Monday, October 31, 2011



Three?…three happy’s..Happy Halloween…



Thirty one years ago tonight Doug and I got engaged!!..hard to believe that all that time has past by…’Happy Anniversary’ to us!!


Three years ago today?….our ‘golden boy’ was born..

tucker 2

tucker 6


the ‘devil child’ he is off to daycare to have a ‘birthday paw-ty’ with his ‘peeps’ at Uptown Dawg….should be ‘paw-some’!!..Happy Third  Birthday Tucker!!!



oh..the shame of it all…not to worry..he never left the house in this ‘ensemble’!!


..he left wearing his ‘manly skulls scarf’!! black angel halo and wings for our ‘little buddy’!!..Par-tay on!!!


Tucker even got a present from his favourite worker at Uptown Dawg..thank you Kelly!!! really shouldn’t have!!


now speaking of Uptown Dawg …some of the poochies were really into the Halloween spirit!! was a ‘howling’ good time!!!


Tucker is having a sleep over tonight at the daycare…movie night with his ‘buddies'…we are hoping that he will have a ‘paw-some’ time!!..stay tuned…more pictures to follow..

through the wonders of face book…here are just a few photos of Tucker and his buddies…lounging on the couch…


sleep well ‘little buddy’…



  1. Happy Halloween!

    Stop on by for a visit

  2. Happy, Happy, Happy, to the Three of you!! And a Happy Thanksgiving, too. Glad you didn't make Tucker go out in that black outfit. Looked like a little black cloud over him...and he's too happy for anything like that! Have a wonderful week, and don't eat all the left over candy! (Send it to me!)

  3. Happy Birthday Tucker! The world became a brighter place when the Golden Boy was born.

    That sure sounds like an awesome doggy daycare. Hope Tucker has fun at his sleepover.

    The engagement photo is very sweet!

    Happy Happy Happy Halloween to all of you.

  4. How did all those other dog owners get their pooches to wear their costumes? Happy 31st anniversary of your engagement! I guess it helps to get engaged on a memorable holiday!

  5. Happy 31st engagement to you guys and happy Birthday to Tucker. Goldens are great pets/family members.
    Love the dog costume pics.

  6. 3 Happys to you! I am amazed at all the dogs that will wear costumes. Sophie loves scarfs or a ribbon around her neck but there is no way I'd ever get Jake or Louie to wear a costume.

  7. Rigg's says Happy Birthday Tucker, he will be three in Dec. Looks like you have a buddy at daycare that looks like Rigg's, Looks from the face to be a girl though with the skinny head.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  8. Happy, happy, happy to ya'll. It looks like Tucker had himself a fun-filled day. What a hoot.

  9. Pheebs and Motor send their best Birthday wishes for Tucker:))

  10. Happy Birthday Tucker you beautiful boy........The angel outfit made me laugh out loud.........Have a great day

  11. Happy Anniversary :) and a big happy Birthday to Tucker from our Tucker and Lilly !!

  12. Tucker looked like he wasn't likin' the outfit..glad you changed him into his manly scarf! That Black Lab makes me miss our Gypsy Queen.

  13. Happy Birthday, Tucker! Congrats on the 31st Anniversary!

  14. A sleep over! Ah ha, you will have the big bed all to yourselves.

  15. How dare you call dear sweet Tucker a devil's child!

    But then, don't they say that a dog is a reflection of its owner? ;c)

  16. Enjoyed seeing the pictures of Tucker with some of his buddies. A Big Happy 31st to you and Doug, and a Big Happy Birthday To Tucker!

  17. Dressing up dogs for Halloween is so funny! Enjoyed all the pictures.

  18. Happy Birthday Tucker. He is such a sweetie. Love all the pictures from doggie daycare, they are just too cute!

    Kevin and Ruth

  19. Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday, Tucker!
    Ah yes, the couch, what dog can't resist! LOL
    Very fun pictures of the "howling good time"!


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