Wednesday, November 2, 2011



  • Wednesday..half way through the week..also known as ‘hump day’
  • halfway home ?
  • halfway through the newspaper?
  • halfway to a thousand?

another Milestone has been reached..where am I??..halfway to 1000…


yes..500 posts…my ‘baby blog’ is halfway to being somewhere?..where? I have no idea?..but…

500 is a significant number…

  • the Daytona 500…the most famous race in Nascar..
  • Fortune 500…a list of the richest people..

Can you name some people who will still be famous in 500 years?..these  woman are my top three!!

  • Oprah Winfrey


  • Queen Elizabeth220px-Elizabeth_II_greets_NASA_GSFC_employees,_May_8,_2007_edit
  • Princess Dianagty_princess_diana_nt_110428_wg
  • Sue Bidniak?…somehow I doubt it…


but for now I will relish in the fact that I am on my way to 1000 posts..

We may not be travelling at  the moment so some days it is more difficult to keep the blog alive..but I do try to entertain even with the mundane day to  day stuff…

you know blogging  may not make me famous in 500 years but I have reached a milestone all the same!!




  1. You go girl. I like you better than Oprah!!

  2. 500 posts is definately a milestone and I do know how difficult it is coming up with topics when not traveling. Good for you in sticking with it and here's to another 500:))

  3. Way to go. I'm looking forward to the next 500.

  4. It's been a week of milestones for you: a 31 year anniversary, a three year birthday, a weblog nomination, now 500 must be exhausted.

  5. And then there's Peter, Paul, and Mary's 500 miles. I can hear your whistle blowing for over 500 miles! :)

  6. Congrats! Funny post. As some one said fame is a fleeting thing.

  7. Your blog is so good that it has multiple celebrity visits, midweek!
    I like the idea of your picture being in the same blog as those others! You are sensitive, humorous, insightful, and a pretty good writer and photographer! Why shouldn't people remember you? You've accomplished more this week than most people do in a month! Keep it up, Sue. You're important to us!

  8. We are sooooooo good Sue. You deserve that award - maybe both!

  9. Keep on trucking! I really enjoy your Blog. ☺

  10. Congrats on the milestone. Even when times are a little slow, you are very interesting in what you blog about.

    That alone will keep me coming back to your blog for the next 500 posts, and the next 500 after that and the next 500... :c)

  11. Love your spunk!! Cute post and congrats!
    Cheers! ~M

  12. A lot of thought and keyboarding are required to achieve 500 posts. Well done!

  13. Like Judy, I thought of the song, "500 miles". Now that song will be rumbling around my head all day. Congrats on your 500th post!

  14. Congratulations!!! And you know what? I think you WILL be famous in 500 years!!!! Cheers!

  15. I too thought of the song 500 Miles :)....congrats on your milestone..:)

  16. Congrats on 500!! Yep, you got at least another 14,000 left in ya...What a week for you!

  17. Not traveling has never stopped me from posting! Sometimes the non travel posts are the most interesting.

  18. Congrats on making it to 500 posts! Onward and upward!

  19. To me you are definitely more memorable than Oprah!! :)

  20. You're definately at the top of my favorite 500's! K


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