Friday, November 11, 2011

Keremeos bound…


Three hundred and thirty eight kilometers from our house is the small town of Keremeos and the home of Doug’s brother, Ron and his wife Karen…

We are spending the weekend in this tiny town on the Similkameen River..we have been here numerous times since they moved here in 1999..

We left before 6 am this morning and arrived at 10 am…the drive was uneventful..the only snow we saw was at the Alison Pass Summit…2011_11_11


IMG_7377The Remembrance Day Service was a lovely tribute to all the veterans…and was well attended by the citizens of Keremeos…


some think that Remembrance Day is..

  • a day off of work
  • a day to sleep in
  • a day to make ‘double time ‘ since it is deemed a statutory holiday..

For us it was a day thinking of all the veterans who  served in all the wars to give us the freedom we have today…

So this was our way of saying “thank-you” for your military service.


..the balance of our day was filled with conversation, food and more food… …and now we are all relaxing watching TV.

We did have a small crisis internet access…Karen made a call to her ‘computer go to guy’ in Saskatchewan  (us in blogville have ‘Rick’ and she has ‘Brian’)

Crisis we are a lined up with our laptops!!..


Doug checked the Highway Cam website this evening and there has been a ‘dump of snow’..on Highway 3…(the  way home.).good thing we are here till Sunday....stay tuned for more from Keremeos…



  1. BBBBrrrrrr! Now you've gone and made me cold! No, wait... I was alrady cold! We're heading home and it gets colder each stop :( ...

    We stumbled upon a very nice ceremony for Veterans Day ourselves in Lebanon,TN tonight! I only had my phone camera so I'm not quite sure how it's all going to work out with those pictures...

    Have a great weekend!

  2. With that dump of snow, it must be comforting to have a Jeep. Or you could hitch the Jeep to Tucker and let him mush you home. ;c)

  3. Keremeos!!! Lucky you! Have a great weekend there. We were going to go to Summerland to visit my niece this weekend but she has a big swim meet so I'm typing to you from Seattle instead :)Looking forward to seeing the pics of your weekend!

  4. Looks like your in for a great weekend. Hope the drive home is not too bad:)

  5. Hope your good tv is not Canucks. Nothing good about this game. Sucks!

  6. What a nice tribute to those who serve. Hope the snow is all gone before you have to go home. Be careful.

  7. Sounds like a nice weekend, Sue and Doug. Hey, if you get stuck in the snow on the way home, you'll have a lot to blog about! ;)
    Well, maybe it wouldn't be worth it?

  8. Have a nice weekend ... and be careful on the way home.

  9. Have fun in Keremeos, sounds like a nice little town, Hope the snow is gone on the way home. be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  10. Hope the snow is all melted by Sunday. Have a great weekend.

  11. A lovely looking little town..I'll bet the drive there was better than driving through just corn and bean fields.... Remembrance Day look like a nice commemoration for the Vets...Can't wait to see more of that little town.

  12. You should not have any problem get home your driving a Jeep.. Have fun and enjoy your time off.

  13. It's a nice area of southern BC. Hopefully the now abates and the roads are clear for the return trip.

  14. Good thing you have such an awesome ride... that jeep should plow through anything!!! LOL
    Have fun & Travel safe


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