Friday, December 2, 2011



Last weekend during our housework duties we made a decision to move a few things around…

In our kitchen is a pass through to the living room/dining room area..


so for a while I had put a desk and a chair and it was here that I sat on the computer doing what ever it was that one does on the computer..

From this vantage point, I could sort of hear/watch the TV and have a conversation with my lovely husband..

just me and  the cat…


hanging out in the kitchen…

Now we have put the computer back in the den…so the cat and I are banished from the kitchen and the interaction of conversation..

the reasoning behind the ‘move’? rolling chair was making marks on the laminate flooring..

So now it is me on my computer in the den…with the cat warming my back….

and Doug in the living room on his…and watching TV..

From here I can still hear the TV…maybe we could Skype? least then I would not feel so ‘banished’..wonder if  Doug would be willing?

Just another Friday night at our house…one day we will be living in about a third of the space so for now I will enjoy the new found ‘privacy’!!


  1. I sit with the laptop on my lap in my recliner right next to Jim watching TV and surfing the net. Helps keep my lap warm when it's cold outside, too.

  2. I am in the upstairs office bedroom with Lilly laying underfoot and under the desk. Lolita is downstairs watching TV. Last week we were in the RV on the laptop reading blogs together. RV life much better. Cheers for Donna and Russ the Ducks won.

  3. You could carry on a conversation with Doug via "Internet chat" a lot of kids do now days. Thanks Allen, we made it back to Oregon and watched the Pac12 Championship game on TV here in Medford.

  4. Oh you poor thing. But wait, doesn't "Absence make the heart grow fonder"?

  5. We used to have that situation here, with the computer on the desk in the office. I'd be hanging out in there and Harry would be in the living room. That was before we each had laptops - now we have both computers in the living room on tv trays, and I like that so much better. :)

  6. All my time is spent at the computer, in the living room. I have no doubt I can downsize to a small RV since I practically live in my one comfy chair!
    You have a lovely home, btw! :)

  7. now that we both have laptops we're always side by each :)....if you get tired of the 'private' area you can always put a mat down under your chair and move back to the kitchen :) so nice to always have options

  8. Dear Santa,

    My friend Sue would really love to have her own laptop.


    P.S. We've both been very good this year.

  9. When you have your new "littler" home you will be able to have a conversation with your Doug from anywhere in the house. I do!

  10. Oh no, YOU have been banished!
    What if you got a sheet of acrylic to place on the floor under your chair?
    We have a place, perhaps they do mail order:

    That might prevent the scuff marks.
    How very sweet that your cat "has your back" to keep warm! LOL

  11. With the speed of computer technological change the future could see you simply thinking a blog and it would instantly be uploaded. A brain chip maybe? No more sitting and marking the floor! I know I would have a lot more blogs out there if this technology was possible now.

  12. Holy cow, that sound awesome! Thinking it and your blog is done!!!

    Well, at least you are spending time with your cat! You and the Dougster will be back together soon!

  13. Dave and I have our computers in separate rooms, and rather than yelling back and forth, we use Instant Messenger. If we need to use our computers while we are watching television, we bring our laptops out to the kitchen/family room. My sewing machine, however, is placed on the kitchen table so that I can watch TV while sewing.

  14. I would go for one of those chair pads, but skyping might work:)

  15. I LOVE moving things around...I use to be able to move our TV, but no more...It is just refreshing to "change things up" once in a while...


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