Sunday, November 6, 2011

What’s that smell?


What smells?…how many times have we said that?

Do you have a favourite smell?

  • coffee perking


  • bacon frying


  • turkey roasting


  • brownies baking


  • bread baking



These  seem to be the best smells indoors but what about outside?

  • fresh cut grass


  • laundry drying on a clothes line


  • campfire


for me these smells are the best…

Now today we had a new smell that we were privileged to experience…


there is our ‘sunshine boy’ waiting for the command to leave the ‘dawg-house’..and head on to the dyke!


we have been here  a few times this fall and today the water was filled with reflections…


the ever present blue heron..sitting on a log..


and then there is the ‘crazy golden boy’..heading out to get a stick..isn’t the water cold, Little Buddy?


the dyke was a popular place today..filled with runners, dogs, families and bike riders enjoying the beautiful fall day..


not to worry Tucker there is another swimming hole coming up..


another fun day for our is all about the ‘boy’ being happy!!!..


one more Blue Heron..before we turn around..


our walk complete..we head back towards home…Sunday afternoon is done…but we have one more chore to do when we get home??


back to the topic of today’s post…SMELL…

can you guess why we would need this?


and some of this??


well this would be when you, dear readers,  are most thankful that ‘smell-a-blog has never been invented…

Our lovely boy is in need of a bath?…first rinse is the tomato soup..



yes, Tucker you had better hide your face in shame?..


don’t be drinking the soup..


next step..the sudsy shampoo


I see you are still hiding your face…we all know what you look like…but only some know what you did to deserve this lovely ‘spa treatment’…


..better thank your ‘sister’ for the use of her bathtub and shower nozzle..hope you learned your lesson…

Lesson learned?..those smelly dead fish at the edge  of the water are not for your enjoyment..rolling in them is not an option!!..why oh why do dogs roll in dead smelly things?


  1. Campfire is my fave... this weekend one pup found the discarded oil from our fish fry which made her smell very funny

    Stop on by for a visit

  2. The beginning of your post was making me hungry. Silly dog, why do they do that?

  3. I was thinking skunk, but dead fish would be bad, too. But how does Tucker smell NOW?

  4. ya, I bet that smelled real good...poor dog... when will they ever learn?

  5. yuck Tucker! I must say thinking about the coffee, baking bread, fresh cut grass and campfires was much fun then thinking about poor stinky tucker. Hopefully he is able to hold his head up high now that he's all clean and fresh smelling :)

  6. Poor tucker, he's reminding me of when we clipped a skunk in the bum with my mother-in-laws kia and it sprayed the whole passenger side of the car.

    Couldn't take that thing through a enough car washes to get rid of the stink.

  7. My first thought was "wet dog", (not one of my favourites) and then I was leaning towards "skunk", but you were out in daylight, and most skunk encounters seem to be in the wee hours. Never would have guessed the rotting fish. Gah! They're all bad.
    Like you said a few days ago, just as happy for no "smell-o blog" feature.

  8. And I thought he was in contact with that stinky skunk. That's what our "boy" Boomer did once upon a time. (God have mercy on his soul..)

  9. I thought for sure you were going to say Tucker had a run in with a skunk. I guess dead fish would be just as bad.

  10. Our Tucker loves getting a bath, but he loves the blow dryer even more....He thinks he's a male those bath pics of your beautiful golden boy.

  11. just a tip for you from my golden 'show' for any smell and especially skunk and dead fish..."listerine"..the original brownish one..we are never without it in the house or RV...put in spray bottle-spray dog from head to toe..(you don't have to saturate)..wait 10=15 minutes and hose bath required..:) having 5-6 show goldens at a time we kept the listerine company in business at times..:)....betcha tucker thought he smelled just

  12. Listerine is an interesting idea. I never had much luck with tomato juice.

  13. I would be glad to smell anything:) Developed some kind of sinus condition three years ago and cannot smell anything:(

  14. I hope to enjoy the smell of a campfire this weekend along with the smell of Bacon cooking, and the aroma of a hot cup of coffee. Don't know how Tucker takes that cold water. Hope he was happy after his bath. enjoyed the post.

  15. Ah, I thought it was a skunk!

    As for smells, as you know, I have a very sensitive "smeller". I hate the smell of coffee (and the coffee) used to like the smell of bacon, bread, brownies, cookies yum. But I guess you can tell.

  16. I became hungry thinking of all the good INSIDE smells!
    Then I thought: oh no, not the skunk!
    I have no idea why some dogs do that thing with the dead stuff!
    Thank heavens Raider never had a penchant for that!!!
    Tucker, you rascal!
    The Listerine is a fascinating solution!
    I hope your noses have resumed back to normal! :)

  17. All in all I think I would rather smell bread baking than dead fish on a dog!!! Tucker just thought he was doing his job, letting the pack know what he had found. Rusty loves to roll in smelly stuff...makes him so proud. I'll have to try that Listerine trick.

    Enjoyed all your pictures. I think maybe Tucker was embarrassed that you were snapping photos while he was in the shower!! A guy has his pride you know.

  18. Our beagle loved deer poop. And no matter how many times she had to suffer through outdoor baths, she still loved that deer poop.

  19. Our Lissa loves those roll arounds as well, something about dead fish and goldens. The tomato soup is a new one. Great pics. and you had all my favorite smells..ummm bacon.

  20. Agreed! To have 'smelly blogs' would not be appreciated for some stories. We no longer have pets but the tip about using Listerine - as proposed by Elaine - is an interesting one.

  21. mmmm the smell of bread baking is my fav!
    I've never understood the rolling around in "stuff" either. My little white fluffball inevitably finds the grossest gunk to roll in, especially right after her bath.

  22. I was thinking skunk, glad it was only fish. You might not have had enough tomato juice.

    We're looking forward to the smell of "freedom" when we hit the road full time in a little over three weeks. :c)

  23. Yep dead skunk was my first thought but dead fish is just as bad. I can't even stand the smell of fresh cooked fish, LOL!

    Tucker I think you're in the dog house with this one! Puppy dog eyes and kisses will probably get you out of hock. Cheers! ~M

  24. Didn't think of dead fish ... skunk was my first thought. I think Tucker (and you guys) got off easy :-))) But you probably didn't think so.

  25. Poor you, poor Tucker. I too thought he had met up with a skunk. I think maybe dead fish is a better smell than skunk. Here in Mexico when something smells bad you say "fuchi" (fu-ch-e). Glad he had fun though.

    Kevin and Ruth

  26. I have often wondered why dogs like to roll around on those smelly things too. Never able to figure it out though!! Just have to give them a bath when that happens......

  27. All those first photos of 'smells' are my favorites - probably baking bread being the best. Chocolate chip cookies, another favorite.

    Poor Tucker - poor you who had to wash him! Those silly dogs sure love to roll in yucky stuff!

  28. Sue I had to think back to this post last weekend when we were camping at Mountain Lakes. I had Lilly on her leash standing by the lake water and all she wanted to do was roll on her back for whatever smell was there. Tucker came to mind instantly. What is it that they like? She never does that on walks around home. I remember Paul and Marty post on this when they had Zoe. Had to LOL!

  29. Enjoying the new look of your blog...much easier to read, and read we must!


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