Monday, November 28, 2011

for the love of a golden?


Dogs and cats come into our lives and are with us for what is deemed a short time..

Those of us who are animal lovers know the unconditional love that is received from having a family pet or two, in our case..

Even on a bad day..the wagging tail that greets us when we get home makes all the ‘working crap’ worth it…

We are very fortunate that we have  two ‘greeters’ when we get home from working all day…Thank goodness neither one can tell time…otherwise some days they would be ‘mad’ at us for being ‘late’!!!

One thumps his tail madly and runs and gets a toy from his toy box and brings it to us..doing his little circle dance!!..don’t know if he really has to  go to the bathroom or  he is just happy to see us…


The other ‘greeter’?..he is a bit standoffish..and really doesn’t understand what all the fuss is about ..’geez, Tucker they always come back why do you act like such a goofball?’


Now where are all these thoughts coming from?..

Last week, I missed an anniversary…November 22, 2005..six years since we  lost our first golden girl…


It was such a sad time for could I have forgotten all about this tragic day…

ledger b[2]

What have I learned from my forgetting?…well, time heals…and your heart fills with the love of yet another set of ‘greeters’..

So for the love of a golden past..and a golden future I am most grateful for my two ‘boys’..…the unconditional love is payback tenfold..

may our house always be filled with ‘fur’!!…

Thanks for being there to greet us everyday PO and Tuck!!!


  1. What would we ever do without 'em? Fur kids are the best!

  2. I'm with you on this one. When you loose one, what you wouldn't give to have your house, clothes, floors, just covered in fur again. Makes you realize that it really isn't important to worry about any mess that they make. Been there,done that...

  3. Time heals, smoothing out the roughness of our grief and bringing out the smiles and laughter in our memories.

  4. I am also grateful that we have "fur" in our house! :) I don't even want to think about that day, even though I know it comes eventually.

    O think our cats are "people" cats - they always come to say hello and check us out when we get home.

  5. Haha it must be too early to be leaving comments - that should be I, not O!! ;)

  6. Pets are definitely a special part of our lives.

  7. Tis was beautiful Sue ~ Tucker is such a wonderful dog as I am sure your other golden was...

  8. So absolutely true - our pets love us so much. They are always so excited to see us return home. What's a little (?) dog hair when considering the love we share with them!

  9. Everyday when I come home, the minute I walk into the kitchen I have to head strait for the treat cabinet. After being beat w/ Riggs tail as he wiggles and Sadie dancing on her back legs and scratching me, then the butts hit the floor and they wait for their Mom's home treat. But there is not a day goes by that I dont think of my beautiful Duke (Doodle bug) that passed 2 years ago..They just become a part of your soul.

  10. Sue, Your title through me a little bit...The is a book out there called "For the Love of Golden Retrievers". The thought of goldens just brings such warm memories past, present and future...they are such grand dogs.
    Glad you have those furry friends waiting your return each day.

  11. Couldn't have said it better myself. Everyday a look at Maggie's garden and think of her. But we have our Tucker now who gives us so much joy as does yours..........What great little guys they are....................!!!

  12. Its so hard to see them leave us even though we always know its for the best..sometimes you just have to love them enough to let them go to rainbow bridge where they will wait for us forever...
    I can't imagine our home without the furkids or our MH either..goldens will always be our favorite breed, and I can't count the number of goldens that have lived in our home during our breeding days..goldens are so heartfull they never want you to see they are hurting or not feeling well..and by the time you realize (it has happened to us)...its almost too late...such graceful wonderful breed...I sure do miss them altho I love love our Tucker and Lilly..they seem to be a good size for travel dogs :)

  13. Good to know that the vortex didn't swallow you, Sue and Doug. I'm at the library in Ilwaco using their wifi. It's so strange to be out of touch, but it's peaceful, too. Next Monday we will head back to reality.

  14. Fur is my most important fashion accessory...I wear it on my pants, my shirts, my shoes, I even have it on my furniture and have cute little balls of it under the sofa. Nope, life is not complete without fur and the fur kids it comes from.

  15. Amen to that, Sue!
    A Golden really teaches us what "unconditional love" truly means.
    No wonder dog is God spelled backwards! :)

  16. What a wonderful post!! Our fur babies are very special to us too. Each time we have lost one of these loving, adorable babies our hearts have broken and we say we will never do it again BUT.... we cannot seem to live without them. And that love is definitely unconditional!!

  17. Yes, the Lord taketh and the Lord giveth.... Its hard on our hearts, buy he also gives us the strength to go on..
    Nice Blog.....


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