Saturday, November 12, 2011

Okie Dokie?


It never rains in Keremeos?..not this weekend..the clouds have rolled in and rain mixed with snow is falling this afternoon…


We drove to Okanagan Falls this morning to visit with Karen’s sister Cheryl, her husband Andy and her son Gordie and his wife Chrissy and their two kids..Katie and Gavin..

Cheryl and Andy have a new dog…her name is Jasmine..’Jazz’ for short

She is a ‘Maremma’  cross..cute as a button….we have never heard of this breed until this morning..

I had left the camera in the car so I ‘googled’ a picture…

this is not exactly her..but pretty close..


sorry ‘Tucker’ we still love you but she was pretty darn cute!!!


This was the Alison Pass this morning..a far cry from when we went through yesterday…

alison pass

We have not been geocaching in a long time..we were stuck on #49 until today…#50..the Red Bridge..


We had to walk down the trail for about half a kilometer..


bush-wacking to find the geocache..



onto #51…the Grist Mill..


this was an easy one..we spotted it before we even got out of the jeep..


..lunch is done..Doug’s famous nachos..and now we have the white stuff falling from the sky…so much for sunny Keremeos?


…fast forward to this is barely 5 pm and it is dark already…the horses are fed…and now it’s our turn..time for dinner and then another quiet night  in the village of Keremeos..

A good day for recharging our ‘batteries’..tomorrow we head home…I am sure that the ride home will be filled with snow..thank goodness for four-wheel drive..


  1. What a change in weather! So glad you were able to get out and do some geocaching.
    You guys take care.

  2. All that snow, already? Winter sure comes fast up there in Maple Leaf Land.

    Nice to see the weather doesn't hold you back, geochaching at its best.

  3. Is Keremos at a high elevation? We've been having rain all weekend, but it's too warm to snow. I'm glad you have four wheel drive on your jeep. Drive safely tomorrow!

  4. You guys drive carefully on the way home.

  5. Wow, snow already. No wonder you hope to see photos on blogs with blue skies, etc. At least you were able to get away for the weekend. Looking forward to the 'real' Jazz photos.

  6. Good luck on your drive home,glad you have the jeep. I am sure Tucker would think Jazz was pretty cute too.

  7. Yup, it's just pouring here so you know what that means in the mountains. Be safe!

  8. Ah, a winter vacation, hope you guys have an easy drive home. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  9. I love the snow, but not to drive in. Y'all be careful going home.

  10. Never heard of that breed, either. Very cute dog, though. You guys be careful driving back home in that weather! Tucker's still #1 dog!!

  11. What a beautiful dog... so cute! Glad yo had a fun filled weekend and even some geochaching too...No snow here ~ come on down!
    Drive safely & Have fun

  12. have not heard of that breed either...gorgeous dog tho...tucker is still # 1....I'm sure he knows that :)
    looks like there could be some pyeer and golden in that little lady....

  13. Nice weekend away in the interior....and wishing you a good drive back to the coast.

  14. That doggie looks like she would be a good friend for Tucker, very pretty. Be careful in the snow - glad you have four wheel drive.

  15. We had some snow here Thursday, but today is 60 degrees...Yep, typical Illinois weather...Love that little town!!

  16. Glad you've had such fun!!! You guys look great!!

    Wish I was there to give you...


  17. They say it never rains in Vegas but it sure has lots since we moved here!

    Stop on by for a visit!

  18. Wow! That snow looks like the beginnings of some great winter camping! :)


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