Friday, December 30, 2011

‘Bear’ naked?’


When I was growing up the family tradition at Christmas time was not to take the tree and all the decorations down until January 7th…Ukrainian Christmas…I was told it was bad luck…??

Never being one to stick to the old  tradition..we made our own..or rather I did..I just liked the idea of starting the new year off with a clean house..void of all the Christmas Clutter..

So this afternoon was the day for the ‘major clean up’…

First I brought out the bins…


..then it was time for every thing to get ‘naked’!!..even the sundeck railing….you first..


2011_12_301 long Christmas were pretty while you were ‘dressed’…but into the box you go….



..banished to the bins for you, my pretties…till next year.…and down to  the storage locker you will go…

IMG_7729 is time for semblance of ‘normal’…


..the ‘bears are back’..


and the ‘office’ even looks sort of organized…


..the dining room nice and tidy..


..and the living room looks so big now…’bear’ naked’…

IMG_7738  we are ready for 2012..but we have one more adventure tomorrow…

..Lucky thirteen??


  1. I have a few decorations in the RV, I was going to put them away and then thought that they need to stay until January 6th.

  2. My old family tradition was everything Christmas related stayed up till January 1st, at which point it came down.

    My Christmas lights on my camper will run their last night tomorrow evening :(.

  3. For the longest time, we never put up the tree until Christmas Eve, and then it would stay up for the 12 days of Christmas. That takes you through to the "Feast of the Epiphany".
    I think that's the way it works anyway. All I know is, the tree stayed up until Jan 6th.
    After we started moving around (all the while still keeping our house back home) things got mixed up.
    Now it depends on travel plans, or whatever mood strikes.
    One year my now deceased father-in-law left his tree up until some time in March! It was noticed by one of my daughter's then high school chums who lived near by. We went over and took it down. Dry as a bone.
    Sure burnt hot in the fireplace!

  4. I like your idea of de-cluttering to start the new year. In our household ... when we used to put a tree up ... we kept everything out for the New Year's Eve celebration and took everything down the following weekend. Nowadays ... it's just the Christmas cards I need to worry about de-cluttering.

  5. We hear you! Tradition in our home was to leave the decorations up past Ukrainian Christmas. With our present travel plans, all decorations - outdoor stuff too - were taken down a few days ago. Could not 'bear' the thought of coming back home to stuff undone!

  6. We leave ours up til the 2nd of January then down it all comes... I love the sparkley lights and it saddens me when it is gone. Your place looks really good though!
    Happy New Year!

  7. Since we were "bugging out" 2 days after Christmas this year, heading south, we had to take everything down on the 26th. Felt strange and 'bear naked', but everything was safer in the storage bin!
    What is Lucky Thirteen?!
    I just cracked up laughing after reading your comment to Jack on "Daily Dose Of Jack"! Both of you started my day off with a laugh! :)

  8. The year our son was in The Persian Gulf War, we left one little tree up for him when he came home in March..Here, we've been "naked" since Dec. 26th..I love the anticipation, but once it's over, it is OVER!..Have a great New Year!!

  9. Our Christmas stuff, what little there is, is down and put away. We're looking to do the same with my mother's stuff, what massive quantities there are, today. I'm always anxious for a "bear naked" house, as well.

  10. We leave ours up until Epiphany, whenever that is.

  11. We grew up always hearing that the decorations needed to come down before Jan. 1 so you start the new year off fresh and nothing carried over. Either way, it has to go up until next Christmas. You home really looks cozy land comfortable!
    "Bear naked" looks empty at first after all the colors of Christmas...then all looks back to normal.

  12. For me the tradition was to take everything down on New Year's Day in the morning while watching the Rose Bowl Parade. Now I don't have that tradition anymore but one day I want to actually go to the Rose Bowl Parade. One day!

    Happy New Year!!!

    Ruth and Kevin

  13. Everything always stayed up right through until New Years when I was growing up and I have done the same in my own home. It may have been different this year had the kids not been able to come but I am looking forward to Monday morning and getting it all packed up and put away.

  14. We like the way you think. Making mom get off her bum to go take trees down now!

    Boondocks & The Love Shack Pack

  15. We removed the little tree and the decorations from the RV.

    Now the challenge is to find space to store them for a year where they'll be out of the way and not get damaged.

    About now we're missing having an attic!

  16. Yes, isn't it nice. I made it until Boxing Day. Happy New Year and BYE! bye! FOR NOW.

  17. Since we were leaving this week, we took our stuff down on December 26. It's sad to put it all away, but the house always looks nice and spacious with the decorations gone. On to 2012!

  18. I always get sad when taking the decor down

    Stop on by for a visit

  19. Don't take it down until Malanka (Ukrainian New Years) - Jan 14th


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