Friday, November 25, 2011

In Keeping with Tradition…


One month from today all the Christmas ‘hoopla’ will be done for another year..

(Oliver likes to sit with me every night when I am on the computer..its a daily thing..he makes a great back warmer)


All the shopping, wrapping, food preparation, and visiting will be complete…

There are many Christmas traditions..thinking back to the ones my parents kept going  when I was a child..

  • the tree didn’t go up until my sister and brother and I were all in bed on Christmas Eve…
  • dinner on Christmas Eve was potato salad and European wieners
  • no stockings were hung
  • we each received a fancy bowl filled with candies, German cookies, chocolates and oranges instead..(how I wish I would have kept one of those bowls)


  • and my mom sent Christmas cards in the mail..(snail mail)

I left home in 1979 and some new traditions were created..

  • the tree is decorated by mid-December
  • Chinese food for Christmas Eve dinner
  • Stockings were a tradition we started in 1981

now as for Christmas cards?

with all the modern technology and the postage cost and time it takes to write all the cards and address all the envelopes…is sending Christmas cards going by the wayside?

Sure it is much easier to just send an e-card..or a message on face book…or just do a blog post and wish everyone a Merry Christmas..

Not that there is anything wrong with using technology to get your Christmas message out…

Is this deemed the ‘lazy way’ easy to just hit send or enter…

Every year I say to myself..I am not sending cards this year..but I just can’t not do it..

So  for me I like to do things the old fashioned way..


the cards are purchased…


the address book is up to date…

now it is time to put pen to paper..and sit down and write the cards…


I do like to open the mail box in December and see how many cards we get?..


Sure nicer than the rest of the year when all that is in there is bills and junk mail…

You can’t display an e-card on the mantle…


So as you can see I am keeping the tradition alive…

join me if you like..send your friends a personal handwritten Merry Christmas!! and Happy New will make their day!!!



  1. We have succumbed to technology and only send a very few christmas cards by snail mail.

  2. I'm like you I just can't do ecards for Christmas, I just finished mine today..kind of fun to buy Arizona cards.

  3. Love the old traditions as well. See my blog post of today!

  4. I make all my own cards, Christmas and otherwise. It seems that as we have travelled my list is getting bigger. I don't send to those I will see personally. But still I send out almost 50 cards. I stopped many years ago, but somehow it got started again. I must admit that getting a greeting in the snail mail sure beats an e-mail greeting hands down.

  5. When I was growing up, the Christmas tree went up the day after Thanksgiving and we started decorating it that night. Why, so early? I think it was because we were living overseas, in a country that didn't celebrate Xmas so all the Christmas cheer we had was what was inside our home. We continued that tradition after Mui and I were married until we started traveling between Thanksgiving and Xmas ... now we don't put up a tree at all. Instead, we go out and about and enjoy all the Christmas cheer outside. There's certainly no lack of it in the DC area. As for cards, until two years ago, I used to send hand written cards ... now, I send an e-card of my own creation ... speaking of which, I guess I'd better create one for 2011.

  6. We stopped buying gifts or sending Christmas cards a very long time ago and it works great for us......but it's not for everybody.

  7. I love to send and get hand written Christmas cards--the only year as an adult I've not sent cards was the year my Dad died near Christmas time.

  8. Unfortunately, we only send cards to family members and email cards to others. Glad the traditions are there and will be there. We still maintain most all our traditions and will continue to do so.

  9. Augh... the old days of mailing out Christmas cards... I remember them well, however Judy used to do all of ours! We have converted to a Christmas Eletter to Family and Friends. Enjoy your writing!

  10. I'm with you, I can't stop sending Christmas cards! I have shortened the list a bit, but you're right:
    you can't display an e-card on the mantel! :)
    Which reminds me: I got to buys some cards! LOL

  11. We haven't sent Christmas cards for years and I don't see that changing anytime soon. Just too much hassle.

  12. Let's get together and discuss Christmas traditions and start a new one!

  13. I'm afraid I no longer do cards or gifts for the holidays.

  14. We tried sending cards our first year as full timers and then I too gave in to the e-card. We don't exchange presents either except with the kid.

  15. Love your new header picture of Tucker and the little beagle! Sure would rather see the sand than the know? Guess that's why I love it so much here at The Sands! Too bad we have to leave and head back home in a couple more days.

  16. I make handmade cards to send, it is my gifty to my friends & relatives. Love to get them also in the mail. A day w/o a card is sadness!

  17. We have always written and mailed Christmas cards but I am tempted to write a Christmas blog and email everyone who matters to check it out. We'll see what my handler has to say about that!

  18. I do snail mail cards with money or gift cards to the kids and grands..I keep some extra if we get any in the mail, so I can return the greetings..But less and less cards are coming our way..If I sent as many cards as I did 10- years ago, it would cost as much as a mortgage to stamp them...

  19. Hooray for the old fashioned way! I write a note in every card to let everyone know we're so grateful to have them in our lives.
    Blessings! K


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