17. You are a good writer Sue. You inspire me to go a little deeper. Lately, I've given more attention to things other than writing and I miss it. Love the pictures of your doggie. Especially your header picture. Take care and I hope you have a very great end of the week and weekend.

  18. Believe it or not! You made me feel better.

    See you Saturday and don't go to too much trouble, it's the company that we are coming for.

  19. Yes, sometimes there is little to talk about.

    Happy Thanksgiving though! Sounds like you are planning a nice event with family and friends.

  20. I understand how sometimes there isn't anything interesting to write about.

    So any pictures of your wonderful Tucker is just great and always makes my day! :c)

  21. I know what you mean, Sue, about not having anything to write about. But somehow, your blogs about "nothing" are always interesting! As others have said, you have a gift for writing, and also a gift for writing about "nothing". And having pictures of photogenic Tucker and Oliver doesn't hurt!

  22. Silence, what do you mean silence. Your pictures just spoke a thousand words, no more were needed. Tucker just loves his job of keeping us all entertained. He is such a happy dog, I love it!

    Kevin and Ruth

  23. Something from nothing? There is a story in there somewhere:)

  24. Sue, you have a great sense of humor, and that can lead to ... just about anything you want it to!

    Starting with Tucker, you've got a whole bunch of "blog fodder" around you all the time. You're seeing it, and feeling it...and writing about it.

    Look what Dave Barry did with plain old ordinary stuff...and Bill Cosby...and Bob Newhart...and lots of others. You have that same gift. Humor and style...you go girl.

  25. Woof! Woof! Golden HELLO! A break and silence can help. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar


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