Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Vortex…


Sunday night is upon us…another weekend is done…

The ‘vortex’ is arriving soon…

  • the 530 wake up
  • coffee and lunches prepped
  • uniforms ironed
  • housework is done
  • groceries are purchased
  • jeep full of gas for the week
  • laundry done
  • some Christmas shopping was done
  • Christmas cards were mailed and two ‘surprise packages’

so as the vortex known as the work week is upon us..we hope everyone in ‘blogville’ has a great week..

  • sitting by the pool
  • or in the desert
  • or near the gators
  • or at the beach

have fun..and think of us as the ‘vortex’ sucks us in…we will escape the power by Friday..


  1. I sure know what you mean! 5:30 came WAY too early this morning!! Another Monday is upon us.

  2. I know the feeling,I have to do the same. Your's and our turn is coming soon.

  3. Awwwww ~ I feel bad now!!! But you are younger and you don't want to rush that! LOL LOL
    LOVE the header photo!!!
    Have fun & HUGS to you both♥

  4. Keep that vortex in Canada, will you? :)

  5. absolutely love your header picture...since retirement in June I sometimes miss that vortex..hopefully that will pass soon...have a good week..

  6. Even that vortex provides much, not only in economics. However, this too shall pass.
    Take care and have a great week.

  7. May the force be with you, Sue. We're going to have to leave all this fun in the sun and head back to Oregon tomorrow. The weather is supposed to be good all week, so at least there's that. Now we'll have a big adjustment to the rain and grey skies of home. You always provide a sunny spot with your we'll look forward to reading more of "Mumzilla meets The Vortex"...could be a great movie!

  8. Yeah the Vortex can be a 'b' but w/o it I'd probably just sit on my butt and watch it grow.
    Love the header, reminds me of Riggs and Sadie.

  9. Lolita is back in that vortex of work also today, glad I have one more day. But the count down clock is ticking for all of us,and not to far in the future we hope that we can meet up with you and Doug on your travels someday.

  10. UGH! It's MONDAY! By the way, I love the header pic!! Cheers! ~M

  11. Hoping you can jump off your present vortex and onto the RVing vortex ASAP. Wishing you a good week.

    Yeah Lions! A great win for the CFL and for BC!

  12. So that's what that sucking noise is...All of you being dragged into work today!! Hey, we made it into the "retirement" stage of our will too...and HOW SWEET IT IS!! Keep that dream alive!

  13. Oh bummer! I left a nice long comment and it disappeared when I lost my internet connection! Shucks. Anyway, I've missed you guys. Been out there living - LOL. No really, blogging is good for many things - reflection, connecting, expression. Its all life. Take care. You'll get there. I'm in the in-between world of RVing and working. A funny space sometimes.

  14. I wish we were at the beach or the desert or the pool. Instead we're eyeball deep in stuff from our house that we're trying to fit in the motor home.

    I hear the springs groaning already.

  15. I visited a vortex in Sedona work kind.

    Your time will come Sue. Hang on! We'll be here waiting for you.

  16. I feel your pain...

    no, really!!!


  17. sounds like out sunday

    Stop on by for a visit


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