Thursday, November 17, 2011



Life is all about the connection we have with family, friends and co-workers.

Relationships develop..some flourish and others go by the wayside..

It is those that we have a special connection with that seem to flourish.

The relationships with family is a special one..the history is the tie that keeps the family bonded together…


Friends come and go…some come back..and those are the friendships that we cherish..


Those friends are with you through thick and thin..good and bad..even if you don’t talk to them for a long time..

Some relationships may end but the time spent with a good friend is never wasted..there comes a time in our lives when things change and we move on..meeting new people but still remembering how special the ‘old friends’ are….

And then when you do get the opportunity to see them again it is like no time has that is a ‘true friend’

Then there is the relationship with co-workers..those  can be difficult at times..

It seems that we spend more time with our co-workers than we do with our family and friends…

I have been fortunate in my working life to develop a few good relationships with some co-workers..some have moved on to different cities or retired but I still consider them to be part of my ‘working family’

The women that I work with that I think of as friends have been a part of my working life for a long time..twenty five years or more…those are the friendships that I truly cherish..

We have been through marriages, divorces, babies being born and raising kids...seeing these ‘friends’ daily has made heading off to work everyday much easier..

Some people you feel more of connection ….there was  one friend that I worked with a few years ago…we met for coffee every morning  and shared our lives with each other…

But the connection was one that went beyond a ‘working friendship’..

When I first met her, her married  name was a name that I recognized  from my childhood??

When I was growing up we had  a neighbour..a family with four Mom babysat these boys..they were a wild bunch….turns out that Brenda, married one of these boys..

Today  Brenda sent me this photo of the seven of us..I do believe it was taken at Harrison Hot Springs..


That is me in the blue jacket…my sister in the pink jacket and my brother in the red sweater on the right…

a great trip down memory lane..the boys?..don’t know who is who..but there names are

Robert, Steven Kevin and Andrew..

{Robert is married to my friend Brenda, Steven lives in England with his wife and two girls..Kevin lives in Kamloops with his wife, Julie and their two boys and Andrew?..he passed away when he was a young man.}

The world is a small place and you never know how you are connected to people..even those of us in blog-ville are connected..just through the wonders of modern technology there is a ‘sense of belonging’

Thanks for being part of my ‘connection’



  1. Connections ... the important ones somehow survive the years, don't they ... even if they do change in nature.

  2. Great post, we hope to meet you guys someday. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  3. There is definitely nothing better than friends and family connections.

  4. Good friends are hard to come by, but so worth the effort. :)

  5. Love those old photos and the memories they bring. Sure happy that we've connected with you, Doug and Tucker. Not certain I like that header photo with all that white stuff. Much prefer to see Tucker and the beach! Reality sometimes interferes with our wishes, though, don't you think? Oh well, when life give you lemons, make lemonade...when it snows, learn to ski!!!

  6. Great words on friendship - one of life's true blessings.

  7. We all are a composite of our "connections"..friends and family alike...Sometimes I forget how blessed we are to have such a circle....Like when you throw a stone into a pond, and watch the ripples flow out...That's what life is about. Thanks for sharing your ripples of life...

  8. Good blog and so true.We thank you for beng part of our connection.

  9. What a beautiful story you have posted today... I have friends that come and go and when we see each other it is like we have had no time between us. I have had good friends that change and we don't even talk anymore and new friends whom I feel like I've known forever... and now my blogging & facebook friends who I enjoy meeting on the road.
    Friendship is golden and wonderful!

  10. Friendships and connections are one of the greatest gifts in life!

  11. Your post caused me to reflect on friends, relationships, and family. Your words are true and well spoken.
    Nice post.

  12. Great post, so true about coworkers, when you have coffee every morning for years, you share everything. You were quite the long legged little girl.

  13. Loved this post. Loved that old photo. We are finding many new friends through our online connections and just people we meet while traveling. You are right - time spent with a friend is never wasted.

  14. look at those long "big bird" legs!!! what fun!


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