Sunday, October 9, 2011

Turkey Day….


Can we possibly eat more food today?..after the huge dinner last night……time for more food again….

Today it is Thanksgiving after all…

more food prep time spent in the kitchen…

first off..was the still slightly frozen turkey..


just a little one …enough for three of us??


Time for a swim..Mr.Turkey…ice cold swimming pool for you..that’s what you get for not being thawed..head first you go…


what else is on the menu?…

The usual items…

homemade cranberry sauce..


bread stuffing with celery, onion and italian sausage..


and the token…mashed potatoes and peas and carrots…don’t forget the gravy…


Mr. Turkey heading into the  oven…time for a ‘sunny vacation’ time you see this ‘bird’..he will be a ‘golden brown’


since food is the theme this weekend..Carlie’s contribution to dinner is…

parmesan cheese pinwheels..



and pumpkin moon-pies for dessert..



and the fact that she is bringing her friend Dana for dinner…break out the good china once again…



I think I should be working for the ‘food network’…just a ‘foodie weekend’…

the ‘vacationing turkey’ has returned…a nice golden brown…


finally it is dinner time…all this work in the kitchen  today..but  it was so worth it in the end….



why was it worth it?..because now there is enough leftovers for the next two nights..

…bloatin’ nappin’ time…when I wake up from the food coma I will be back… 


  1. That looks soooo good! I want a plate, too. :)

  2. Oh shoot! I made a really witty comment (NOT!) and then it blipped out and said conflicting edits so I think Google gobbled it up. Anyway - forget my silly comment and just enjoy your day. Food looks yummy and I hope you all enjoyed it. Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. So...the biggest question is...what did Tucker get to eat?

  4. Russ...Tucker got dog Turkey for our boy!..can you say bad gas..upset tummy and the 'trots'!

  5. Yum! I never heard of pumpkin moon pies, but they looked good. Good thing we had oven baked chicken with mashed potatoes and gray or I would really be wishing I ate at your house.

  6. Oh it all looked so yummy. Love your humor...but the turkey probably didn't appreciate it. Everything looked so good it ALMOST makes me want to cook instead of eating out.

  7. Wow everything looked so yummy...
    Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  8. Happy Thanksgiving, Boy the dinner looked great, Hope the Tuckster got just a small piece of white meat, we usually let Rigg's have just a little , only on Thanksgiving. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  9. Could I have a "meals on wheels" delivery, Please! :)

  10. I'm with Judy, meal delivery please from all our Canadian friends! Looks like a wonderful time.

  11. Bad gas, upset tummy and the "trots" ..I think that's what McGuyver and I get from Thanksgiving dinner...but it's soooo worth it. Maybe WE should switch to kibbles. Love your condo...That's what we would have if I could get Dennis to move!!

  12. I haven't even had breakfast yet this morning and already I want a turkey dinner. How wonderful it all looks. And to be able to use the good china again. Wow. Happy Thanksgiving you guys.

  13. Great looking turkey! You dinner looked terrific and I'm betting it tasted even better!

    Leftover day now!

  14. Which one is Carlie? Blonde or brunette?

  15. Pumpkin Moon Pies! That was not very nice of you to post a picture of them! (Drool!)

  16. Everything looks great. I always purchased a fresh turkey, cost a little more, but didn't have to worry about defrosting.

  17. Looks wonderful! But no sweet potatoes with "gunky stuff" as the Hubs calls it??? And we usually have corn...

    Sure would have been fun to be there!!


  18. OK. Everyone has roasted their turkey....but today we get to roast ours and enjoy the fruits of that labour with good friends this evening - Monday.

  19. Wow, that food looks so good. No turkey for us but I am enjoying everyone else's on the blog roll. Think that is I am am seeing today. I think I am getting hungry! Looks like such a wonderful meal and so nice to spend it with great company. Happy Thanksgiving.

    Kevin and Ruth

  20. Wow... what a great looking dinner!

  21. That turkey got a really nice tan ... and no tan lines I see :-)))

  22. Love them Pumpkin moon pies.....:)

  23. Everything looks so good. Happy Thanksgiving.

  24. wow that looks so delish! I am so jealous!!!

    We are new followers of your blog and look forward to getting to know you.

  25. Oh. My. Goodness! My mouth is watering...can you FedEx me a carryout, please? :D

  26. My theory is you can never have to much turkey!

  27. Looks delicious -- I love Thanksgiving -- can't wait until ours gets here!


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