Saturday, November 19, 2011

Girls just wanna have fun?


Our lovely daughter, (Carlie is in the middle) and her friends headed out last night for some ‘girl fun’…a bus ride..since they would be drinking..


I am glad that they were responsible enough to take public transit..just glad that I wasn’t on the bus…I am sure it was a ride filled with ‘giggles’..


just some harmless Friday fun filled with food and alcohol and good friends..

that was until 3am this morning..

a ‘face-plant fall’…an outstretched hand and we have an issue!!..

She made it home okay thanks to  a ride from a friend..but this morning we had to visit the Eagle Ridge Hospital..

Diagnosis?..A Radial Head Fracture..


‘Trying to break a fall by putting your hand out in front of you seems almost instinctive. But the force of the fall could travel up the lower forearm bones and dislocate the elbow. It also could break the smaller bone (radius) in the forearm. A break can occur near the elbow at the radial "head."


Radial head fractures are common injuries, occurring in about 20 percent of all acute elbow injuries. They are more frequent in women than in men and occur most often between 30 and 40 years of age.

Approximately 10 percent of all elbow dislocations involve a fracture of the radial head. As the upper arm bone (humerus) and the ulna return to their normal alignment, a piece of the radial head bone could be chipped off (fractured).


  • Pain on the outside of the elbow
  • Swelling in the elbow joint
  • Difficulty in bending or straightening the elbow accompanied by pain
  • Inability or difficulty in turning the forearm (palm up to palm down or vice versa)

Radial head fractures are classified according to the degree of displacement (movement from the normal position).

Type I Fractures

Type I fractures are generally small, like cracks, and the bone pieces remain fitted together.

  • The fracture may not be visible on initial X-rays, but can usually be seen if the X-ray is taken three weeks after the injury.
  • Nonsurgical treatment involves using a splint or sling for a few days, followed by early motion.
  • If too much motion is attempted too quickly, the bones may shift and become displaced.

a two hour visit to the x ray and we were home again…


one arm in a sling..


a banged up knee..


did she learn a lesson?..well..more than likely not..

no.. the sidewalk wasn’t icy

no.. she wasn’t wearing high heels

and did she get a course not..

we were just thankful that her friends looked after her and made sure she got home safely…

this injury is on the mend ..a sling for three days and then she can start mobilizing her arm..

nothing that a container of Ben and Jerry’s won’t fix..


that..and some  ibuprofen..


  1. Nice for the young folks to get out with friends and have a good time. Sorry to hear about the injury. Hope Carlie heals quickly and glad her friends watched out for her and got home safe.

  2. Ouch! Hope she heals quickly.

  3. Hope Carlie mends well and has no further complications with her elbow or knee.
    Really like the header pic of the jeep in the snow...white on white!

  4. we've never done stuff like that...Glad she got good is about lessons learned...She learned a good one, but there are sooo many more out there..We survived them..that's all we can hope for our kids and grandkids....Hugs to you all.

  5. Ouch! Hope she heals quickly. Maybe she needs a big Tucker kiss.

  6. I'm glad that the injuries weren't worse. Get well soon, Carlie!

  7. Poor Carlie , I am glad it wasn't worse, Ben and Jerry's will definitly make her feel better.

  8. Glad there were friends to help! Hope the recovery goes quickly ;)

  9. Tell her to walk on the grass after drinking, it makes the sudden stops on the ground easier on you.Glad to see it wasn't anymore serious and her girlfriends helped her out. Hopefully she had enough painkillers to not suffer.Bet Dad was holding his tongue like I would have too. GOD, it's great to be young. Sometimes I wish I could turn the clock back and meet all my Navy buddies at Trader Johns in Pensacola and really tie one on. Of course that was before I met Donna and she has never stepped foot in trader Johns, maybe someday.. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  10. Ouch; not the way she wanted to end an evening fun, I'm sure. Here's to a speedy recovery.

  11. Oh no!! Sorry to hear that Carlie's evening out ended with a fall. Hopefully she is feeling back up to par very soon. :)

  12. Wow. Hope Carlie's on the mend real soon.

  13. Getting drunk and breaking one's elbow is not something to be trivialized or rewarded for. It is usually a sign of a serious drinking problem.

    I'm just shocked you would even be talking about this in a public blog.

  14. Exactly! Same thing happened to me about 3 months before retirement. I was not drinking though and not between 30 - 40 years old. So I got 6 weeks off. It was a trial retirement. And tell Carlie I healed completely.

  15. And for ANOMYMOUS - Go to Hell, you have no idea. Serious drinking problem, my foot!

  16. Carlie was just practicing for her later years. We all take dumps it seems at one time or another. Drinking has nothing to do with it. I can trip over a leaf or a line on the sidewalk. So far I have good bones and haven't broken anything. Hopefully after reading about the radial thing I will keep my arms IN when falling! Here is a hug to Carlie.

  17. First I agree with Palamine and second I have been there and done that...two broken ribs sitting a deck rail and off back wards..ouch!!

  18. Haha,,,,sorry to laugh, but been there, done that!!! I'm sure the lession she learned is there just like it has been to most all of us one time or another...
    "cept that is for Anonymous,,,,Give me a break. I admire you for posting about it..As long as it wasn't about ME!! LOL!

  19. A Radial Head Fracture? At first I thought Carly had fractured her skull completely!! Glad to read on and see it was just her elbow even though I'm sure it's quite painful. That's still better than a cracked skull!

    Sometimes all of us just have too much fun and accidents tend to happen. We've all fallen down on occasion but the trick is to get back up and keep going!

  20. You are using the Ben & Jerry's to ice the elbow, right? :)

  21. It's just one more - albeit painful - experience on the road of life. Carly will heal and life will move forward.

    Unlike our generation, I respect these young people for not driving when they go out on the town.

  22. Ah, to be young again...........:)

  23. I also at first thought she fractured her head--glad it is her elbow instead but still not fun for sure...kudos to her and her friends for partying and using common sense (the bus)...if only everyone would do for anonymous -get a life!!!! There were times I fell and afterwards wished is was full of party beverage I'm sure I wouldn't have hurt worse than I did lol...accidents do happen...hope Carlie recovers fast...

  24. ouch!
    Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  25. You have a beautiful daughter! A good hard worker with some good friends to have fun with. An accident is an accident, I wouldn't worry about her having a drinking problem. Come on, Anonymous, lighten up! (Like none of us has ever fallen? With no alcohol involved?)

  26. Girls just wanna have fun - too bad it ended in pain. I am so glad today's generation of kids (sadly, not all of them) don't drive drunk like our generation often did. Glad it wasn't anything worse.

  27. OMG!!!!! Poor Carlie!!! So sorry I'm just now finding this out... when she's hopefully all healed up and able to p.a.r.t.e.e. again!!! I'm glad it was nothing worse! And I totally relate to that knee....after my "Breaking Dawn" incident!


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