Sunday, November 13, 2011

Snow and more snow…


Our original plan was to not be leaving Keremeos until after lunch..but ‘ole man winter’ reared his ugly head on our route home..

alison pass

This was the view of the Allison Pass Summit this morning..and the forecast was for more snow today and tonight…

Needless to say we packed up and we were  heading east before 10 AM


  Our first stop will be the town  Princeton..before long there was snow on the side of the road…and the snow level is pretty low…

We stopped for gas..and a coffee and  then  continued west towards Manning Park..still not too bad..

Then we rounded one of the many curves and the ‘winter wonderland’ began…


It was pretty except for the sand and gravel on the road…and the flying rocks as trucks passed..don’t follow to close or you will have a new chip in the windshield…

Speaking of chips in the windshield..we got a rock chip last Christmas heading to  had cracked further before long…making it’s way half way across the windshield..

This morning?..a frosty windshield..and the crack is now all the way to the driver’s side!!

So if you have not noticed until now…there is always a line across all the windshield shots!!..

It is very evident in the final photos of our trip home…

The Highway of Heroes sign along the Freeway..

(Doug was in the fast lane doing 100kms and I was clicking away trying to capture the sign decorated with the wreaths for Remembrance Day..)


Time to get the windshield replaced…all in the name of the photo taking process!!

We are home and sound after our weekend away…Tucker is ‘tuckered out’..a tired dog is a happy dog..

and Oliver is happy to have his ‘peeps’ home!!


  1. Wow, that is quite the windshield crack! Sorry you had to head back early to avoid the winter weather; we sure know what that is like.

  2. Glad you made it home safe!

    Stop on by for a visit

  3. Yes, when the crack gets that big, I guess it's time to get the window replaced. I like your winter pictures, even through the crack!

  4. You had a good weekend and made it home safe..thats good

  5. I enjoy looking at snow pictures, but I'm sure glad I'm in Texas now. :)

  6. That certainly is a winter wonderland! Very pretty....I know, I know I'm not in it!!
    Yep, time to replace the windshield! Glad you all had a safe trip!! :-)

  7. wow winter for sure..glad your home safe and sound :)

  8. Flying rocks! A good excuse for me to tell Craig to give the car or truck ahead of us more room! I think he follows too close.

  9. Good to see you home safe and warm! Snow. Winter... Hmmm...seems as though it is everywhere lately and all those snow birds are heading south! We will just snuggle up into a comforter, Sue, and stay warm and enjoy the pretty view out the window, right?

  10. Beautiful... but I don't want any!!!

    I remember that crack! The one in the windshield...

  11. Love the snow pics. As long as they are pics. To be in snow, don't like so much. But Tucker is a snow boy. Loves it...........

  12. I am shivering like crazy looking at those cold snowy pictures. Glad you made it home OK with all the snow. Hopefully the road surface wasn't too bad.

    Kevin and Ruth

  13. Glad to read that you made it home safe and sound. Please don't send the winter weather down or way yet; not ready for the white stuff to fall.

  14. Looks like you've got a visit to ICBC soon! Snow? Ugh! That's all I can say about that!

  15. windshield I can relate, have 7 separate cracks, but none in vision line on driver side, gravel trucks that arent tarped!
    Love looking at pretty pics of snow as long as it stays far far away from me. You dont want to drive in St Louis when there is snow.

  16. I spent most of my life in a snow climate. Seeing those pictures makes me soooo happy not to have to do that on a regular basis any more. When I was younger it seemed like every car had huge windshield cracks.

  17. I am surprised the windshield lasted that long!!

    Glad you made it home safely!!

  18. I loved your Winter Wonderland collage, even though you were thinking: NO, NOT SNOW!

    What a magnificent breed Jazz is!
    I had to Google, I'd never heard of them before!
    Sort of like a Golden Retriever size Great Pyrennees!

    Tucker, we still love you boy! :)

    Thank you for sharing your weekend trip!

  19. Yes, I know about windshields. It's such a minor expense when it is a chip and a $$$ one when it goes all the way.

  20. Enjoyed you sharing your weekend adventure. Nice snow pictures. Glad Tucker and Oliver are both happy.

  21. You are not alone! I've had a bunch of windshields (waaay too many) that looked just like yours.

    I was supporting the glass industry all by myself, thanks for stepping up to help take some of the load off me. ;c)

  22. Brrr...cold...don't want snow - but enjoyed your pictures of it!!! Hope your windshield replacement goes well. That's a nasty crack.

  23. It is hard looking at your pictures... ughhh... snow! Yes, it looks like time to replace that windshield.

  24. Usually our windshield looks like a bug cemetery...but a crack is different..Get it fixed and you will be back to your great photos...(Actually I thought the ones you posted here were really great!)


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